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The Planned Parenthood Fence Protest: The Video


More on Tuesday's anti-abortion protest of downtown D.C.'s Planned Parenthood's new fence: has posted video of some of the protest. Count the comparisons to the civil rights movement.

  • Wassup

    Okay, I give up. What is this jewish entertainment lawyer really up to here? Here's a newsflash! There are protestors almost every day of the week at Planned Parenthood.

    Here's another news flash. The government actually controls the land from the building line to the street on very parcel in the District but if they allow these people to protest in PP's front yard your front yard will be next.

    This is simply another provincial thinking he can pull a cheap attention grabbing stunt and put one over on us. Go home! I'm sure you made the news there. You have no right to infringe on property rights in the District of Columbia.

  • Lizrd

    You could make a Bingo card for this shit:
    1. Reference to MLK quote (to black police officer, without a trace of irony)
    2.Confounding their protest the level the Civil Rights protests.
    3.Operation Rescue Reference
    4.Reference to Christians as a persecuted group (again without a trace of irony)
    5. "Preborn"
    6. Fallacious slippery slope argument
    7. Absence of people of color within the group
    8. "offer alternatives"
    9. "murder"
    10. "Abortion Mills"
    11. "Genocide"
    12. "First Amendment"

  • KiaJD

    The argument is so ludicrous. I can't.

  • Em

    Why is it that I suspect that these guys don't know much about the civil rights movement, or what genocide really means?

  • pipi long stockings


    he's not jewish

  • Brian

    Why didn't the woman sticking the microphone in his face while he was praying also get arrested for unlawful entry... pretty sure she wasn't a guest of Planned Parenthood's...