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When Stalking and Groping Is Hilarious

Did you read this Sexist story about a woman who was cornered in an empty parking garage late at night, forced to surrender her phone number, and then sexually assaulted by a stranger, and wonder, "Why is everyone approaching this so seriously?" Well I've got just the event for you!

Emily Ruskowski, the victim in that story, has turned her harrowing groping incident into a stand-up comedy routine. Ruskowski has assured me that it is "hilarious." And as a longtime supporter of the transgressive power of comedy in these situations, I'm truly excited for this.

Ruskowski will be performing tomorrow as a part of Holla Back DC's "Speak Up, Speak Out" event, a night of spoken word, collaborative art, raffling, and comedy, of course. Proceeds will go toward an anti-harassment public mural that's in the works.


Tomorrow, Thurs. April 29
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Cafe Collage
1346 T Street NW

Cafe Collage

  • Rick Mangus

    "Careful what you wish for", now that we are off the RAPE stories we can now go back to what else, GROPING! How puerile and boring!

  • snobographer

    I wish I was in the area so I could see this. If there's anybody who deserves ridicule, it's sexual harassers/assaulters.

  • kza

    They should film this and put it on youtube. What an awesome idea by awesome people.

  • Jamie J

    I think maybe the link for 'longtime supporter of the transgressive power of comedy' is a bit broken. Should it be this?

  • Amanda Hess

    Jamie J, thanks so much. Should be fixed now.

  • Michael

    Seriously, please, post the video! I don't live in DC but I would love to see this!!

  • Max

    Hey, Rick, if you hate every topic this blog covers... why do you keep reading it?

    It's pretty easy to lead a privileged, ignorant existence and not have to know these problems even exist! It seems like that might suit you better.

  • Rick Mangus

    Hey!, 'Max' I hold out hope this blog will go back to reporting relevent stories that MORE people care about instead of altering back and forth between the RAPE and GROPING, BULL SHIT!, over and over again, get a fucking life for Christ sake!, there are other stories in the world!

  • Max

    Maybe when rape stops being a problem, we can stop talking about it! Did you know rape is actually a pretty huge problem?

  • Rick Mangus

    'Max', in this day and age with all the problems in this world like war, terrorism, hunger, climate change, economic issues, rape doesn't even make the top 20 of pressing issues!

  • Max

    Ah, you're going with the "you can't talk about rape until you've solved world hunger" line. Seriously?

  • EmilyBites

    Naturally Max, because it's Global Disaster Top Trumps!

  • Native JD in DC

    I wish someone would grope me.

  • scott

    Comments suck! ...possibly including this one. Nothing is more tiring than wading through uncivil, big-mouthed inanities like the ones from Rick Mangus. And no Rick, you don't get points for making the comments under your real name. The wonderful web has made it too easy for people to talk trash repercussion-free. I doubt Rick would suggest that rape and groping are non-issues in person to a community of women he doesn't know personally. Hey, i just thought of a new rule: don't post any comment that you wouldn't say to Rick Mangus' mother's face!

  • Rick Mangus

    Rape and groping are serious but Amanda Hess and some of her readers dwells and dwells on the subject with a one track mind, with an unhealthy mental obsession. 'scott' everyone is entitled to there opinion and has the rights in this country to express them. I would like to know WHY, of ALL the columns in CP that Amada's column is the only one with censorship, which many of you so-called open minded ass holes exercise on comments you disagree with, COWARDS!

  • TJ

    @Rick, the reason why there is a way to flag comments in this blog is because Amanda tends to discuss very polarizing and emotional topics, and there has to be a way to guard against trolls. Y&H, I'm sure, is not going to have anyone commenting on how douchy the author is or threatening the existence of a whole gender. I'm not suggesting that you do that. And you are right in saying that this is a free country and you can say pretty much whatever you want (outside of threatening someone). You also have the right to ignore whatever you want that is on internet, and if you don't like to read about the subjects that Amanda chooses to discuss on HER BLOG, you don't have to read it.

    Otherwise, you are going to spend your time getting upset over being flagged by folks who have THE RIGHT to flag and hide your comments.

  • Jess

    "I would like to know WHY, of ALL the columns in CP that Amada’s column is the only one with censorship"

    No, you don't. You don't want to know; you just want to bitch. If you wanted to know, if you were actually here to listen or participate instead of to whine and yell and point fingers, you would go find the 60-comment thread discussing the pros and cons of comment moderation. It took me approximately three seconds to find.

    Even easier? Finding one of the 908235980187 blogs on the internet that don't talk about rape.

  • hollaback dc!

    thanks, amanda for the shout out! and emily, can't wait to see the act. :)

    see you all tonight!

  • Rick Mangus

    'TJ' that's BULLSHIT!, plain and simple! and 'Jess' the crying and bitching comes from you and others like you who feel that everyone is entitled to an opinion just as long as it agrees with yours!, how arrogant and pompous!

  • Jess

    I rest my case.

  • Saurs

    ('Twas an excellent case, Jess.)