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The Morning After: Gays Against Gays Edition

* The New York Times profiles Eve Tushnet, a "celibate, gay, conservative, Catholic writer" opposed to same-sex marriage:

Marriage should be reserved for heterosexuals, whose “relationships can be either uniquely dangerous or uniquely fruitful,” she explained in an e-mail message. “Thus it makes sense to have an institution dedicated to structuring and channeling them.”

But same-sex marriage, she wrote in The New York Post in 2007, “can bring one of three outcomes: A two-tiered marriage culture, where heterosexual couples are asked to do the hard things (sex only within marriage, marriage for life in most circumstances) and homosexual couples work out their own marriage norms; reshape marriage into an optional, individualized institution, ignoring the creative and destructive potentials of ‘straight’ sex; or encourage all couples to restrict sex to marriage and marry for life, and hope that gay couples accept norms designed to meet heterosexual needs.”

* The National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association calls Tushnet "a prime example of the kind of sources mainstream journalists should be talking to when they want to 'balance' a story about same-sex marriage. Rather than dialing up a homophobic talking head from some religious-right-wing group to peddle junk scientific claims or just wildly ignorant statements lacking in any bases of fact, there are sources out there to quote who won’t just spew more anti-gay hate speech."

Really? Because she sounds like standard-issue wingnut to me, floating a wacky essentialist conception about gays and straights and then concluding that only straight marriage "makes sense." What differentiates Tushnet's views from "junk scientific claims or just wildly ignorant statements lacking in any bases of fact"? Is it that she's also gay?

* Heather Corrina addresses the myth that all rape survivors compulsively pursue sex.

* Carnal Nation on the sexual politics of vanity plates: An ecologist's attempt to pay tribute to the "pine genus" on his license plate has been knocked down by Michigan officials who say the word "PINUS" "might carry a connotation offensive to good taste and decency as judged by the Department of State." In other words, it looks too much like the word "PENIS."

* Tiger Beatdown on sexism, Lynn Hirschberg and MIA:

M.I.A. is a fake, the article more or less says; no matter what she says or writes or records about global capitalism being a bad thing, no matter how fiercely she would seem to defend marginalized people, she’s just a shallow, narcissistic, bossy, stupid woman who only wants your attention, only wants to be famous, only wants to be a star. And did you hear that she was having contractions when she sang “Paper Planes” at the Grammys? Shocking! Provocative! Fame-whorey! Regular-whorey! Unfeminine! Selfish! Bad mother!

  • Katie

    Sady's article about MIA was really interesting. I must admit that my gut reaction to the Lynn Hirschberg article was to kind of hate MIA, and that's coming from someone who owns her albums and plays them frequently. The article portrayed her as bratty, ill-informed, and opportunistic. And then Sady's article reminded me that she's a pop star. It's not her job to have 100% cogent views on Sri Lanka's military history. Although she does put herself in a bit of a tougher spot when she espouses certain views (like being unilaterally pro-Tamil Tigers), I guess she doesn't claim to be an expert, and any knowledge or passion she DOES have was torn up by that fucking stupid line about a french fry - now THAT was opportunistic. MIA isn't perfect, and I'll still probably find her pro-violence "radicalism" a little hard to swallow from time to time, but I would like her to live on in my mind as the woman who wore a see-through outfit over her very pregnant body to the Grammys and stole the m.f. show.

  • Mrs. D

    You're right about the gay & lesbian journalists group, Amanda. That diatribe roughly boils down to "marriage is about making babies, gays aren't capable of monogamy, WON'T YOU THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN." Where have I heard that before? Shit in a pretty bow is still shit. And again, I challenge this woman: if marriage is all about makin' babies, do you support banning heterosexuals who can't or won't produce children from being married (adoption, fostering, and other forms of caring for children do not count)? Do you support the dissolution of "unfruitful" heterosexual marriages (again, adoption, fostering, and other forms of caring for children, unless you have produced some of your own, do not count)?

  • Charlie

    RE: Eve Tushnet The most common remark on the internet is that she should become a nun.

  • kza

    M.I.A. owns.

  • cmb

    It seems odd to me that an organization by and for lesbians and gays would completely forget to consider the internalized homophobia experienced by so many gay people, Ms. Tushenet likely included. To automatically assume that, as a lesbian, she is inherently more informed about her position in the gay marriage debate is insulting. While I wish our whole community understood the issues more completely, there is an overwhelming amount of misinformation and lack of education among gays and lesbians.

    While I recognize that there are two sides to the marriage debate, seeing my fellow gays and lesbians argue against MY right to marry makes me so much angrier than hearing it from right wing extremists.

  • Garland Grey

    If she remain celibate, Eve Tushnet will never enter a relationship with a woman, and she will never experience the pain of being denied marriage. Therefore, her opinion on this matter isn't informed by personal experience, but by religious dogma.

  • NancyP

    Perhaps Eve Tushnet is asexual (no desire, may or may not be arousable) and is or has been homosocial. Or maybe she's a "fag hag" (sorry, I don't know a better term for women who are hopelessly sexually interested in gay men). Or perhaps she is trying on the conservative Catholic lifestyle. Some people are attracted to well-defined groups (religious or other) with an authoritarian cast or with an elitist cast (holier than, more authentic than, freakier than thou).

  • Sarah

    Rape victims actively pursue sex? That whole stereotype is news to me. As a young person, I know many people who were victimized at a very young age--15, 14, 13 or even younger. Though, happily, almost all of those who are my friends have developed a healthy adult sex life, but it took them years and years to get over the fear and trust issues. I don't know where people even get that.

  • @NancyP

    Eve's been Catholic for more than a decade now -- she's serious; it's more than a passing phase. She's also not a fag hag, she's actually lesbian which is what makes this even more tragic.

  • Christa

    I think journalists should cover THIS ( when showcasing opposition to same-sex marriage, rather than more right-wing garbage.