The Sexist

The Social Limitations of Guyliner

Maybe he's born with it.

I never thought I'd write this sentence, but: I've recently read a very interesting insight into the phenomenon of "guyliner." My Sex Professor's Dr. Debby Herbenick on the limitations of guyliner-as-trend: "Over the past few years, more and more men have been using guyliner," she writes. "Which would be an interesting blurring of the gender lines except that I suspect it’s yet another phase—similar to the long teased 80s hair some men in rock bands had—rather than a broadening of so-called acceptable ways that men can play with their appearance." First sign that "guyliner" isn't actually widening traditional gender roles: It's called "guyliner," not "eyeliner." Second sign: Each of the ten eyeliner-wearing men in Herbenick's gallery are either rock stars, pirates, or ageless mystical island protectors. When will we finally see guyliner on a Supreme Court justice?

  • Katie

    All I can think about when I see the word guyliner is Captain Jack Sparrow. And then everything becomes wonderfully hazy and 5-20 minutes are lost forever.

  • Hilary

    I'm pretty sure Nestor Carbonell is just naturally gifted with a dark lash line.

    Far too much has been made of his rumored, Oh-My-God-Is-A-Man-Wearing-Makeup?!? liner on LOST. And unfortunately the only time makeup comes up as a conversation point for public women is when there is a lack thereof, as in - did she look in a mirror before she left the house?

  • mdesus

    dude I wore eyeliner (I will not call it guy liner) for about a month super surepticiously, and found myself loaded with compliments. That all ended when I was cooking dinner, and I started to cry (onions can be really offensive sometimes). I didn't think much about it until my girlfriend came into the kitchen and said my makeup was running. That quickly made me stop wearing eyeliner.

  • J

    On the DVD for the most recent season of Lost - Nestor explains that its all natural and even wipes his face to demonstrate. As a small child and growing up he was always told what pretty eyes he had. Though i must say it still looks like makeup!

  • FilthyGrandeur

    i really loathe the term "guyliner." why are we gendering products based on who uses them? it's still eyeliner even if a man uses it. why should it get a different name?

    the dude above just has naturally thick eyelashes. i remember people laughing when he came on-screen in Dark Knight, asking if that was eyeliner. but had they seen him in the many other roles he has had, they'd know it was not.

    i do, however, think men wearing eyeliner is really hot.

  • monstrosity

    *grins at Katie*

    I am clicking through the link because I know that somewhere in there is a picture of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

  • FilthyGrandeur

    slightly OT, but to go off of what monstrosity said: i currently have a life-sized cut-out of Jack Sparrow in my room. it was a gift--i swear! it'd be rude not to display it!

  • Katie

    @FilthyGrandeur: I would never sleep. Both because it might look somewhat scary to have a human-shaped thing in your room in the dark, AND because of the permanent display of sexy.

  • FilthyGrandeur

    lol. yeah, it takes some getting used to. when i was still living with my parents, i had ordered a cut-out of Aragorn, and it was apparently delivered while i was taking a nap. my mom took the liberty of assembling it right outside my door, so when i emerged all sleepy i screamed, startled by seeing a stranger right there.

    i mostly have the jack sparrow one displayed just to irritate my boyfriend. it's my side of the room, i can do what i want with it. :p

  • IrishUp

    How OH HOW is it that James T. Kirk is left off that list. Guylining PEYE-O-NEER! OK, yeah, I hate "guyliner" too.

    There is this pirate festival we go to every year (for the KIDS, I SWEAR!). It's actually hosted by a reinactment theater company. They used to have an actor who did SUCH a GOOD Capt. Jack Sparrow, that my DeppCrush Level 5 transfered right onto him.

    Mmmmm, eyeliner and long hair and pirates, oh MY!

  • Jane

    "When will we finally see guyliner on a Supreme Court justice?"

    Oooh, if only I had Photoshop! How much would I love to see this? On Roberts? Or Alioto? Or no, SCALIA!!