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The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Aesthetic Empowerment Edition

Last week on the Sexist:

1. We Know the Way to End Prison Rape. Is It Too Expensive?, in which it's not, really.

2. When Will "Aesthetic Plastic Surgery" Empower Men Too?, in which Jesus Christ makes an appearance, in the form of a bronze aesthetic surgery sculpture.

3. With Great Cleavage Comes Great Responsibility, in which boobs.

4. The Morning After: Savage Vajazzling Edition, in which the idea that vaginas are gross is debated at length.

5. Sexist Beatdown: Rethinking Virginity Edition, in which virginity is vanquished, not lost.

Photo via the State Library of New South Wales

  • http://none disappointed

    You guys have a column called "the sexist"? And with such stupid content? But who even cares about the content. Just calling it that is really sexist. Do you have any women on your staff? And would you ever consider having a blog called "the racist"? Or "the xenophobe"? This is so disappointing. I occasionally come to your site. Perhaps I hadn't seen it before. Now that I have, I won't be coming back. How ugly and irresponsible.

  • Beth

    I would read "The Racist." You could have a "Racistalicious Beatdown" with Latoya Peterson.

  • DanceDreaming


    Ya know, I could easily see how someone only seeing this one page could totally get the wrong idea about this column.