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Tonight: Sexist On the Radio

Tonight, I have the honor of appearing on WPFW's monthly LGBT radio program, "Inside Out." I'll be talking about some recent LGBT coverage on the Sexist, from terminology disputes to wedding industry turf wars to same-sex marriage turncoats. I'll also be chatting for an entire hour about this stuff, so help me out! Got any topics you'd like me to talk about? File them in the comments. Want to ask a question on the air? Call us at (202) 588-0893. And listen in tonight at 7 p.m. on 89.3 FM in the District, or online at In the meantime, I'll be studying words I'm not supposed to say. I've heard "cunt" is off limits, so, glad to get that one out of my system!

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  • maymay

    Sweet! Good luck and more importantly, have fun!

    As for questions, I'd be interested in your take on evolving grass-roots activism stuff. You've covered a bunch of that stuff here, and the ways that people are raising awareness about making LGBT acceptance a serious priority throughout all levels of society up to and including the government is a really fascinating topic for me (not least of all because I still strongly advocate for KinkForAll unconferences, which I see a part of this grassroots momentum-building).

    So, the question, I guess, would be "what's the most interesting/creative ways you've seen people raise awareness about LGBT issues?"

  • J

    Id like you to talk about how movies dont seem to have good leading ladies anymore. Every movie is crapola and none made for good actresses (unless you count Sandra Bullock.) Oh maybe you could talk about whether Sandra should forgive Jesse?

  • Flutterby

    J: The topic isn't/wasn't really feminism...