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The Morning After: Neutral Frowns Edition

* s.e. smith has an excellent discussion of how the "Smile, Baby" phenomenon intersects with both feminism and disability:

My baby mouth was turned down, exactly like my fourth grade mouth, exactly like my mouth right now. That’s because that’s the neutral position for my mouth. . . . People have hassled me about this for pretty much my entire life and it got worse after I incurred some facial nerve damage. . . . And I’m constantly told to smile. By complete strangers in the street. By ‘friends.’ When I worked in retail, by customers.

* Heartless Doll's Kiara Kazebee spies a Boy Scouts Merit Badge for gaming, and she wants girls to have one too.

* Rediscover Sassy with Tavi of Style Rookie, who is reading the magazine for the first time. Rejoice at the Hilary Clinton = Courtney Love item. Recoil at the presence of Uggs in a fashion magazine from the early 90s. Take an unnatural interest in Thurston Moore's dating advice for tween girls.

* Important announcement: Cara at the Curvature is so fucking good at what she does.

* Susannah Breslin gets the weirdest fan mail. This one ends: "So, to make a long story short... I think you are great as you do get to speak Susannah's voice out of its silence. Woman... you are the man!!!"

* On Yes Means Yes!, how to bring the BDSM concept of the "safecall" to vanillas.

Photo from Sassy, via iluvrhinestones, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

  • groggette

    it got worse after I incurred some facial nerve damage

    That's what gets me the worst about the "Smile!" people. No, the vast majority of people don't have nerve damage, but you don't know who does or doesn't. You don't know if the person on the street with you just found out about a loved one's death, or got chewed out by their boss, or has facial nerve damage, or just has a naturally downturned mouth. All the Smile! people care about it that your ugly facial expression is harshing their day.

  • Tracelina

    Thanks for all the enjoyable, relevant, ass-kicking blogging you do. Also: I totally tore that Dopey Fashion Poses page out of the back of Sassy back in the day. Seeing it totally made my morning.

  • a. brown

    Why are you still linking Susanna Breslin? Page bait? I thought I read about her going first-class a-hole on trigger warnings here.

  • Amanda Hess

    a. brown,

    I like her journalistic work, and disagreeing with someone over one issue (or many issues, in Breslin's case) doesn't mean that we ought to shun them and stop reading / evaluating all of that person's work. If that were true, I wouldn't be allowed to read / comment on any blogs, ever. The good thing is that reading people you disagree with is actually pretty interesting! And if you think that's pagebait, I doubt you're very familiar with the types of phrases that generally drive traffic to sex blogs. Namely: Megan Fox vagina.