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The Morning After: Sexual Assault Policy Fail Edition

* An anonymous Columbia University student details her re-traumatization via the school's sexual assault response system:

Until recently, I was unaware of the egregious flaws in the Disciplinary Procedure for Sexual Assault. However, after my assault took place earlier this semester, I was encouraged by friends to take action against the student who had violated the sexual assault policy in many different ways, the worst of which was raping me twice.

* Jessica Yee asks, "When does an issue become feminist?":

When abortion rights are threatened, we're out in the masses online and offline to protect them repeatedly, blog post after Facebook link, clinic defense after pro-choice club initiation, without question . . . But what about when status, documentation, skin color, ethnicity, and culture are threatened? What's our feminist response to this? And how much or to what degree are we going to mobilize and do something the same way we would if the usual suspects (like sexual/reproductive health) came into play?

* Emily Nagoski judges Christian sex shops, or "sex toys for Jesus":

“Hooray!” I think, “Sexual pleasure! Sexual pleasure for women!”

“Boo!” I think, “Heterocentrism, marriage exclusions, apparent intercourse-focus!”

* On Slate, Stephanie Coontz argues that Betty Friedan is "not responsible for all of our unhappiness." Say it ain't so!

* Virginia Slims, getting high on feminism since 1968. This ad features both an empowering time-machine strip-tease and an appeal to our "feminine hands":

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  • Sarah No. 13

    More victim-blaming on the Columbia University student link, but also some encouraging comments.

    It makes me wonder what does count as clear-cut rape in the eyes of rape apologists.

  • Joliska

    stranger in the bushes? I don't know, as I'm not one.

  • Michael Hatfield


    Your a pretty smart person and you know a lot about this issue so let me ask you:

    Is a school judicial panel really equipped to handle a serious crime like rape? Student judicial affairs was meant to handle plagiarism and dorm noise violations not rape. If I hire a car mechanic to do a liver transplant shouldn't I expect them to fubar it? And similarly if I ask the office of student judicial affairs to handle a serious criminal case shouldn't I expect them to screw it up?

  • Michael Hatfield

    "It makes me wonder what does count as clear-cut rape in the eyes of rape apologists."

    This is a case of clear cut rape? You don't even know what the victim claimed happened let alone what actually happened. You seriously need to rethink your characterization of "rape apologist."

    The whole term rape apologist is counter productive, if you categorize someone as a rape apologist you dismiss their argument without actually listening to it. Obviously it's wrong if it's saying rape is okay. There are a whole plethora of arguments that get categorized as "rape apology," and yet none of the people who make those arguments would describe them as apologizing for rape. Calling it a rape apology without explaining why is a weaselly way to avoid making a real argument.