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An Illustrated History of Male Chastity Devices


Tired of chastity-saving devices that focus solely on the female market? So was Mardid inventor Gines Sanchez Gomez, who patented his padlocked chastity tube in 2004. "The medieval apparatus named chastity belt it is well known as way to control sexual activity of women," Gomez wrote. But the male chastity device has a long and storied history, patent records of which date back over 100 years before Gomez ever entered the scene. Let's take a look.


* This "self protector" device was patented by Hartford, Conn. resident Daniel P. Cook in 1870 for use on, apparently, Renaissance paintings of buff kids. Here's how it works: "a band encircling the body just above the hips, the band being locked together by a small padlock, or other suitable device, the key to which is to be carried by the person in charge of the masturbator."


* The "sexual armor" proposed by Ellen E. Perkins of Beaver Bay, Minn. in 1907, for use on, I'm guessing here, olde-tyme basketball players. "It is a deplorable but well known fact that one of 'the most common causes of insanity, imbecility and feeble mindedness, especially in youth, is due to masturbation or self abuse," Perkins writes.This one's tailored for the penis, but "This is about equally true of both sexes."


* Having wet dreams? There's a penis cage for that. "My object is to provide a device adapted to engage parts of the person and awaken the person in case of an erection of the parts so engaged, and thereby prevent involuntary nocturnal emissions," explains Henry Tunnessen of Hazleton, Penn., who secured his patent in 1909 .


* Sometimes, it takes a full-body approach. This 1932 suit prevents your hands from touching your genitals while sleeping. According to Allan P. Risley of Indianapolis, Ind., the beauty of this invention is in its subtlety: "[The device] may be so constructed as to resemble an ordinary sleeping garment and thereby increase the sale of such articles and obviate any objection to wearing the device on account of the appearance thereof or feeling of discomfort therefrom."


* Finally, the first chastity apron for men, proposed by Rudy J. Schrock in 1977.


* Gines Sanchez Gomez' "protective tube and harness" from 2004. Gomez' "method to assure masculine chastity," which has the penis "bandaged with an adhesive tape," covered "by a metallic tube" and then locked with a padlock, is perhaps less serious than the male chastity devices that predated it: Gomez says his technical field is "entertainment field, essentially of erotic games."

  • Schroduck

    The floor of Allan P. Risley's bathroom (Pee Risely? Seems an appropriate name) must be pretty unpleasant in the mornings, that's all I'll say.

  • Katie

    Ellen E. Perkins of sexual armor fame WOULD be from Beaver Bay.

  • Meg

    It's kind of interesting that these seem to focus on masturbation and wet dreams, as opposed to actually keeping a guy from engaging in sex. The purpose is pretty different from a chastity belt for women; at least, from the way I think of a chastity belt.

  • Nemz

    Please tell me that this article is merely a first part or meant as a joke.

    Part of the patent information is rather interesting and shows some work spent gathering knowledge on the subject. However, this reads merely as a modification of a list of patents and not actual information regarding male chastity. The tone, in my opinion, also is rather rude and condescending of male chastity, without taking a look at the reason chastity appeals to individuals or why they would agree to being kept chaste.

    Also, the main patent you discuss is rather childish and unoriginal. There are many patents and designs which are in wide use and production which are far more intricate and superior. For example, the CB 2000, 3000, and 6000 is currently the most popular chastity device. It's not a belt, but merely a device that covers a males shaft, preventing him from accessing it. There are also many other types of chastity belts and devices. Some chastity belts actually sell in the range of $1000-3000 dollars, depending on the quality, the attachments, etc. Most are custom fitted and custom built.

    Chastity, either male or female, is not a joke. There are literally thousands of individuals who wear chastity devices, the majority of which are male. If I recall correctly, the company in which makes the CB 6000 claimed to have sold over 500,000 of the models. To quote a comment from Tollyboy, in article from the guardian, "We sell, on average, 100 a year, mainly to English-speaking countries, but it varies wildly," says Davies. "You're looking at about £300 upwards, and they take about six weeks to make. People want them mostly as toys, but occasionally we sell them to women worried about sexual assault."

    Sexual assault, although not quite as much an issue for men, is in fact a strong reason for women to wear chastity devices. In other countries, such as Indonesia, women wear the devices in order to prevent or at least hinder rape.

    Apparently, you can even buy the CB 6000 on Amazon.

    If you intend to do another article as a follow up or to further explore chastity, I ask that you look deeper into the topic. I would also be more then willing to assist in finding information for you.

  • drsnacks

    I don't think this blog is meant to celebrate or even explore with a even hand nerdy internet guy obsessions (I could be wrong though).

  • maymay

    One of the oldest and decently sensible FAQs about chastity belts (more broadly termed "chastity devices," and even then I dislike the usage of "chastity" in any of this) is Dirk's Chastity Belt FAQ.


    It’s kind of interesting that these seem to focus on masturbation and wet dreams, as opposed to actually keeping a guy from engaging in sex. The purpose is pretty different from a chastity belt for women; at least, from the way I think of a chastity belt.

    Modern devices (for men and women), which are really just a certain kind of sex toy and used consensually just like other sex toys, are often as much about preventing intercourse as they are about preventing masturbation.

    There's so much misinformation about this topic that the only two places I'd comfortably recommend for readers that are interested in learning more about the practice are Tom Allen's True Tales and, for the truly fascinated, Thumper's Blog.

  • Katie

    drsnacks, where have you been all my life.

  • PD

    Meg-- that's the first thing I noticed, too. It wasn't to stop men from inserting their penises into women, as God intended, but rather, overall, to stop them from having terrible, terrible succubi-induced wet dreams and from driving themselves insane with furious masturbating.

    Except the 1977 chastity apron, which is to prevent mentally defective people from having sex. And Gomez's "protective tube and harness," which is a sex toy. Go figure.

  • kza

    So what do you do if you have to pee?

  • Nemz

    kza, most chastity devices are designed to allow the individual to use the toilet. Not all of course, but most. Chastity belts, usually have a small hole which allows the urine to flow out. Other devices, such as the CB, have a slightly open tip.

    The sight below actually has some good pictures and diagrams of how a male chastity belt works.

  • kza

    It seems a lot easier to just not wear it and not have sex.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    If masturbation caused men or young men to go insane, imbecility and feeble mindedness, there would be a lot of men in this category. I discovered masturbation at the age of 13 while playing with myself unkownly. I am 67 years old today and I still masturbate from time to time.

  • Aaron

    Find whoever has the key, I guess? The alternatives don't bear contemplation, or at least I'm not going to actually sit here and make a list of ones which seem likely and then post it on the Internet with my name right next to it.

  • Aaron

    Nemz, I'm ninety-nine and forty-four one-hundredths percent sure that this blog post has nothing whatsoever to do with chastity play, despite what may seem to be the initial appearance. Fish Sandwich Daddy or whatever it is, too -- seriously, y'all. I know, I know, the post does indeed have to do with penises and various appurtenances of a penis-related nature, but that doesn't mean it wants to have anything to do with yours. Cut it out now, you're embarrassing me.

  • EmilyBites

    'Sexual assault, although not quite as much an issue for men, is in fact a strong reason for women to wear chastity devices'


  • Tom Allen

    From what I've read about the sexual history of that period, women didn't need as much protection from masturbating because "nice girls" simply didn't touch themselves there, being, you know, an area that was dirty from elimination of wastes. Men, and especially young men, however, are just insatiable sex machines and needed to be, um, harnessed.

    That said, it's difficult to get solid numbers for the sales of modern chastity devices, but based on various reports form several online adult toy distributors, AL Enterprises, the makers of the CB2000, CB3000, and the CB6000 have probably sold several hundred thousand devices since they started manufacturing them about 10 years ago.

    It's interesting to note that despite their ostensible claims that the devices were developed for intercourse prevention, the overwhelming majority of them seem to be used (based on reports from men in various web groups) as a form of light BDSM, or for some extended "tease & denial" games with dedicated partners.

    Even more interesting is that many of the inexpensive devices sold today do not entirely prevent masturbation, and so support groups and add-on markets have developed for users who want to make their chastity device even more "secure."

  • Miriam Alario

    Where is the drawing of a frontal lobotomy? Seems to me the only effective male chastity device.

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