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Local “Smile, Baby” Guy To Marry

Are you a "Smile, Baby" Guy who's just looking to find everlasting love by telling strangers on the street to alter their emotions for you? You're in luck! This tactic has officially worked at least once [Thanks to Jess for the tip].

Yesterday, Express Night Out profiled the upcoming nuptials of Arlington residents Wendy Martinez, 27, and Eddy Vulin, 30. How did these two local lovebirds manage to find each other? Oh, Vulin just approached a stranger, grabbed her, and informed her that the way she was expressing her emotions on her face was unacceptable to him. And she was into it! Martinez recalls how it happened:

She was upset and walking through Georgetown. He grabbed her hand. "He said, 'You are too beautiful to be upset. You look like you need a high-five.' I gave him an 'are you kidding me?' stare yet managed to crack a smile," and she gave him her number.

But did she give him the high five??

Things proceeded predictably from there. They got lost in Dupont Circle. They dined at Thaiphoon. She calls him "Stinker"; he calls her "Guza." He proposed. On June 12, they will hold a "Cro-Latin" themed wedding—a hybrid of their Croatian and Nicaraguan heritages—in Palm Beach, Fla. Looks like these kids are really going to make it work. Now let us never speak of this again.

Photo via halighali, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

  • Kim Chi Ha

    holy fuck. i woulda gave him a creeper look and walked away.

  • Jess

    Given the dim view of marriage that TV and movies tell me is universally held by heterosexual men, perhaps she is just punishing him.

  • Keith B

    Wasn't WCP bitching about how WaPo never links to other sites, even while citing them in their online articles?

  • Jess

    That's my fault... I gave Amanda a link to the print scan.

  • Amanda Hess

    Thanks Keith, I've corrected it. Here's the link to the article you cited:

  • Melissa

    To each her own, I suppose...

  • Lizrd

    @Jess: Yeah really! "I'm going to marry you, not let you behave like an overgrown toddler, rob you of your precious manliness, suck out your life force, and do all sorts of other Jude Apatow approved wifely things. Smile, baby, that!"

    I, for one, hope this is not his typical method of conflict resolution within their relationship.

  • Keith B

    I'm guessing in Croatia and Nicaragua this isn't so creepy an approach or response to said grabbing+smilebaby.

  • Native JD in DC

    Maybe I can steal her away with the butt slap.

  • drsnacks

    Stealing another man's woman is unfeminist

  • kza

    Crap I'm unfeminist.

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  • Wagatwe

    Ugh, I HATE HATE HATE when strange men touch me. I don't enjoy being touched unexpectedly by ANYONE and I only tolerate touching by a select few (with warning). Just the thought of a stranger touching my hand makes my skin crawl. I definitely have experienced that in DC and it never ceases to amaze me that men get surprised when I get pissed that a stranger thinks it's okay to touch my skin. *shudder*

    Anyway, ignoring that I ever read this. Don't wanna encourage the harassers to touch unsuspecting women. ;)

  • Zammo

    Is it considered street harrassment if the girl finds the guy attractive and appreciates his attention?