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Sexist Beatdown: Retrosexual Menaissance Edition

Exhibit A: This Man stopped wearing Hot Topic at an appropriate age.

Recently, Sady Doyle discerned the social issue that would define our generation:

The chicks today, they get to do so many things! Why, they can vote, and attend colleges, and even drink and smoke in public! These chicks: An alarming number of them have jobs! And, like, financial autonomy, from the jobs, and hence a socially assured position of power from which to negotiate the terms of their relationships and lives, thereby making them not entirely dependent on the funding and/or goodwill of men for their continued survival and status, and so they’re all able to make decisions and expect fair treatment and … dude, it’s a mess, I tell you. Because it turns out, after like fifty-some years of this business, none of these chicks is impressed enough by your penis!

URGENT MEETING OF THE BACK IN THE GOOD-OLD-DAYS CLUB. In order to combat the disturbing trend of the traditionally masculine heterosexual man not always being the default human in every circumstance anymore, this suddenly marginalized group must band together to . . . create poorly-designed websites and write hack trend pieces on the Internet! Interested? Here's how to fight the good fight. For manliness!

* First order of business: Study the "Retrosexual Code," a hyper-mascline gender identity largely defined by Some Dude's oddly personal hang-ups! (Seriously! Read the code! It is oddly personal!)

* Next up: Stage a "Menaissance," wherein men who are "tired of bending over backward and getting kicked in the balls by a spiked heel" by the "equal rights" movement (Seriously! They put "equal rights" in scare-quotes!) stand up for their rights to turn back the clock to a time when Men were Men . . . back to a Superbowl beer commercial aired just last February, apparently!

* Finally: Sit back, relax, and go out there and play some basketball with the guys! Yeah! Wait, what the fuck? This is what dudes today are fighting for? Be our guest, dudes! You can have pick-up basketball! In the meantime, in this edition of Sexist Beatdown, Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I talk about how to learn to solve our problems by DEALING WITH IT like real men do—unless of course the "IT" in question is feminism, in which case DEALING WITH IT involves a whole lot of self-conscious posturing. Join us!

Exhibit B: These Men don't watch TV shows with "Queer" in the title.

SADY: HELLO Let us travel back in time! Retrosexually!

AMANDA: Oh lets! I am excited to kill animals (and also possibly humans! I guess!) in the service of Retrosexualism. But not overly excited, for feelings are for women.

SADY: The Retrosexuals, they don't have feelings! I will tell you what they have, however: A very detailed and complicated system for figuring out who should give up their seat to whom on a public bus. Also, some gender-based insecurities! Lots of those! And a fuzzy and somewhat inaccurate understanding of how awesome things were For The Dudes, back in some unspecified but distinctively non-feminist time period!

AMANDA: Indeed! It seems that in the olden days, even horrific natural disasters couldn't stop the manliest citizens. They just DEALT WITH IT. Not like all those present-day sissies in like, New Orleans? And Haiti? Being a thoroughly modern . . . sexual, I am understandably a bit confused on the finer points of this theory.

SADY: Yeah. I mean, the whole "Retrosexual" thing is just... These are young dudes, I'm thinking. At least, younger than Don Draper would currently be, which is like nine hundred and seventeen years old, or maybe seventy, I am bad at math.

AMANDA: I like the game of predicting the Dude behind the Retrosexual Code!

SADY: They haven't actually experienced the time periods they're romanticizing, is what I'm saying. They don't know what it's like to be told that you need to get married and have kids before you're thirty or everyone will think that you're emotionally disturbed or gay. They don't know what it's like to live in a world where a two-income household isn't really a feasible possibility.

AMANDA: Yeah. And that's why being a Retrosexual takes aim at topics as diverse as the inherent emasculation of marriage and ... Hot Topic. HOT TOPIC! It has been feminizing our nation's men for too long!

SADY: The Retrosexual Code is, like... I agree with you. I want to know WHO THIS DUDE IS, because some of this stuff is just bizarre. Like, there's some predictable shitty homophobia: "A Retrosexual watches no TV show with 'Queer' in the title." I expected that. But also: "A Retrosexual will have at least one outfit in his wardrobe designed to conceal himself from prey." Did Dwight Schrute write this list? I think Dwight Schrute wrote it. "A Retrosexual knows that owning a gun is not a sign that your are riddled with fear." "A Retrosexual should have at least one good wound he can brag about getting." A Retrosexual owns a beet farm. A Retrosexual knows karate. A Retrosexual wishes he could menstruate, because he wouldn't need a calendar. It all follows.

AMANDA: I am frankly confused by anyone interested in recruiting other people into conforming to whatever gender presentation they have chosen for themselves.

SADY: Yeah. I mean, that's how gender policing works: It's not enough for you to be the Butchest Butch Dude Who Has Ever Butched A Butch, you have to make sure that everyone ELSE does it, because otherwise people will pick up that butchness, like everything else, is performative.

AMANDA: But that's the strangest part of the Retrosexual movement—and the "Menaissance" in general (ugh). They appear to be fighting against the women who have forced them to "conform" to an emasculating version of manhood by ... setting up codes for being a proper Retrosexual? Offering step-by-step guides for learning to become a real man, again?

SADY: Yeah. I mean, if you have to buy a book subtitled "How To Be A Real Man," doesn't that point to... not-realness? Of your manlihood?

Exhibit C: These Men know how to tie a Windsor knot—and only a Windsor knot.

AMANDA: It's the same old thing with gender-policing conservatives, which Amanda Marcotte in particular has pointed out many times before: On the one hand, they want you to think that a certain version of "manhood" is natural, and on the other, they emphasize that it takes a lot of work to learn to be a “natural” man. I will admit that it keeps the AskMen creative juices flowing.

SADY: Ha, yes. I mean, on the one hand, I imagine that dudes seek this stuff out for the same reason that ladies read "He's Just Not That Into You," or whatever: It's confusing to be a person, and frequently painful, and everyone wants to believe there's some secret set of rules that they can follow to make sure things turn out well, or at least to make sure that they know what's going on. And they don't notice that "He's Just Not That Into You" is pages upon pages of basically emotional abuse, telling you that it was your fault for loving some dude and thinking your relationship could work out and it's your fault it didn't. And they don't notice that all of these "STOP BEING SUCH A MOTHERFUCKING PUSSY AND OWN A GUN" dude manuals are the same kind of emotional abuse, just basically berating you for not being male enough. They think it's helping.

AMANDA: I just feel sorry for whoever AskMen is speaking to. If you can identify with the Regular Guy writing these columns—if you see your girlfriend as a whining, gold-digging harpy who wants to bleed you emotionally and financially, and think the world is out to get you because you don't apologize for enjoying drinking beer and "shooting hoops"— you have some problems that even AskMen cannot solve. I imagine the entire point of that website is to convince men that they're being persecuted for enjoying extremely normal and in fact boring activities? Like "watching the game" and "throwing back a few beers." Which everyone does and no one particularly minds. It's the weird "everyday hero" thing that I guess keeps selling a certain beer brand over another.

SADY: Yeah. That's the thing. I mean, the not-so-secret ace in the hole for continuing to be sexist has long been, "I can't help it! I'm made this way!" Like, the "dudes are inherently vulgar and stupid and hump everything and just basically are like dogs who can talk, be glad they're not chewing on the furniture and pissing on the carpet" card, which I don't understand why men keep playing. Men say TERRIBLE SHIT about themselves all the time, frequently on ladysites where they are The One Dude Who Tells Everyone What All Dudes Are Like, but they don't seem to recognize how much they downplay their own abilities. Or they do, but it's an excuse. Like, embracing a shitty version of manhood is a way to defend yourself when someone points out that you, specifically, are being a shitty person.

AMANDA: Yeah. And then also: When it is suggested that men maybe don’t have to conform to the idea of lowest common denominator masculinity quite so much, the response is: "women are trying to change us from our real-manliness!” But interestingly, also: “IT'S WORKING! so we must fight this by desperately teaching other men how to do that lowest common denominator masculinity shit again!"

SADY: The idea is that feminism is working, and women have power now, and there's all of this built-up resentment at the idea that the women of the world are dictating at least some of the terms of social engagement. So you just sit there and go, "I AM A MAN! I HAVE AN ENTIRE WEBSITE ABOUT IT! I WON'T BUDGE FROM THE PRINCIPLES OUTLINED ON THE CRAPPILY DESIGNED WEBSITE WHERE YOU CAN FIND OUT ABOUT MY MANHOOD!"

Exhibit D: This Man practiced hammering nails in secret so that he not be rightfully ridiculed as a "wuss"

AMANDA: It just seems a little desperate, I guess. I just don't know who is furthering the Important Feminist Cause of making sure men don't have camouflage outfits in their closets, or forcing dudes to watch gay television shows. The problem instead appears to be that some men choose not to wear camo and some like gay TV. Like some gay men for example. And those men are not real and that’s bad. Who hates men now, men?

SADY: I don't know. I mean, I guess in a way I am strangely encouraged by the "Menaissance?" Because people don't get defensive unless they think they are actually losing something. Like, if this whole "feminism" thing were actually completely ineffectual, men would still have unmitigated privilege, and they wouldn't basically be having aneurysms and throwing tantrums about all these powerful women and the ability they have to influence societal expectations of gender.

AMANDA: Right, and it is also funny, kind of? Because a conservative screed published on a website that looks like it's from 1993 is always ripe for mockery. Particularly when the New Masculinity goes by the name "Retrosexual." Come on, dude.

SADY: SERIOUSLY. I mean, what's amazing is that it's also showing up in real, non-idiot-focused publications. Never underestimate the power of totally wackadoo male heterosexual insecurity to change the course of events! In fact, it is the only thing that ever has! Except for feminism, which is winning. So, in conclusion, maybe these dudes should just... DEAL WITH IT?????? I hear it is what A Real Man does, after all!

AMANDA: Haha. I mean, I'm the last person to begrudge some guys from dressing up and playing Mad Men, not that that activity sounds particularly masculine to my ears. The only part of the Menaissance I quibble with are the parts where men are forced to wear dumb fedoras and/or camo pants, depending on your flavor of Retrosexuality, and also the part where everything is the fault of women and GOD MOM they are the worst. But! I've heard that a very Retrosexual way of DEALING WITH MY PROBLEMS is to go online and make a website about it, and that's essentially what we're doing here, so perhaps we are all not so different!

SADY: Right. I mean, if dudes are into wearing handsome suits and knowing about scotch, more power to them! I enjoy both a good scotch AND suity dudes! I just wish dudes could recognize that a decent palate and good fashion sense are... pretty girly? As is running a website entirely about your gender and how persecuted it is?

AMANDA: Exactly.

SADY: I think they just all want to be feminist bloggers basically. They want to be us. And who wouldn't?

Exhibit E: This Man knows how to sharpen his own kitchen utensils.

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  • monkeyrotica

    Still waiting for "BobaFettrosexual Vennasance" to take off. When do we softspoken bounty hunters who can diagram logic relationships get their day?

  • Jess

    I think possibly the Retrosexual Code is talking about "dealing with I.T." Given some of the IT dudes I've known, it sort of makes more sense that way?

  • Toysoldier

    I think they just all want to be feminist bloggers basically. They want to be us. And who wouldn’t?

    People with high self-esteem.

  • Schroduck

    "When a Retrosexual is on a crowded bus and or a commuter train, and a pregnant woman, hell, any woman gets on, that Retrosexual stands up and offers his seat to that woman, then looks around at the other so-called men still in their seats with a disgusted "you punks" look on his face."

    As long as the rest of us modernsexuals are then allowed to glare back with a disgusted "you stupid retrograde infantilising tosser" look on our faces.

  • Kit-Kat

    "I just wish dudes could recognize that a decent palate and good fashion sense are… pretty girly?"

    I actually disagree (unless you're being facetious and do not actually think that). I mean, have you been to Europe recently? Whole swathes of men there dress like adults and appreciate good food and wine (and not just red meat and scotch, which are acceptable interests for American men). One of the most frustrating things about the dominant expectations of masculinity in the US is that it is so freaking narrow.

  • Sam


    I think I'm starting to get your humor a little more...

    I think one of the main problems for a productive masculinity discourse is that it is cornered between obvious conspiracy theory loons on the one side and feminist gender discourse hegemony on the other.

    As for -

    "Men say TERRIBLE SHIT about themselves all the time,"

    - absolutely. The narrative of needing to contain potential male sociopathy as being the central task of social organisation is probably the oldest one around. Feminism, alas, contributes to that implicitly, blaming culture instead of genetics, but the actual discourse remains the same. Result? Men who generally don't like themselves very much, men who don't have any idea about being desired for BEING* (, and hence focus on *doing*, and thus men who cannot believe they could be wanted by women if they weren't needed by women - hence imagined desire for the imagined olden days.

    I believe both needs to change. That's, btw, what I would consider a positive discourse about masculinity.

  • kza

    You should call this weekly post "The One Where 1% of Men say Something Dumb, So My Friend and I Shit All Over the Other 99%"

  • Kit-Kat

    My mother and I were both reading *Reading Lolita in Tehran,* and my mother observed that cultures that insist that women cover themselves head to toe have a pretty low opinion of men--that they will be unable to control themselves if they glimpse female flesh. Arguments that men are hardwired to cheat on their spouses or resort to violence or harass women or be emotionally unavailable whatever other stereotypical male behavior are likewise BS. These things are not inevitable or biologically determined. Sure, there are man-hating ranters around, but I personally think that a lot of feminists have a much higher opinion of men than Mr. Retrosexual and his Manaissance buddies.

    Just as it's exhausting to constantly police yourself and others for appropriate feminine behavior, it must be so tiring to constantly police yourself and others for appropriate masculine behavior. The actual good old days were not really that great for all men--if you weren't white and rich and Protestant and straight and well-connected, life could be unpleasant and even crappy. Sort of like in Mormon fundamentalist communities--sure, men hold all the power, but if you're not one of the top dogs, being a man doesn't help you out that much, since you are quite likely to be kicked out of the community in your teens.

    (Also, I don't share Sadie's view of *He's Just Not that Into You,* which, to me, basically says if a guy treats you badly, it means he doesn't really care that much about you, and you should stop making excuses for him and look for a partner who does care about you and treats you well. I disagree with the book's focus on finding a mate, because actually I think it's better to dump the jerk and be single, even if you don't find Mr. Right, but I would not describe the book as emotional abuse.)

  • Beth

    It's unfortunate that so many men feel cornered by feminism, because I think that a lot of feminists will happily embrace men who care about womens well-being and advocate for equality and respect, and these feminists will happily fight for men to be free from restrictive gender roles as well. It's not masculine activities that feminists want to stop, it's that attitude that goes along with them in pop culture, that dudes aren't drinking beer or playing basketball because they enjoy those activities, they're doing them to somehow spite this straw woman they imagine is preventing them from having an imaginary perfect life. Men have very real frustrations with the dominant culture, which are the flip side of the problems women have. With arbitrary male priviledge comes arbitrary male responsibilities.

  • Megan

    I'm surprised that one of the creed rules is "A Retrosexual knows how to sharpen his own knives and kitchen utensils." Wouldn't that imply that a Retrosexual man would have to actually set foot in (gasp) THE KITCHEN, where presumably his pregnant wife is making him a 4 course gourmet meal on a Tuesday?

  • Aaron

    Dunno about you, kza, but I don't feel shit on. This may, I freely grant, be because I'm sufficiently secure in myself that I don't need to worry about some dipshit who thinks he can tell me how to be a REAL MAN OMG.

  • Molly Ren

    "Butchest Butch Dude Who Has Ever Butched A Butch"

    There are *so* many ways to read this sentence. My favorite is as kind of Dan Draper/hot butch lesbian orgy.

    I am actually pretty worried for the state of men's fashion when I read articles about Retrosexuals. I read several blogs written by guys who just like old things and suits. The blogs don't have an agenda except it's ok for guys to like clothes and want to look good in traditionally masculine styles. (Put This On is a good example.)I don't want all these positive things getting lumped together with "if you wear a suit, you're an asshole", but I haven't yet seen any articles showing the positive flip side of Olde Tyme Men's fashion blogging.

  • kza

    I feel that way to buddy that's why I posted that...

  • Mrs. D

    There's an interesting dynamic at play here in the "wimmin are keepin' me from my bros & hobbies" mentality. Beth mentioned that there's a "straw woman" keeping these guys from doing what they really want, and I think that's true for many guys. They imagine that when they can't go shoot hoops and swill brewskis it's because they have to go have a marathon stamping party with the little lady, when in actuality it's something else: no hoop skills, no dough for brews, no bros, etc. But there are a number of men whose women-folk are keeping them from doing these things from time to time - BECAUSE IF THEY DIDN'T, THE BOYS WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING ELSE!

    I find the whole "take out the trash" stereotypical nagging illustrative in this case. Remember back to when you were single and living alone or with roommates (as applicable). Who took out the trash then? And when? When it was full? When it smelled a little? On some kind of regular schedule? Of course, this feeds into another stereotype that men are total slobs and DIDN'T take out the trash and women are insane neatfreak perfectionists, but that's besides the point. WHY do you need to tell a man to take out the trash? Shouldn't he just do it if, say, he goes to throw something away and it's full, or opens the trash cabinet and it smells, or puts something that would be smelly in there, or on the appointed schedule you've worked out? Granted, my DH does not have to take out the trash because we have a housekeeper to do it for us. But I don't have to nag him to do those other tasks like putting his dirty laundry in the hamper and watering the plants when I have evening events, and rightfully so...he's a BIG BOY who doesn't have to be nagged to do what GROWN UP FUNCTIONAL HUMAN ADULTS should do automatically.

  • kza

    "There’s an interesting dynamic at play here in the “wimmin are keepin’ me from my bros & hobbies” mentality. Beth mentioned that there’s a “straw woman” keeping these guys from doing what they really want, and I think that’s true for many guys"


  • Mrs. D

    Care to explain kza? Do you really think the majority of the world looks like a sitcom, with the woman badgering the man to skip his ball game and see a romantic comedy with her OR ELSE HE'S AN EVIL MAN WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME? That the majority of men don't look at their home, work, personal, and relationship responsibilities and balance those out with his interests, friends, and hobbies? I truly haven't seen much of that BS since college.

  • Melissa

    kza, I know you're not a troll or anything, so maybe we just read the OP differently, but I didn't get any sense that they were shitting on the men who don't think like this. The mocking seemed pretty specific to the "retrosexual" group.

  • kza

    I don't live in a world where men percieve woman as things that hold them back. I think that exists only in the world of beer commercials.

  • Keith B

    "Beth mentioned that there’s a “straw woman” keeping these guys from doing what they really want, and I think that’s true for many guys."

    I assume you meant for the guys who feel like they need this retrosexual shit to make them men again. I don't think many men feel like some awful (possibly imaginary) harpy is getting in the way of their good times, but I only speak for myself and from my experience.

    Your husband's nothing special unless you're also living in sitcom-land.

  • Jess

    I think that exists only in the world of beer commercials.

    And Ask Men, and the IT guy who wrote the Retrosexual Code. The things that the post was about, in other words? Even if it's not the perspective of many actual men -- which, thank goodness, it is obviously not -- it is the perspective of the men (and cultural artifacts produced by men) that fashion themselves as the arbiters of What It Is To Be Manly. And that warped perspective on what masculinity means, and how that relates to the roles that men and women are expected to play, is actually what's under discussion here.

  • Keith B

    "the men (and cultural artifacts produced by men) that fashion themselves as the arbiters of What It Is To Be Manly"

    But if most men don't believe they are said arbiters, who cares? Do you think most/many/enough men will read that stuff and think, "wow, they're right"? You can't keep people from saying dumb shit (well, unless you swipe all the copies of their newspaper), I think you have to either present a better alternative (like the dude in "Come for the pizza...") or just assure yourself that they're an amusing, noisy minority.

  • Melissa

    "or just assure yourself that they’re an amusing, noisy minority."

    Umm, that's exactly what Amanda and Sady are doing here. Emphasis on the "amusing" part.

  • Keith B

    Picking on minorities?! I'm mortified.

  • Melissa

    You probably don't want to lump yourself into a group of people unable to tell the difference between "minority" in the sense of "oppressed group" and "minority" in the sense of "small number." I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're being intentionally and willfully obtuse here.

  • Keith B

    You're right Melissa I don't know why I thought that would be "amusing". Have a nice, serious, productive weekend.

  • kza

    "And Ask Men, and the IT guy who wrote the Retrosexual Code."

    This is a very very small minority. If normal men realize they are either idiots or just joking around, then this discusion is pretty irrelevant.

  • Aaron

    I think that exists only in the world of beer commercials.

    And, oh, I don't know, half my IT support clients, and two-thirds of the men I grew up around, and...

    Funny how this post seems to be hitting a nerve with a lot of men that most posts I've seen on The Sexist just don't. I wonder what's up with that.

  • Toysoldier

    Funny how this post seems to be hitting a nerve with a lot of men that most posts I’ve seen on The Sexist just don’t.

    Really? It seems more like they just deflected the straw-masculinity being "deconstructed" by saying that actual men do not read or care about obscure lists of internet bull. But do not let that stop the "menz r stoopid" daisy chain. Although mildly disgusting, it is entertaining to watch.

  • Mrs. D

    You're actually right, Kieth, that I meant many of THESE guys - the ones who are complaining that they're being unfairly restricted in pursuing their hobbies, etc. I apologize for the lack of specifcity there. And no, I don't think there's anything special about living like a normal adult, just pointing out that these guys seem to think there is, like I must be an insufferable nag if he's picking up his laundry and sitting down with me occasionally to make sure our schedules sync with our responsibilities and washing my car (truth is, I never washed my car before, but he finds it important...fine by me, but I never explicitly ask him to do it).

  • http://twitter/scaryjoann scary joann

    Awesome piece Amanda, made my day.

  • Jess

    I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re being intentionally and willfully obtuse here.

    For what it's worth, Keith has three times identified himself as a deliberate troll. He's one of the small but enthusiastic "I hate everything you say but will continue to comment in hopes that you will one day start talking about my penis like you ought to" crew here.

  • kza

    I sit around here refreshing the comments all day waiting for just the right moment to talk about my penis. It's a topic that isn't addressed enough.

  • Guy Smiley

    I'm all for all the strides women have made over the years. But this time of year I'm jealous about one in particular: The ability to be taken seriously at work while simultaneously having bare legs. How do guys get in on that? I'm serious, I really wish I could wear shorts to work. My crotch turns into a swamp walking home in this weather.

    I acknowledge that on balance, women definitely have it tougher in the whole clothing department, but you have it so, so much better this time of year. Let's even that out.

  • kza

    I agree. They also dont have a cumbersome penis to worry about. What reason do they have to complain. Us men are basically handicap!

  • Keith B.

    Jess, amateur internet psychologist, pansexual blogosphere toughgirl and Amanda-emotional supporter extraordinaire! Where would A be without you??

    I don't hate everything Amanda says, I hate most of it. You don't see me shitting up any serious posts here do you? And I will continue to comment (wow, commenting on a blog, how DREADFUL of these MEN) in hopes that WCP, which I hear is tight for cash & reducing benefits, fires her vapid ass or makes her a freelancer so when she feels like providing decent, original content she can, while WCP can hire some fucking interns that know how to spell (and the difference between "affect" and "effect").

    But everything's a conspiracy by the patriarchal cock with Jess! That must be it. Please, keep telling yourself there's no other possible motivation at work here.

  • Toysoldier

    And no, I don’t think there’s anything special about living like a normal adult, just pointing out that these guys seem to think there is, like I must be an insufferable nag if he’s picking up his laundry and sitting down with me occasionally to make sure our schedules sync with our responsibilities and washing my car

    I would suspect that such straw-men would react as you described because of comments like this: But there are a number of men whose women-folk are keeping them from [shooting hoops and swilling brewskis] from time to time – BECAUSE IF THEY DIDN’T, THE BOYS WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING ELSE!

    If your first response to men wanting to do activities that please them is to equate those activities with immaturity and childishness, there is a good chance that men will not think well of you. Of all the insidious stereotypes about men the one that men are nothing more than petulant children who need women to correct their behavior is by far the most annoying. I am fairly certain that the vast majority of men manage to shave, clothe, feed, bathe and otherwise take care of themselves all without women's assistance. I am fairly certain the vast majority of boys manage to do the same as well. So perhaps rather than playing on sexist, feminist-driven stereotypes you might try actually thinking of men as people and asking them, rather than presuming to know, why they feel the way they do about how women treat them.

  • kza

    "I don’t hate everything Amanda says, I hate most of it."

    Well now isn't this the perfect blog for you then. Someone as smart as you should be ponting out who should be fired for sure. I have a similar sign of great intelligence. I think Lady Gaga is an awful musician so I play her music on repeat and make remarks about it to no one in particular.

  • Keith B.

    kza, this is more like finding that Lady Gaga is shitting up your favorite struggling local radio station, and wondering why they're paying $$ to license her garbage instead of playing good music.

    Don't read my comments if they bother you so. Welcome to the internet it's full of opinions and assholes.

  • kza

    You're analogy doesn't really work. If the station you like has an internet only stream that only plays music you hate that's what you'd listen to? Turn off the radio see ya.

  • Keith B.

    It works fine, you just have trouble admitting you're wrong. It's the weekend so I won't bomb on you too bad for that. Going with your analogy, the radio station is still paying to license crap music, even if I don't listen to their internet-only stream.

  • kza

    Oh I get it. You're on an honorable quest to see your favorite paper fire someone you personally don't like. Wow it's like you're internet version of Batman. But with a cooler alias. Keep up the good work. I'll shime the troll light when we need you!

  • MissaA

    ... I like Lady Gaga.


  • Em

    kza, I appreciate you.

  • Keith B.

    Personally? I've never met Amanda. Hearst just fired/retired Thomas for suggesting the Jews get out of Palestine. WCP can't fire Amanda for running a crap blog with little original content?

    Amanda hates chivalry btw, so there's really no point in you white knighting for her.

  • Amanda Hess

    Keith, I doubt my editor is closely monitoring these comment threads for tips on personnel decisions. You can e-mail him at or call him at 202-332-2100.