The Sexist

The Foot Fetish Brain Map

Sex nerd Emily Nagoski floats a possible explanation for the common foot fetish, and publishes an awesome diagram of the brain: "The somatosensory homunculus is the sensory map of your brain in your body," she writes. "You’ll notice that the feet are immediately adjacent to the genitals. So even though your feet are at one end of you actual body and your genitals are in the middle, as far as your brain is concerned, they’re right next to each other." And even if Nagoski is wrong, she notes that the somatosensory homunculus is "fun to say and makes you sound like a real smarty pants too."

  • Brennan

    Yep. The homunculus is awesome. I'm not sure I've ever heard it called a "foot fetish brain map," but still. Awesome.

  • Mike

    I think the root cause of foot fetishes is the fact that the feet are obscured, thereby making them more mysterious, and ergo, more appealing. Example, people who have under arm fetishes.