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The Morning After: Antique Prophylactics Edition


* Feminists With Sexual Dysfunction photographs her awesome family collection of antique prophylactics. Among them: Vintage versions of the awesomely bad brand Contempo Condoms, which still employs the following catchphrase: "Unleash the man you truly are and do it YOUR way with the ultra sensual range of lubricated Contempo Condoms." Perfect for the guy with masculinity issues who is unconcerned with his partner's pleasure!

* Tiger Beatdown speculates as to the many reasons why you may not love Beyonce:

2. A STRONG BELIEF THAT ROSIE THE RIVETER WOULD NOT WEAR HOT PANTS. It is true: Beyonce does in fact dress as the iconic proto-feminist industrial worker when she has a particularly tough mechanical project to attend to. And she is, in fact, wearing hot pants! However, I think Beyonce’s connection to the history of women in the workplace ought to be applauded. And, for those who take issue with the accuracy of her costume, remember: We only ever saw Rosie the Riveter from the waist up. We don’t know what kind of pants she was wearing. Rosie the Riveter may not have worn pants at all.


* And Sociological Images comments on the subversive twist of Beyonce playing the stereotypical "perfect housewife":

And that twist is very political.  Consider this: In American politics today, the “perfect” mother is one who does not work and stays home with her children.  Unless she’s poor.  Poor women who want to stay home with their children are called lazy, welfare cheats.  If you’re poor, you can only be a good mother by working.


* Via Sexuality & Society: Jesuit institution Marquette University has withdrawn a job offer to sociologist Jodi O’Brien because the university "found some strongly negative statements about marriage and family" among her works. Marquette said that its decision related to the school's "Catholic mission and identity." O'Brien—who has taught at another Jesuit institution, Seattle University, since 1995—is an out lesbian who has written extensively on religion and sexuality.

Photo courtesy of K at Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction

  • Eo

    The "do it YOUR way" most likely a selling point on the strength of not having to use the withdrawal method when requested.

  • groggette

    You mean not pulling out or stopping when your partner requests it? Gee, what does that sound like...

  • Eo

    Well if you are an impressionable young girl whos being taught to constrew most things as rape it will sound like rape.

    Using the withdrawal method as requested is clearly not rape, condoms reliving people of reliance on the withdrawal method is not rape either, so plese dont construe my comments as being pro rape, you hateful spiteful, man hating bigot.

    You anti sex everything is rape facists are as bad as the absinance lot, compleatly mad .

  • Crazy Cat Lady

    The Beoncé video is absolutely subversive (to 1960's suburban family values). The 60's perfect housewife image is all about completely sublimated sex appeal, whereas the Beoncé video takes that and explodes the sex factor. Also, according to the lyrics, the character represented by the song is intellectually and financially independent, which flies in the face of the vintage "housewife" ideal. I think it's funny. I'm a fan.

    Also, I so wish I could stop by that man sale and pick me up a few dudes to help out around the house.

  • Courtney S.

    groggette, You made Eo so angry, xe can't even type grammatically! That last bit sounds so much like a cranky old man sputtering that it was difficult not to laugh.

  • groggette

    I chuckled.

  • kza

    I think you've both earned an epic fail stamp.

  • Eo

    Yeah well, ive lived in both catholic and muslim countries where normal sexual behaviour is twisted into something else, feminists are of the same ilk with a dash of fascism thrown in for good measure.

    Making false allegations of rape, protecting female abusers, denying male victims, denying false accusers, publishing hate speech .. malicious hateful behaviour and so gleeful while about it too.

    You are the same sort of women that had 1000s of innocent black men murdered for "rape" during the lynchings and the women that gleefully take part in todays equivilant of it.

  • MuthaMitch

    For someone who hates feminists so much, you sure spend a lot of time on one's blog.

  • Eo

    Well Im a guy, its men that they are publishing the hate about. Its men that are one false accusation away from disaster. I have to live in a world thats influenced by these bigots. These bigots get off on the fact that they can use rape as a weapon.

    It would be fine if this hate was some fringe movement like the KKK, marginalised enough not to influence society but these hate mongers influence public opinion and the law, were it any other form of totalitarianism and hate rising here in the west Id be mouthing off about that too.

    Some of these idiots, on another thread were supporting the criminalisation of talking to people on over seas dating sites, so blinded by their desire to oppress the group that they hate they will support restricting their own civil rights.

  • M

    The trolls around here are more stultifying every day.

    Feminists don't care about men because they don't think what I think they should think! They don't spend enough time working for the good of men! And they don't listen to me when I come into their spaces and demand that they change everything around to fit ME and MY priorities! Don't they realize that my singular voice is more important than all of theirs combined??


    It is pretty sad when the comment threads devolve into unreadable cesspits like the one on the article about the facebook thing, though.

  • gita

    @Crazy Cat Lady
    I am a bit obsessed with Beyonce (and waaaaaay too invested in her marriage with Jay-Z) but I am so happy that someone else can read that into the song/video and I'm not just projecting.

    I do love the interlude where she dusts off all her grammys, too.