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Man Sentenced to 120 Days for Assaulting Gay Women

Last week, 27-year-old Christopher McDonald was sentenced to 120 days in jail for his "unprovoked assault on a group of gay women" in Adams Morgan last year. McDonald approached the women while they ate pizza on the 18th street sidewalk. Then, he made derogatory remarks about their sexual orientation and then threatened them with a knife. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, here's an account of the incident:

According to the proffer of facts to which McDonald admitted, on September 7, 2009, McDonald approached a group of women who were eating pizza along the sidewalk of 18th Street in Adams Morgan. He confronted the women about their sexual orientation and made derogatory,  profanity-laced remarks about their appearance and sexual orientation.  With no provocation, McDonald, who was born in Jamaica, pulled out a  knife and began advancing toward one of the women, saying that “if we were in Jamaica I’d shoot you in the face for being gay.” The stunned victims, fearing for their lives, called the police, and McDonald was  stopped while attempting to flee. He admitted that he made the threats  and brandished the knife based upon his prejudice against the victims’ actual sexual orientation, or what he perceived it to be.

McDonald was convicted of Bias-Related Threats To Do Bodily Harm and Simple Assault. In D.C., the maximum penalty for bias-related crimes is one-and-a-half times that of crimes that aren't bias-related. After serving his 120 days, McDonald will be on probation for two years, during which he "must complete fifty (50) hours of community service, seek substance abuse treatment, and complete courses in anger management and sensitivity to issues of sexual orientation." [Thanks to Holla Back DC for the tip].

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    How about we ship Mr. McDonald's worthless ass back to Jamaica? Would be interesting to find out if he's even in the country legally.

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    Yeah, I hate when stupid foreigners target others for attacks and discrimination based on the victim's innate characteristics. Oh wait....

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    What a joke, only 120 days in the slammer, I hope he incurs some American prison justice like getting his rectum stretched by the guys!

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    First racism and now a rape joke. Wow. So not what I expected to be the response to this post.

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    So, because he's a foreigner, TDB, you assume he's an illegal alien. Jenny pops in with a bit of clever insight, then Rick kills the ball before it even starts rolling with a 'har har, prison rape' post.

    You're right, groggette, it's ridiculous.

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    First racism and now a rape joke. Wow. So not what I expected to be the response to this post.

    You forget where you are. Such comments are par for the course here, especially when discussing the be-penised.

    As for the sentence, verbal harassment and threatening a person with a knife does not typically result in long sentences, and in this case McDonald was sentenced more harshly than would normally occur based on his victims' orientation, so I do not see the problem.

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    'goggette' and 'Flutterby' you two need to losen-up and work out that frustration that you have inside and lighten up for Crist sake!

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    "You forget where you are. Such comments are par for the course here, especially when discussing the be-penised."

    Yes, and they are made by the penised. The feminists, dare I say it, don't like rape and don't think it is an appropriate punishment for crimes, not even crimes against women.

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    CORRECTION: Christ not Crist

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    Rick: Forgive us if, on a blog that frequently chronicles things regarding rape and notes how many people don't take it seriously, we're a bit irritated when people don't take rape seriously.

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    'Flutterby', I do take rape very seriously, but this low life needs this kind of punishment doled out to him and some comments you have to take, 'tongue and cheek'!

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    If you actually took rape seriously, you'd realize that rape isn't an appropriate "punishment" for any crime.

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    'groggette', go out have a glass of wine or something stronger, go to a day spa, take a long walk in a park, listen to some music, at the rate that you are headed you are a prime candidate for a heart attack, believe me I know first hand, RELAX!

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    Ohmygod you're like, totally right 'Rick'! Calling for the debasement and dehumanization of someone through a violent act is totally appropriate and UPROARIOUSLY HILARIOUS!!!

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    And calling you out for that totes awesome and not inappropriate at all joke means of course I have a stick up my ass. Not that I've been raped or anything myself, or just have a shred of empathy and compassion. No, of course not.
    THANKS 'RICK MANGUS' I'M GONNA GO CHILL OUT IN A HOT TUB WITH SOME BEER NOW!!!! Go on telling your awesome jokes. You're a laugh riot dude.

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    They are also made by feminists.

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    And I'm sure you'll have no problem providing links for us of the multiple times self-professed feminists on this site have condoned rape of men and boys and weren't subsequently called out by other people.

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