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The Morning After: Mrs. George Clooney Supreme Court Justice Edition

* I really liked this Maureen Dowd column mocking the policing of Kagan's sexuality via a faux Joe Biden e-mail. Dowd as Biden:

I recall how upset she was a few years ago when she got muscled into playing softball by some friends. She hates the game, absolutely HATES it. She cried and cried—like a fragile, adorable little girl. . . . She never watches the Rachel Maddow show. By 9 p.m., Elena’s usually snuggled up in bed in a lacy peach peignoir, scrawling “Mrs. George Clooney” in the margins of Blackstone’s Commentaries.

I think it's a funny send-up of the absurd hetero stereotype that some have foisted upon Kagan in order to convince the public that she's not-gay. Dowd-as-Biden sums up it up: "Elena is anything but a history-making, barrier-breaking, proud, strong, happy gay woman. She’s a garden-variety, sad, scary, single, childless career woman who can’t get a man because she’s too smart, works too much and refuses to settle." Hanna Rosin, on the other hand, thinks the column smacks of anti-gay bullying.

* I Blame the Patriarchy compares the stance of men on the red carpet to that of women.

* Via Hysteria!: What's with Shakira donning blackface for this cheesy World Cup video?


* On City Desk: The three gay men accused of conspiracy in covering up the murder of District lawyer Robert Wone are facing trial this week. In his opening statement yesterday, the defense attorney for the men claimed that the police were "prejudiced against his clients from the start." The attorney "says investigators had a hard time understanding why Wone, a straight man, would choose to spend time at a house full of gay men. He says police had accused the suspects of trying to 'gay him up.'" Wow. I have never heard "gaying somebody up" as a motive for murder.

Photo via howieluvzus, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

  • Lilly

    those clips of Shakira covered in dirty motor oil, or whatever that is, are from a video she made years ago. she apparently couldn't be assed to don fresh blackface for a new video. (in fairness to the original video, it was not racist as far as I could tell.)

  • Melanie

    Note - its not blackface - its grease. Its from a super old Shakira video, all the Shakira bits are compiled from past viedos. In that old video she is dancing in a room dripping with grease. Which brings up awhole slew of other questions - as in: why?

  • Katie

    That's not Shakira donning blackface for a World Cup video, those are clips from her video(s) for "La Tortura" from a couple years ago, mixed in with this soccer stuff. She's dancing on a rooftop, covered in grease. Shaki's a fan of being dirty in videos, and I in turn am a fan of that.

  • Katie

    @Melanie: because she's Shakira!! Woman does some crazy shit in her videos (see: SheWolf).

    PS - in how quickly the three of us jumped on this, I wonder why Hysteria! couldn't be bothered to look into this a bit more?

  • Nancy

    MoDo is an idiot - as she demonstrates yet again with her column today in which she proclaims that men are more favored - by nature - as they age.