The Sexist

Ads Encourage D.C. Metro “Love”


This odd ad for Arlington's "Car-Free Diet" initiative, currently appearing in D.C.-area Metro stations, encourages Metro riders to tone up—and get flirting!—on their commutes. Love-themed transportation initiatives may fly in Copenhagen, but since D.C. already has plenty of passengers looking for "love" with the closest unsuspecting target on a crowded Metro train—sometimes non-consensually—is this really a selling point of ditching the car? Say what you will about the economic and health benefits of public transportation, but at least car-drivers don't have to deal with close-proximity leering. [Photo via Nikolas Coukouma].

  • Blooming Psycho

    I'm sure this is fine and good for some, but as far as I'm concerned when I'm heading for work, the last thing I need is some fartknocker hitting on me. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, when I'm at a bar watching a hockey game, the last thing I need is some fartknocker hitting on me. Especially when it's one of these types that can't take no for an answer. And there are plenty of them. It doesn't just happen to the stunningly gorgeous young model types either. I'm middle-aged, stocky, and plain.
    Seriously, do we need to encourage this sort of person? Most people seem to find them annoying rather than cute.

  • groggette

    Actually, as far as I’m concerned, when I’m at a bar watching a hockey game, the last thing I need is some fartknocker hitting on me.

    Ha! Agreed.
    I've had some really great conversations with men in bars who've come up to me while I watched basketball or football and talked about the game with me. And I've had really horrible "conversations" with men in bars who persistently try to hit on me even when I tell them straight up, "I'm here to watch the game since I don't have cable at home. No I don't want to leave with you or talk about how fascinating you find the beer here. And no, it doesn't matter if I have a boyfriend/husband/girlfriend, I'm still just here to watch the game."

  • Mrs. D

    I love this comment thread. Somehow, it's appropriate for a guy to totally ignore you if he isn't interested in talking to you (I have had this happen on numerous occasions when I've just made a friendly, offhanded comment (that required no response but a "yeah" or nod or "I know, right?") to a stranger I happened to be standing next to), but if a woman blanks a man, or nicely tells him she's busy/uninterested, she's a raging bitch. LOVE the double standards.