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The Women’s Collective Brings HIV/AIDS Services to Ward 5

The Women's Collective (TWC), a non-profit serving District women and girls affected by HIV and AIDS, is moving to Ward 5 after a decade of providing services out of Ward 1. With the "second highest rate of persons living with HIV/AIDS among adults and adolescents in the District of Columbia," TWC says that the Ward 5 community will now "directly benefit from TWC services including prevention, advocacy, care management, testing, and counseling." TWC will still be providing services to women and girls from all parts of the district.

TWC is marking the occasion with an open house this Thursday; press release after the jump.

With Second Highest Rate of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Among Adults and Adolescents in the District of Columbia, Ward 5 Community to Directly Benefit from TWC Services Including Prevention, Advocacy, Care Management, Testing, and Counseling
WHO: Patricia Nalls, Founder and Executive Director, TWC; Community and government leaders; TWC Board of directors, staff, donors and supporters; More than 100 members of the community, including TWC clients
WHAT: After 10 years in Ward 1, TWC headquarters has moved to Ward 5 and will celebrate with an Open House. The Open House will give government leaders, current and prospective donors, and community members, an opportunity to visit the facility and learn about available services.  While the TWC is now headquartered in Ward 5, the organization will continue to service all residents of the District in need of the various services offered.
WHEN: Thursday, May 20, 2010, 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. (brief speaking program to begin at 5:30 p.m.)
WHERE: 1331 Rhode Island Avenue, NE (Brentwood Village Shopping Center)
More information
The Women's Collective is a nonprofit 501(C) 3 organization dedicated to meeting the needs of women with HIV/AIDS. Founded in 1992, the organization’s mission is to meet the self-defined needs of women, girls and their families living with or at-risk for HIV/AIDS, reducing barriers to care and strengthening their network of support and services. TWC’s services begin at the moment of diagnosis and continue throughout the continuum of this disease, to help women access care and services.  TWC has expanded its programming since its original Coffee House support groups inception 1993. At that time Founder and Executive Director Patricia Nalls, a woman living with HIV/AIDS (disclosed with the permission of Ms. Nalls), was determined to provide support to women who were often overlooked in the epidemic and whose needs were not being met by the traditionally male-centered services and support offered by local AIDS service organizations in the District. For more information on TWC visit
The recent District of Columbia HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD & TB Administration (HAHSTA) report shows an alarming 3% HIV/AIDS infection rate, making HIV/AIDS a generalized epidemic in Washington DC.  The study shows that nearly all of District Wards have rates at an epidemic level of 1% or more.
  • Tasty Snatch

    Wonderful news! Congrats to Pat Nalls and all of the outstanding people who have been a part of TWC.

  • Eo

    Yet another lifeboat feminist non profit that recieves tax payer funding and donations to run a discriminatory service.

  • dp

    eo, don't you live in london or something? why comment on local news? go away.

  • Eo


    It doesnt matter where I live, modren chivalry/feminism opperates these discriminatory programs in all westren countries.

  • Tasty Snatch


    Do you know ANYTHING about TWC. I think you don't. In the same way that ASO's responded to gay white men and excluded everyone else because gay men were getting infected in higher numbers than everyone else, TWC does the same thing. for women.

    STFU unless you can actually substantiate your ridiculous claim. Are you mad because no woman will give you some pussy?