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Wale: Gay People “Functioning Human Beings”


D.C.-based rapper Wale, after dropping out of, then rejoining, D.C. Black Pride, provides his thoughts on homophobia: "It's one of those situations where like, it might have been hard to understand like ten years ago. But it's 2010 . . . There's gay people that are like heads of companies,you know just like functioning human beings, you know what I'm saying?"

  • hn

    There's an important difference between "Gay people are Functioning Human Beings" and "are just like". IMO the title contradicts the quote

  • Amanda Hess

    That's a California "like"!

  • Jess

    I had that concern too, but then I watched the video. He said "just functioning human beings."

  • Grumpy

    He was in a tough spot. He risks losing 'the hood', his fanbase or he makes himself persona non grata with the Gay community.

    This actually highlights the ongoing duality in our community with being Gay. We all know someone, be they friend/neighbor/family/coworker who is Gay and that's cool...just so long as my affiliation with you doesn't somehow taint me. That's the fundamental battle that continues to this day. We see it in Church, school and the workplace. We attach our judgments to it based on many factors (Bible teaching, whether the person was abused/molested/raped, been in jail, to name a few) and give our approvals/disapproval as such because we believe that we are moral superior to Gays. That's where the 'teaching' comes in. Sadly, the part about loving your brother get lost in all that.

    As long as the Gay community is steadfast and we become more open and less critical, this issue will get better.

    In the end, we all people...right?

  • kza

    He says like a lot. From a rapper this is refreshing to hear. Hopefully more rappers can be less homophobic. I cringe when I'm listening to the few rappers I can tolerate and they drop "fag" into their songs.

  • Keith B

    At some point the media's going to have to remove "like," from quotes the way they drop "uhm" and other utterances. Wonder if the AP Style Book has guidelines on it...

  • kza

    Like totally.

  • R.A.B.

    Uh, he says: "...there's gay people that are, like, tops, like, heads of companies, are, you know, just functioning human beings." To figure that out, all I had to do was, you know, listen to the audio from the video. that you posted.

  • kza

    There's gay tops? Wtf

  • Amanda Hess

    Sorry all, I've edited the transcription.