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Bruce Barilla, The Anti-Gay-Sex Candidate

West Virginian Bruce Barilla, a long-shot candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, lays it all out there in this campaign video, in which he explains that we must fight an "unnecessary hate crimes bill" because it supports  "gay sex." Points for transparency! Bonus: Supporters can proudly display their refusal to support gay sex to [...]

Could Yeardley Love’s Death Have Been Prevented By UVA’s Safety Tips?

On early Sunday morning, 22-year-old University of Virginia women's lacrosse player Yeardley Love was found dead in her apartment with "obvious physical injuries." Hours later, 22-year-old men's lacrosse player George Huguely was arrested and charged with first degree murder. Police didn't release many details in the case, save that Love and Huguely "had been in [...]

Same-Sex Marriage Hits D.C. Court of Appeals Today

Today, the D.C. Court of Appeals will hear arguments over the fate of same-sex marriage in D.C.  In January, the D.C. Superior Court decided that a ballot initiative to define marriage as between a man and a woman would violate the District's Human Rights Act; anti-gay-marriage activists appealed the decision.
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The Morning After: Sex and the City and the Hijab Edition

* The question I never want to see answered: "Will Carrie Bradshaw wear a hijab?"

PFOX: Failing to Appreciate Ex-Gays Is “Discrimination”

"Is the mayor saying that ex-gays who apply for ceremonial certificates or D.C. government jobs will be refused because of their sexual orientation?" -Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX), on the admission from Mayor Adrian Fenty's office that a certificate "appreciating" PFOX was a "staff error."

Feminist Dating Experiment Yields Only Two Penis Photos

Who says that fucking while feminist is a lost cause? On Ms. Magazine's blog, aspiring feminist journalist Alexandra Tweten (22, 5'7", green eyes) posted a dating ad on Craigslist specifically seeking feminist men. The experiment yielded 68 replies, and only two penis photos!

Sexist Comments of the Week: Plastic Surgery Experts Mansplain It All

Why are the vast majority of plastic surgeons male, and the vast majority of plastic surgery patients female? Sexist readers float their theories:

Woman Shot After Refusing Stranger’s Advances: The Harassee’s Dilemma

A local college student was shot in the ankle over the weekend after she refused to give her phone number to a guy on the street. The student was leaving a party with a group of friends on early Sunday morning when the man shot her for rebuffing his sexual harassment. As she told Fox [...]

Victim Blaming, In Rape Cases and Fatal Car Accidents

Last night, I re-read Gene Weingarten's Pulitzer Prize-winning feature on parents who accidentally forget their infants in the backseats of their cars, leaving them to swelter to death in the heat. And since I can make connections to rape culture out of practically anything, I was struck by this section in Weingarten's story, about the [...]

The Morning After: Dana Scully Edition

* The Chronicle of Higher Education on how pop culture figures can inspire "people of working-class backgrounds to pursue academic careers":