The Sexist

Intolerance of “Homosexual” Neighbors at an All-Time Low


According to a Gallup telephone poll conducted in 2006, "only" 27 percent of Americans would not like to live near "homosexual" neighbors. (No word on American attitudes toward neighbors who are simply "gay."). That figure is down from 30 percent homosexual-neighbor-intolerance in 1995 and 38 percent intolerance in 1990. Americans still dislike gay neighbors more than they dislike Muslim and immigrant neighbors, though that's changing! From 1995 to 2006, American dislike of Muslim neighbors jumped 10 percentage points; dislike of foreign neighbors jumped 9. [Via Racialicious].

  • Astrid

    So, overall, people are becoming more intolerant, not less. "Only" 27% gay intolerant people also doesn't sound low to me.

  • Esteban S

    Hey, cut her some slack. She´s being ironic.


  • Emily H.

    She already put the word in ironic quotation marks! What the hell else do you want?