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Hate Cheaters, Love America: The Commercial


Michigan family lawyer Ryan Hill is so morally outraged by extramarital affair dating website Ashley Madison that he launched the "My Marriage Matters" campaign—and shot this awkward television spot—to bring the cheating service down. The result: Schmaltzy piano, sexy infidelity shots, and Hill doing the Bill Clinton thumb-gesture in front of a waving American flag. Vote Ryan Hill for Dude With A Website That's Against That Other Website, I guess? He's also currently asking 1,000,000 people to sign his petition against people who support cheating. [Thanks to Kay for the tip].

  • Em

    Whaaaaaat? What a dumb cause. I doubt very many people in the US "support" cheating, just like very few would say they support lying or littering or abandoning kittens. It doesn't mean all of these things don't *happen*.

    I guess he just wants to champion a cause figuring there wouldn't be a counter-cause to argue with him. How silly. It's like saying you're "pro-freedom" or "pro-happiness"...well, duh.

  • Saurs

    From dude's biography:

    "My name is Ryan Hill. I am 33 years old and happily married to a beautiful woman named Angie. We have one son who just celebrated his fourth birthday. We also have two dogs, golden retrievers, and two cats. We are pretty much the typical American family."

    FUCK. OFF. He's also a proponent of "traditional American" values, like's marriage "just the way it is" (no fags!), and doesn't believe in divorce (although he's a divorce lawyer). I call shenanigans.

  • Saurs

    *likes marriage

  • Katie

    Ten dollars says Ryan Hill is involved in an extramarital relationship right now.

  • prowlerzee

    What is your FUCKING problem? The LAMEST shits on earth are cheaters and the UTMOST ANTIFEMINIST stance is that the SKANKS the utter lameass SKANKS who fall for LAME married men bullshit "made no vow" to the wife. Well, guess what you BRAINDEAD BRIDEZILLA generation? Except for freak cults like Mormons marriages are made in PUBLIC for the very reason that YES, it's a public covenant. And you BONEHEAD shits who think that SPREADING for married men, like the SCARRED Korean girl did for her MOM'S partner and siblings' FATHER, Woody Allen, and think it's all a-ok and modern and hip instead of are the SCUM JISM RAG of the worst trash on earth while priding yourself that your DEGRADATION is somehow (vomit) HIP.

  • prowlerzee

    Amanda, you more than disappoint me with this post. You make me sick. Bridezilla.

  • prowlerzee

    That said, Ryan is wasting his time. What we ought to do with BOTH SCUM male johns and scum cheaters is pose as whores and skanks and take their pictures, and post them at their PLACES OF WORK, all over their town, and especially at the schools where their kids go. Modern version of public stocks....since, sadly, we can't have stocks and smear dog excrement up their nostrils and over their faces.

  • prowlerzee

    And alllllll you bridezilla LOSER MORONS who SPREAD for your TWWWWWWWUUU LUV scum? Save your dumbass breath. No one with a brain, heart or moral gives a shit what YOU have to say.

  • Lizrd

    First of all: Excellent sleuthing Saurs. What a fucking hypocrite "My marriage matters..... but your's doesn't. Where's my retainer?"

    That being said, he NAILED the Bill Clinton thumb-forefinger gesture(is there an official name for that maneuver?), and the way he conjured Patton. :::Muah::: priceless... Ryan Hill is a brave American Hero..... standing up for the beleaguered white, middle class, heterosexual married crowd who are being tormented by websites that make them cheat on each other. Oh, the humanity!

  • Lizrd

    Sorry, not to feed the troll but this :"No one with a brain, heart or moral gives a shit what YOU have to say" reminded me of some fucking scary conservative version of The Wizard of Oz.

    "Well, I'm a liberal feminist and I'M going to the Wizard to get a moral"

  • K

    Okay, I have a new theory! Guy's a divorce lawyer, right? So, he's purposefully creating a website to stir up enough morally OUTRAGED curiosity in the breast of Real Middle Amurka to click thru to Ashley Madison, then he waits for their marriages to fall apart and they think, "Now I need a good lawyer... what about that fellow with the website?" Insidious! Brilliant?

    Another possibility: this website was created by Ashley Madison for marketing purposes.

  • EmilyBites

    Ha, nobody's going to take that bet Katie.

  • groggette

    you are the SCUM JISM RAG of the worst trash on earth while priding yourself that your DEGRADATION is somehow (vomit) HIP.


  • Lizrd

    Grogette: hilarious!

  • Katie

    What! There is now another Katie! AH it's like every single year of my life all over again! Must I now change my identity to something more creative a la Lizrd and Grogette? Sad day.

    (P.S. other Katie...I'm sure you feel my pain. But, welcome!)

  • Katie

    also: flagrant misuse of the term "bridezilla" going on round here!

  • Emily H.

    This campaign is a brilliant idea, because no cheater would ever just PRETEND to be a faithful partner who was vehemently opposed to cheating. Such secrecy would go against the very concept of what it means to be a cheater. Why cheat if you're just gonna LIE about it?

    & for the same demographic (people who hate cheating), there's You know no one there cheats, because they make you click a little box to affirm that you appreciate the value of faithful relationships.