The Sexist

Sexist Internal Business: A Note on Comment Moderation


Hey, have you all noticed a startling absence of comments comparing feminists to Hitler lately? Here's what the hell is going on!

So: Over the next couple of months, things will be changing a bit around here in terms of comment moderation. In short, I may be, ahem, curating your comments more thoroughly. Some notes on that:

* The "flag comments" function will still be the first line of defense, so feel free to continue to flag the utterly objectionable nonsense that sprouts like so many weeds in this old comments section of ours.

* As I moderate more, some perfectly acceptable comments may be more likely to get captured by the spam filter. If you think you've been wrongly moderated, send me an e-mail and I'll fish out your comment.

* If you want to make it past the filter, here's some advice: It's not so much what you have to say, it's how you say it, and how many times you say it, over and over and over again in the same comment thread. In other words: I welcome dissenters, but not trolls.

* I hope to have a more comprehensive comments policy soon. In the meantime, if you have found yourself mysteriously banished to my spam filter, it is because I stared into the depth of your soul and determined that it is about time you register for your very own Blogspot.

  • drsnacks

    Thank God. Bad moderation can easily kill a good blog. Eo and noodelz bring nothing new, and those who seem to have never thought critically about anything they can simply react to bring down the level of discussion (see the first few comments in the Feminine Performance post.

  • Katie

    This is great and I applaud this, but alas I am impatient and must know: does this mean all comments will no longer show up immediately? Or, if a comment doesn't show up right away, does that mean it has been spammed?

  • Amanda Hess

    Katie: If you've never commented on this blog before (or if you're commenting from a new IP), your first comment will go directly into moderation. After I free that comment, you should be good.

    The spam thing is a somewhat unrelated problem. If I ban someone, they no longer go into moderation; they just go directly to spam. But increasingly, innocuous comments will also go to spam for a variety of reasons (mostly, spam filter thinks it's spam!). So if you've commented here before and your comment doesn't show up instantly, you've probably been spammed.

  • Katie

    Huh. I wonder if directing comments at people (via the "at" symbol) causes that? I will have to be more proper maybe, and start those sorts of comments with "My dearest Eo..."

  • groggette

    Question, was my earlier spamination due to the more than usual swearing or was it a part of changing the spam filter so that it was essentially my "first" comment? (and thanks for fishing out my comment btw)

  • Jess

    Hooray! This is my favorite kind of moderation and the kind I think is most likely to produce good discussion without constant derailment.

    @ replies shouldn't make things go to spam. Links often do. First-time comments (and yeah, if I recall correctly this includes regular commenters making their first comment post-change) don't actually go to spam, they just get held, so if it's your first comment you don't need to tell Amanda that your comment isn't showing up because she'll see it. It's only mysterious disappearances that may have to be fished out of the spam trap.


  • Jess

    Mine just went through immediately, afaict, so maybe it doesn't include people making their first post-change comment. :) It will if you change your email or IP, though.

  • Amanda Hess

    @groggette I wish I knew better why my spam filter thinks the way it does. Cutting down on links helps, but some un-linky comments get spammed for mysterious reasons. I'm not sure if swearing increases your chances of being spammed, but I certainly don't want people to stop swearing! I'll have some conversations on my end on how the spam filter may be able to be tinkered with.

  • Manor

    That is simply a fascist, nazi, moderation plan. You are like Hitler, Ms. Hess. Come to think of it, are you any relation to Rudolf Hess?

  • Alex


    That is all I have to say about that.

  • Flutterby

    Let's see if the spam filter hates swearing...

    Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Motherfucking bullshit fuck shit fuck.

  • Flutterby

    Nope, seems to go through just fine!

  • groggette

    ha! evidently it only hates my swearing.
    Either that or Amanda stared deeply into my soul and realized I already have a blogspot so why the fuck not let her stick around for awhile.

  • kza

    Hitler moderated his blogs comments. SSpam filter.

  • MuthaMitch

    Amanda! Thank you so much! I really really enjoy this blog and read it everyday, but for the past month I've really come to hate the comments section. Like some days, certain trolls would really upset me and I had to stay away from all the comments, even the really well written responses that amazing people leave! Thank you!

  • Brennan

    While the trolls on this blog can at times be amusing, poking them seldom leads to anything but instantaneous derailing. Bring the Nazi/facsist/communist/atheist moderator wand!

  • M

    Oh, thank goodness. It'll be nice to be able to read the comments again without having to gird myself for pseudo-psychological war.

  • Sarah #13

    Hah! I like that the trolls didn't have anything to say about this post. Poor trolls.

  • Maggie

    Huzzah! Do not let the door hit you on the way out, annoying boring trolls!