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The Female Condom, For “Men With Huge Penises”

This week, The Daily Beast takes on the female condom's new marketing strategy, which has attempted to combat the prophylactic's reputation as a noisy, expensive, and awkward option (you heard it here first!). Reporter Joyce C. Tang doesn't find any regular women—women who do not work as female condom advocates—who have actually tried the unconventional condom. But she does point to some customer reviews on, which reveal one potential fan group for the prophylactic: "men with huge penises."

The female condom is being aggressively marketed as an empowering option for women who want to take charge of their own STD and pregnancy prevention (One Amazon reviewer calls it "the best protectant any women can use without worrying about 'him'!!!!!!!!"). But on Amazon, the female condom is also being hailed as a quick fix for the man who cannot comfortably wear a condom, for he is too huge. A sampling:

5.0 out of 5 stars It is an excellent condom for those men with huge penises
These condoms are extremely excellent for those gentlemen with huge penises. Trust me, my better half has trouble finding condoms that fit, they are to tight on him. So we use the reality female condoms because they have a superb fit not tight, not loose, just perfect. Thank You! Rocio

5.0 out of 5 stars Best condom by far! Much stronger yet far more sensitive. Not damaged by hot car glove compartment temperatures. I'm allergic to latex but not to this. OK for use with oil based lubricants for underwater fun. Does not degrade with age. Can be put in place hours in advance for completely spontaneous love making. Does not strangle a large diameter penis. Whether you are straight, bi, or gay – try it! You will like it!!

5.0 out of 5 stars So worth the extra money!

My boy is little bigger then average and uncircumcised, so wearing normal condoms didn't do anything but make his penis flaccid. So when I read reviews about how a female condom may help out I had to try some. Let me tell you THEY WORKED WONDERS! He was able to stay hard for a long time and it felt like there wasn't a barrier down there at all. Using the female condoms can be awkward at first, but they feel and work so much better then male condoms.

But beware: While the condom neglects to "strangle a large diameter penis," it is also reportedly uncomfortable for men with penises of a certain length:

3.0 out of 5 stars Not fit for all...

Female condoms are wonderful and I fully endorse them, HOWEVER: Depending on your partner's "length", it is possible for the condom to be pushed up inside the female, rendering it useless.

And, of course, the condom's superior fit for men with thick penises does not necessarily translate to a comfortable fit in all vaginas (and all anuses):

1.0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY! very uncomfortable for my girlfriend

I wanted to try an alternative to traditional condoms and was hopeful that this product would be a good replacement. However the plastic ring was terribley uncomfortable for my girlfriend and we took it out immediately. I'm going to keep looking for an alternative but I do NOT reccommend these. Learn from my mistakes; save your time, money and an awkward bed conversation.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Rick Mangus

    Or for elephants!

  • kza

    In that pic, that condom looks like it can hold a lot of girth.

  • Rick Mangus

    And can hold alot of JIZ!

  • bellacoker

    My partner and I purchased some female condoms because we like to try new things, and the consensus opinion was: once you get beyond the new and different weirdness, they feel exactly like sex without a condom, for both parties.

    I'm really not sure why THAT isn't the selling point being pushed by the makers.

  • pipi long stockings

    I'm slightly concerned by the "Does not degrade with age" comment. How long is this person plan on keeping their condoms exactly?

  • TJ

    Good friggin' question, Pipi! Not only was I wondering that, but where the condom was during this degradation. I hope it wasn't in her when she was testing out its longevity...

  • wellhello!

    I tried one out of curiosity and it was kinda fun. Didn't seem any worse than a regular condom but i had to pee at one point and so it got trashed.

  • MsPink

    I've been using them for years and love them. I found them particularly awesome as I have some perineal pain issues and the FC stays in place, protecting my oh-so-delicate perineum :)

  • DanceDreaming

    Bellacoker: Awesome to hear that. I haven't has sex using one yet, but I really was wondering what sensation was like on the gyny side of things. On the andro side, these look really positive, because of possible way higher sensation. But I wouldn't want to be the one to bring the idea up to a GF if it was likely to reduce her pleasure.

    Another cool aspect: if the guy can keep going after orgasm(many quickie guys can), no need to mess about with changing condoms in the middle(and likely losing hardness). So, if a guy knows about the stay-hard-after trick(go tantra) more pleasure for her. Something I really miss about condom-free sex.

    Seriously, the advertising really has to play up the whole 'more pleasure potential' aspect.