The Sexist

Today In Sex Ed: “Have Sex Standing Up”


The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, ever the crusader against contraceptive misconceptions, has launched a new website dedicated to debunking one particularly absurd myth: In a report [PDF] released last year, the NCPTUP reported that eighteen percent of men believe that they can reduce the chance of pregnancy by doing it standing up.—and its corresponding faux-PSA (above)—hopes to convince men to stand up and fuck, with a condom on this time. The campaign's corresponding music video (after the jump) gets dangerously deep into the "have sex standing up!" message before being like, "but seriously, wear a condom because that shit DOES NOT STOP BABIES."


  • Leah

    Oh dear. I do not like this music video. If you're going to try to reach people with at music video, at least make it cool. Also - my internet connection is slow, so I got too frustrated with the slow-loading video to finish watching it. I gave it a good effort and never even got to the part where they tell you to wear a condom. And the part I did see says it IS safe to have sex standing up.