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The Morning After: Anti-Abortion Infighting Edition

* The Abortioneers ask: Why can't anti-abortion activists get along?

A grumpy anti and a soft-spoken priest [were] protesting at the same clinic.

Priest was youngish, bright-eyed and eager to start doing God's work. Grumpy was a veteran with a gruff voice and quivering jowls. Priest was not amused by his hollering; he only wanted to pray for the women and their dying babies. He inched away slowly at first, then took giant steps towards the other end of the sidewalk, leering at Grumpy all the time. By noon, as Priest prepared to depart, he put his hand on Grumpy's shoulder, made sure he looked him in the eye, and asked, "Do you really think you can help these women by screaming at them?" It was a genuine, reasonable question.

Priest never came back.

* Via Nerve: A Swiss prophylactic manufacturer has begun producing extra-small condoms for sexually active preteens. From the New York Daily News:

Dubbed the Hotshot, the prophylactic was developed in response to a study that indicated young teens were regularly engaging in unprotected sex.

"The result that shocked us concerned young boys who display apparently risky behaviour," said Nancy Bodmer, who oversaw the research for the study at the Center for Development and Personality Psychology at Basel University in Switzerland.

"They have more of a tendency not to protect themselves," she said, adding that because of their young age, they also do not know much about sexuality.

A friend's take: "I like the concern about unwise sexual activity shown by the manufacturers, who named it . . . 'The Hotshot.'"

* Bitch takes on the "innovative" new marketing campaign used to promote popular videogame Bayonetta. Bayonetta, for the uninitiated, stars a sexy heroine who kills bad guys via stripping, rolls on the ground in porny poses while killing said bad guys, and restores her power by sucking on a lollipop. How could this videogame ever spawn a misogynistic marketing campaign, you ask? Bitch answers:


* On another note, try Meat Cards: the "one-and-only laser etched beef jerky business cards."

Photo via Darrow Montgomery

  • Shannon Drury

    Tiny condoms? Appalling. Beef jerky cards? Interesting! Kind priests? Surprising!! Porny video games that take interactive misogyny to a whole new level? I'm speechless.

  • groggette

    Actually the tiny condoms are an awesome idea.

    the prophylactic was developed in response to a study that indicated young teens were regularly engaging in unprotected sex.

    Some children ARE having sex. They deserve the same protection as everyone else, no matter the hand wringing of adults. Also, wouldn't these would be a great option for men with micro penises as well?

  • bellacoker

    I'm always jealous when other countries set policies which are based on harm reduction; we should get some of that harm reduction here in the US!!

  • kza

    Young men will be lining up at the door for condoms that indicate to the world they have tiny lil' peckers.

  • groggette

    They're 12ish. They do have tiny little peckers.

    Look is it really that hard to tell people, "Yes, size does in fact matter to some, but if can't find a condom that fits your specific size, you're making things infinitely worse (both safety- and sensation-wise)." I don't care what word is emblazed on the outside of the wrapper. I do care if the condom tears or slips off because the guy's ego is more important than our safety.

  • groggette

    hmm, I feel like I should make clear that all my becondomed sex partners are in fact well above the age of 12.
    Carry on.

  • Athenia

    Stupid question...if the young whippersnappers are getting randy....wouldn't they fully developed at that point?

  • groggette

    Not necessarily Athenia, puberty in boys typically lasts about 6 years and it takes about that long for the penis to fully develop. And since we're talking about 12-14 year-olds here, it's probably safe to assume that few if any of them are through with puberty yet.
    So no, they don't have to be fully developed... but they still have all the necessary equipment to give or receive STIs or cause pregnancy.