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Rob Kampia Returns to the Marijuana Policy Project


Speaking of pot and sex: Celeb Stoner reports—and the Marijuana Policy Project confirms—that executive director Rob Kampia has returned to the organization after a 90-day leave of absence. Kampia returned to his position today after the MPP board took a vote on the issue yesterday (Kampia is also a member of the board). When Kampia stepped down on Jan. 19, in order to undergo therapy to deal with his "attitudes toward women," MPP chairman Peter Lewis said that Kampia's leave would be 90 days at a minimum, at which point the board would reconsider Kampia's role in the organization. By my count, the board actually reinstated Kampia a few days shy of the 90-day period. Perhaps it's a move to stave off more bad press: As Celeb Stoner notes, Kampia's projected return fell serendipitously around 4/20.

  • mike

    three months off, still drawing his six figure salary, undergoing therapy with ecstasy according to his HT interview - this guy is such a sleaze.

  • http://twitter/scaryjoann scary joann

    I second mikes thoughts. He's a dirtbag and the fact that he's allowed to remain is depressing.

  • Drew

    Hey Mike, the leave of absence was UNPAID, moron. And learn to read, the ecstasy therapy he mentioned was in the past, years ago, not during his leave of absence. Do you have to take a special course to be that stupid?

    Scary Joann, I'm assuming that what's "scary" is that you're dumb enough to publicize your agreement with a moron who can't get his facts straight?

    What's depressing is that here are so many idiots who form such strong opinions based on not understanding what they're talking about.

  • Drew

    Mike, the leave of absence was UNPAID. And the ecstasy therapy was years ago, not recently during his leave of absence.

    Yet you form such strong opinions based on a complete lack of actual knowledge of the facts, just getting everything wrong. If you and Scary Joann have screwed up these simple bits of information, how many other utterly wrong and false assumptions or confusions or misreadings have led you to other such oh-so-strong views based on lack of knowledge?

    I suggest that before publicly insisting you know someone is a sleaze or dirtbag, you try just a little bit to know what you're talking about next time, instead of announcing to the reading public that your viewpoint is clearly such an uninformed one. Since, of course, nobody's going to take you seriously now.

    I personally tend to think the dirtbags and sleazes are the folks who run around denouncing and talking trash about people when they actually don't know what the hell they're talking about.

  • Typical DC BS

    Drew, count yourself among the dirtbags and sleaze for standing up for this idiot. ANY OTHER WORKPLACE, THIS GUY IS FIRED AND THERE ARE LAWSUITS GALORE!

    Just waiting for the first lawsuit to be filed (unless people are being paid off, which is my guess why no lawyers have run to court yet).

  • Drew

    No, moron, I count myself among those doesn't post FAKE INFORMATION. Don't cry and whine just because your little buddy there got everything he said wrong, m'kay? M'kay!

    The typical DC b.s. comes from dirtbags and sleaze like you and little Mikey there, people with no moral compass who are willing to lie and cheat and then cry like little babies when someone comes along to point out that, hey, you're full of s**t and everything you said was wrong.

    You're standing up for idiots who posted B.S., but hey you don't care, right? Spread b.s. and sleaze so long as it's for your side, right? Typical DC b.s. indeed, moron.

    I'm just waiting for a lawsuit against the people lying about all of this, or -- judging from the new information over on High Times about the behavior of the former staff making these allegations -- lawsuits against them for harassment.

    And there ya go again with the stupid rumor-mongering and pulling speculation right out your @ss about pay-offs. You folks are a delusional little band of trolls, aren't you? The big conspiracy, is it a global Jewish conspiracy by chance? Are the Free Masons involved? Is this all somehow linked to GASP! the JFK assassination? Wow, use your Cracker Jack decoder ring to find the clues!

    Hmm, I wonder if you and your troll buddies are all being paid to say and do this? Is anyone actually working for ONDCP, rolling the message boards? Who among you trolls is being paid off? Is that why you keep posting the same lies everywhere, and then cry your eyes out when someone points out you're lying sleazy dirtbags? Is that why you don't care how much you and your sick little ilk post claims that are laughably wrong, like Mikey up there? I'm just wonderin', like you said.

    You just want to wreck MPP and the movement, to derail cannabis reform, and to help keep sick patients in cages and young marijuana users in jail to be assaulted and raped, don't you? That's sure how it seems at this point.

  • Keith

    I really don't care about MPP and their problems at this point in the game. California is ground zero of the movement as far as I'm concerned. This is the campaign of all campaigns and will set movement on fire across the country if it passes. Everyone needs to rally around this and if you can travel there to work or volunteer on your vacation time. Great! Otherwise, please donate today.

  • Tiff

    Wait - you can't seriously be defending this creep.

    He has set the movement back years, and is a walking talking disaster. Peter Lewis and the MPP board are showing terrible judgment for letting this happen, and we'll all suffer for it.

  • Dawn.

    I second Tiff's comment. Kampia is an embarrassment and a setback to the movement. He should have been fired.

  • Rick Mangus

    Stupid Ass, STONER!

  • Typical DC BS

    Drew, are you really that stupid, or have you been smoking too much good stuff? Rob Kampia is an embarrassment, not to mention a walking lawsuit waiting to happen. He happens to work on a cause I believe in, but detracts from the logic of the cause by his behaviour.

  • Ruth W.

    Ick. This completely demonstrates that the MPP board doesn't respect or care about women. The playboy mansion fundraisers are apparently not an aberration, but an indicator that they buy into the "raunch" pot culture.

    I'm never donating to MPP again. What the drug legalization movement needs is a women-run, women-focused organization that can use women's talents instead of harassing them out of the movement.

  • Ruth W.

    What if you owned a grocery store and found out that the general manager had been stealing alcohol, which he admitted? What if then he then stated that he was an alcoholic and needed treatment? What if staff said that he was great at marketing, but should never be trusted to manage the inventory? Would you send him for 3 months of treatment and then reinstate him as general manager? No, b/c you'd be a complete idiot. The MPP board are either idiots, or they consider women employees completely expendable to the organization.