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Indecent Exposure Near Eliot Junior High School

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D.C. police have released an alert about a "suspicious male individual" who is "attempting to make contact with adolescent females as they walk to school." The alert says that yesterday, "the suspect exposed himself to four juvenile females that were walking to school." He's operating around the 200 blocks of 17th Street and 17th Place, NE"—close to both Eliot Junior High School and Eastern Senior High School. He's described as "a black male, 20-30 years of age, 5’7, thin build wearing a white t-shirt, blue shorts, a black skull cap and sunglasses."

  • Golden Silence

    Ugh, disgusting and scary. I hope this loser's caught.

  • Manor

    I'm pretty sure this is how at least 50% of relationships start in DC, or at least how 50% of kids are spawned here...

  • NorthernFirefly

    The cops know enough about him to catch him. Now why don't they just do it?