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The Morning After: The Brave Suckiness of Ke$ha Edition


Good morning, Sexist readers:

* Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams got me all excited when she titled this post "Fighting for Ke$ha's Right to Suck," because . . . come on, she does. But isn't it interesting how aggressive sucking is pretty much exactly the vibe that  Ke$ha's music is going for? I mean, the woman is auto-tuned within an inch of her life, her music is all about getting extremely shitty in the most self-conscious way possible, and her stated cultural icon is P. Diddy. Even her cultural appropriation (from the horrific "native" garb to her confused appreciation of "the transgender community") is half-assed. Also, I know all the words to her songs. Accordingly, I was extremely pumped for Williams to commence pontificating on how Ke$ha's brave, brave suckiness is actually a subversive feminist rejection of the expectation of perfection placed on young girls today, but instead Williams suggested that maybe Ke$ha won't suck forever. Oh well.

* 14-year-old  Jordanna blogs about her experience dealing with street harassment:

What would have happened if he had come closer towards me?  I felt so completely powerless; I could have done almost nothing to protect myself from this man.  At that moment I hated myself for being so small, for wearing something one day that actually made me feel pretty, for walking with my head held high.  Because I was running so fast I had a few minutes alone at the bus stop. My breathing was heavy, my heart was pounding.  At that moment I felt so utterly alone.

* Amanda Marcotte grades country songs on "family values" criteria on the spectrum from sin to salvation. Truth: "Ramblin’ is sinful behavior."

* Thomas at Yes Means Yes!, describes the patterns emerging in the accusations against Ben Roethlisberger:

As the number of accusations mounts, and the accusations themselves look like classic engineered acquaintance rape situations — pick victims with little recourse and/or use alcohol, test boundaries, physically isolate, deny — there may be some people stupid enough not to see it. But mostly those who choose not to see it are those who don’t want to see the problem because they’re in favor of the problem. They think that any woman who wanders too close to Big Ben is a very bad girl and deserves something of his stuck up something of hers whether she wants it or not. The serial rapists themselves may be a small percentage, but the number of people who are basically their fan club is large enough to allow them to operate with impunity for a good long time.

* Check out SAFER Campus' policy suggestions for dealing with sexual assaults on college campuses.

* Bitch Magazine reminds us that some people employ the term "sweater puppies" to refer to boobs, and I am saddened.

  • Eo

    Thats awful music. The thing is, this pop/consumer culture is being driven mainly by women so I think that its up to women to reject it.. and then it will go away.
    Try Anja Schneider or Cio Dior for music, who are both interesting from the fem perspective given that not many women tend not to get involved in electronics and music.

  • Eo

    *Cio D'Or

  • Amanda

    My big disappointment is that Ke$ha's team seems to be trying to make her image into some sort of Lady Gaga Lite.

    Ke$sha's music is trashy and not good, and that really IS part of it's charm. In her SNL performances, she was too... put together physically, even if it was strange, and it didn't fit at all with her off-key warbling. When she sang TikTok on SNL, she looked like Taylor Swift-- all pretty and clean! What happened to the smeared day old makeup and alcohol spillerific clothing?

    I did like the part where she autotuned herself during the performance. It was like a cute acknowledgement of the fact that she's awful when she's not yodeling :-)

  • Katie

    @Eo "not many women tend to get involved in electronics and music." wtf? I don't know if you meant maybe electronic music, or actual electronics. Like as in, most ladies don't use the ipods and the tellies and the whatsits. And the ditties and the jingles, forget that! The ladies just prefer to sit in silence and sew, BUT NEVER HUM NEVER because, MUSIC. NO.

    Honestly, I don't even know what you're doing here.

  • Eo

    Hi Katie - I mean the combinbation of producing music and using electronic equipment to do so, two areas that some like to call "male dominated" areas and listing to these people is certainly going to be more rewarding than listening to our friend there in the day glo.
    Im a little confused by your reference to sitting in silence and sewing though? Sitting in silence and sewing are both valid activities, IMO.

  • Katie

    Oh God, here's me, jumping off a bridge. Some things in this life were nice (I liked tennis, it was fun, and I'll miss you, Riesens, and it was scary in a good way, Ghost Hunters), but I've very recently come to realize that life is no longer worth living.

  • Eo

    Oh dont be silly.

  • Lizrd

    Lol Katie. Off topic but: I like watching Ghost Adventures because its this fantastic hybrid of jersey shore and ghost hunters. And the wonderful confidence with which they declare static on a tape recorder a "disembodied voice"

    On topic: Ke$ha sucks. And I agree, she is a pseudo gaga lite. But when Ke$ha does it, shes very aware of gaze and performance: her video features shocked and scandalized parents, "pedicures on her toes and trying on all her clothes" not to mention that "boys want to touch her junk" and in context with her Blah blah blah song, it's very clear that she is performing for male gaze. Ke$ha is a drunk girl and she is DTF. That message isn't good. That falls more or less in line with rape apology.

  • Katie

    @Lizrd: OMFG perfect way to describe ghost adventures. That show is great if only for how often they sincerely say bro, i.e. "that ghost is totally invading my body bro, i'm not even f#*%ing kidding bro!" I don't know what it says about me that I have 100% faith in the truthfulness of ghosts found on Ghost Hunters and NONE for Ghost Adventures, but there you have it.

    And on topic again, I think part of my problem with Ke$ha is that if she's going to be a crass drunk wannabe bad girl with, admittedly, kind of cool hair, she should just be one and be done with it. You can't pull off weird freak unless you're actually a weird freak, like Gaga. And I say that in the most complimentary way possible because I love Gaga, and I love freaks.

  • Lizrd

    @Katie I didn't think there could be a dudebro ghost investigation show, and yet the skin tight knock off Ed Hardy t's don't lie. And I agree, I definitely believe Ghost Hunters and watch Ghost Adventures to giggle.

    and on topic: I'll agree with that in general. But, as much as I'm not a Gaga fan, I'll give her ...whatever credit she's due. But I feel that Gaga's point is: "I'm allowed to behave this way, if I want" and Ke$ha's marketed as "OMG! This is totally empowering!!! Wooo! Girl Power! Jack Daniel's toothpaste" and little girls are the target. Tnstead of the message being "this is as valid as when dudes do it", its instead "this behavior is a crucial part of female empowerment" which, you know, is about as feminist as the Spice Girls were in the '90s (although, tweeny Lizrd did love her some Spice Girls).