The Sexist

The Morning After: Sex and the City and the Hijab Edition

* The question I never want to see answered: "Will Carrie Bradshaw wear a hijab?"

* "Sex addiction": Bullshit or no?

* The Evil Slut Clique delivers a photo-and-gif retrospective on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2 contestant Raven.

* The Daily Beast profiles the five "secret" eating disorders you didn't know you should be afraid of, from purging-without-binging to binging-without-purging. Lists!

* Hugo Schwyzer instructs teen girls how to dress to prevent creepy old dudes from hitting on them: First, we all have to end "our cultural contempt for women and girls"; then, you can wear what you want!

* Introducing the vulva-print bikini.

* Sexist internal business: Sign up for genitalia-based Google alerts, get a whole lot of nothing interesting:


Photo via the Library of Congress

  • Alex

    I thought the eating disorder list was interesting. I've seen maybe one other reference to Night Eating Syndrome floating around the internet. My father suffers from it (and he knows it)... My mother used to put a chain around the fridge at night.

  • kza

    I'm pretty sure I have binge eating disorder after reading that. The only cure I want is extra cheese.

  • Eo

    The 16 year old who is looking to attract guys her own age.. she is a couple of years ahead of guys her own age in terms of maturity and said she dressed older, so she is easily taken for an 18 year old, yet men 18 through 40 that are attracted to her are "dirty old men" even though being attracted to each other is normal and biological ... and Carey Bradshaw who is a sexually assertive predator at 50, is ok and not "dirty"?

  • Katie

    ahahaha Carey Bradshaw the predator ahahahaha

  • EmilyBites

    Spot the 40 year old man who wants to boff 16 year old girls...

  • K

    Last time I watched Sex & the City, Ms. Bradshaw was "sexually assertive" with men she liked, but I can not think of a single instance in which she acted like a "predator". Furthermore, she never tried to seduce a 16-year-old boy. But last time I watched that show was about half a decade ago, so I suppose the character could have evolved since then...but somehow I doubt it.

  • Eo

    Ah, how predictable, now im framed as a child molester. No, the 16 year old qualified herself as better suiting an older look fashion wise, this means she was more mature for her age than average and females are a couple of years ahear of males at that age anyway. So, these owners of "dirty" sexuality would have taken her for 18 at least.

    The point was that we have muslims, christian and now feminists demonising one gender or anothers sexuality.

    Bradshaw and cougers in general, women in their 40s and 50s that seek young men are lionised while a man doing the same is "dirty".

  • petpluto

    "The point was that we have muslims, christian and now feminists demonising one gender or anothers sexuality."

    So, let me get this straight: the sexuality feminists are demonizing is men who get off by asserting their attraction to teenagers?

    Look, I don't care if a guy finds me attractive. I care when that attraction suddenly means I am OBLIGATED to deal with him. I don't care if I get hit with an appreciative look. I DO care when the look is what Hugo describes as the "penetrating gaze". I DO care when my looking good to a guy means I am suddenly subject to crude descriptions of what he wants to do to me. I DO care if his "sexuality" starts creeping on the toes of my comfortability in my own environment, because the world and the public sphere is indeed my environment.

  • Eo

    No petpluto

    My intrepretation of the story is this, mature for her age 16 year old girl dresses as she says "older", Im taking "older" to be a euphenism for sexual exhibitionism/wearing clothes that are designed to be sexually provocative.

    It attracts attention, these guys likely dont know her age because she is deceptive and they show her the sexual attention that she is wilfully courting by chosing sexaul exhibitionism, then they are labelled "dirty" for responding to a sexual disblay and labelled dirty.

    Where as Bradshaw/Cougers, or "Twilight moms" are totally acceptable.

    Its just a modern sexual double standard, as I pointed out, its common for ideologies to demonise one genders sexuality.

    What persuades men and women to mistake each other from time to time for gods or vermin is ideology.

    Terry Eagleton (1941 -- )

    As for you talking about you environment - i think that female sexual exhibitionism and crude remarks from men are two side of the same coin.

    People might not want to look a female being deliberatly sexually provocative in public but we dont get to chose. A female might not want men she is not attracted to responding to her exhibitionism with crude comments.

    Both the in your exhibitionism and the crude remarks can be taken as forms of sexual harassment.

  • Eo


    *both the in your face exhibitionism

  • Joliska

    @ Eo "mature for her age 16 year old girl dresses as she says “older”, Im taking “older” to be a euphenism for sexual exhibitionism/wearing clothes that are designed to be sexually provocative"

    See, I took it to mean not sexually provocative. I envisioned a casual-professional type of dress. I am unsure if there is a proper term. But I did not envision "sexually provacative" clothing. I guess I was assuming that men also notice when a woman/girl is wearing the other manner of dress. The girl's question did not lead me to believe that she was dressing for the sake of attracting attention, which is what I assume when one dresses in a sexually provocative manner. However, the girl was interested in not attracting attention, which tells me she wasn't dressing for the sake of being sexually provocative.
    That's what I was thinking.

  • Mike

    I would like to point out a few things about the Hijab. One, it comes from Europe. If you look at nuns, or pictures of the Virgin Mary, they're basically wearing a Hijab. Two, all of the monothestic religions wear some sort of head covering. Jews wear Yamakas(I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right), Catholic clergy wear some sort of head covering, and Muslim men wear Kuffis. Another point is that in some countrys around the world, women like wearing the hijab. In Turkey, which is a secular state, women have protested over the fact that their not alloweed to wear it. They have also protested in France as well. Yes, there are cases of men forcing women to wear the hijab, but there are also cases of women willingly choosing to wear it. I find it asaine that people would be wondering if Carrie would wear a hijab. When you visit a foreign country, you're supposed to adapt to the local customs. Besides, not all women in Moroco wear the Hijab. All you have to do is watch a Rick Stevens, or Travel Channel thats filmed in Moroco to know that. I don't know if people notice this or not, but ever time our President, or a high level official goes to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, they wear a Yamaka. I would think that fact alone would be more interesting then the sartorial decisions of a movie character.

  • Eo

    Joliska, she was talking about sexual exhibitionism, she said "too sdult".

    The two women conversing on the blog after the link are man haters indulging in politically correct hate, they described the men in the story as "dirty". It reminds me of a debate I had with a islamic school teacher in tanger, he was trying to tell me that women were "dirty" and that I should always wash straigt away after being one. Feminism and islam, two sides of the same coin.

    "What persuades men and women to mistake each other from time to time for gods or vermin is ideology".

    Terry Eagleton (1941 — )

  • DanceDreaming

    You here that Ladies? Us not covering our provocative, sexual skin is totes the same as penetrating stares and aggressive sexual advances! In fact, if we wantonly choose to exhibit our sexually charged bodies, it's basically sexual harassment of the poor helpless menz!

    Also, this was an adult woman, retrospectively looking back on her 16yo self. And saying that her manner of dress had been more adult, and therefor made her look older. Generally, adult feminist women talking about more adult clothing on a 16yo, and looking older, are much more likely talking about choosing non-teenage clothes. So, more slacks and blouses, less tank tops and tight jeans. This could be wrong though, as she does use quotes on "adult".

    Either way, doesn't matter. How a girl dresses doesn't affect whether or not she 'is asking for' sexual harassment. Or 'being treated like a piece of meat'.

  • Joliska

    the type of clothing you described is what I imagined she was referring to. I didn't read sexually provocative clothing, or sexual exhibitionism, into what she wrote. I certainly liked the response she got though.