The Sexist

Wedding Bells at Filmfest D.C.

Apartheid meets bachelor parties in
White Wedding

It's time again for Filmfest DC,the District's annual international film festival. This year—the festival's 24th—I reviewed three films that center on getting hitched. There's White Wedding, a film about wedding planning and post-Apartheid politics, in that order, from South Africa; Will You Marry Us?, a love affair between believably attractive but commitment-phobic aging indie rockers, out of Switzerland; and Silent Wedding, a magical-realist anti-communist romp by way of Romania. Romanian films are, apparently, a theme this year! (Click through for the full list of CP reviews).

  • kza

    It would kick a lot of ass if the "White Wedding" trailer used that Billy Idol song.

  • Eo

    In the ideal both the husband and wife are trained to be a certain way, he is supposed to arrive home happy, refreshed, neatly pressed and not a hair out of place after his day at the office, for the working class men there is training in stoicism and putting his job before his bodily integrity.

  • Eo

    woops, that was supposed to go on the 50s housewife thread.