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Sexist Comments of the Week: Male Studies Questions, Answered

Last week, feminism met "Male Studies"—it's like "Men's Studies," but with less of our gender-construction meddling, and more emphasis on the "male as male." After meeting Male Studies, feminists discussed Male Studies, and then we made fun of it a bit, and then a little bit more. And then, in the comments sections of these posts, we heard from the new class of Male Studies scholars, some of whom believe us to be a bunch of cunts who ought to shoot ourselves in the brain.

Some guys and gals in the Male Studies set, however, had questions for our kind. A feminist answers Male Studies' most burning queries, after the jump:

Since I can’t think more than one thought at the same time, and I get distracted easily due to my inherent brain defect caused by my penis, could I get your call on whether men bleed when pricked so I can have a certified opinion sanctioned by your division of the sisterhood?


I know of no woman who is raped daily, do you?

Not personally, but in some countries, that's actually legal. However, if you believe that every woman must be raped daily in order for you to care about sexual assault . . . then you are probably a Male Studies scholar.

Are you drunk?


????? WTF? What does criminal law have to do with this. Are you asserting that women’s studies prevents rape? That male studies would promote rape? That you are clueless?

Women's Studies does help work to prevent rape, but I'm not sure Male Studies does anything other than complain that I have a blog and pave the way for the rise of something called "teleconferencing scholars."

Whose rape is made into a punchline?

Prisoners, among others. And feminists really don't support any of that, trust me.

Who isn’t taken seriously when they claim domestic violence or rape—conversely, who is shoved into prison and subjected to humiliating medical examinations, because women are automatically believed when they cry rape, truthfully or not?

Male rape victims are often not taken seriously (or not heard at all), and that is a serious problem. Also a serious problem? That female rape victims are not taken seriously. And that victims, male and female, are actually denied the right to receive a humiliating medical examination because they are automatically not believed when they cry rape.

Who is convicted more often, receives longer sentences, and with less chance of parole, for the same crimes as women?

Black men.

If you think you have it so hard why not trade places? Have the guys sit at home and play housewife while you get marched off to your death for god and country? Have the guys get in the lifeboats with the kids with you go down with the ship?

This feminist opposes war, the draft, God, and the outmoded gender roles upon which ship-sinking etiquette is based. That being said, I'm afraid that if we actually traded places, I would be forced to sit at a computer and file nonsensical blog comments expressing outrage at outmoded gender analogies that I am unwilling to work to deconstruct, for I am an anti-feminist blog troll, in this scenario. So yes, in this case, women do have it better.

Can you not see that, thanks to feminism, virtually everything is getting worse for EVERYONE except PUAs and people who do not want to be burdened with children!?

Since I fall into the natural category of "Pick-Up Artist and/or person who does not want to be burdened with children," I'm afraid I'm not able to objectively answer this question. Who would have thought that feminism would end up just benefiting me and the writers of misogynistic dating books? Oh well.

Do you really believe Male Studies was established to win the approval of women? You are an idiot. I sure hope you can do something useful, like cook. Because if you can’t, I can only imagine you’d make a lousy wife. What are you good at, anyway? Why don’t you post a picture of your tits?

I don't believe Male Studies was established to win the approval of women, but I do bake a mean zucchini bread, and I imagine I would make a lousy wife. The reason that I don't post a picture of my tits is that despite your stated support of women posting pictures of our tits, you guys actually really despise us when we do that shit voluntarily.

Who said we are here to listen to you? Do you really believe Male Studies was established so that we may listen to the voices of women? Good Lord, your imbecility is breathtaking.

I would never assume that you would come over to my blog in order to listen to me.

Why is it that when the topic is MEN’S issues, MEN’S experiences, and MEN’S lives we (men) are STILL being told to sit down, shut up, and listen?

Probably because the topic is always men's issues, experiences, and lives, seeing as your main argumentative tactic when presented with women's issues, experiences, and lives is to immediately change the subject back to men, and then assert that women aren't allowed to talk about that stuff, so that we ought to sit down and shut up.

Well, I wonder if this posting will make it past the censor?


Is the washington city paper even real?


Are there any good feminist blogs out there at all?

Oh, yes! I quite like the lady over at Tiger Beatdown. And the folks at Feministing, Feministe, and Jezebel also provide interesting feminist content on the regular. The Ch!cktionary and Scarleteen are always swell for 20-somethings and teenagers, respectively, and you might also enjoy the work of fantastic feminist bloggers like Jaclyn Friedman, S.E. Smith, Cara Kulwicki, Shark-Fu, and C.L. Minou. Thomas McAulay Millar and Hugo Schwyzer provide a much-needed male perspective, though you'll have to ask them if they're sufficiently "male as male." And the bloggers over at Feminist Law Professors may satisfy your obvious thirst for scholarship.

Is there a “Scrotum Dialogues” somewhere that has escaped my attention that just as bizarrely as its sister counterpart worships the male appendage, and which has similarly taken the world by storm that has men everywhere worshipping their dicks and shouting the word “prick” to declare their ownership of their masculinity?

A Google search reveals that a commenter on the blog Too Much Free Time wrote a short scene entitled the "Scrotum Dialogues" in a 2004 comment on a review of the television program Big Brother 5.

Do you consider male homosexuality to be something dirty or insulting, Amanda? If not, why are you imagining that your enemies are homosexuals or attempting to slander them by painting them as homosexuals?

Nope! I am not doing that!

It is unfortunate men have to start building its own collective unity, why where they left on the side of the road, did they not invent and build what constitute the foundation of civilization, did they not discover cures and treatments for diseases, did they not fight so all can live in a free world, they did not leave women and children to fetch for themselves. Why did men accept to be withdraw and denied credit from the same people who they have created a better world?

I have no idea what you're saying.

I think this article is an example of why men cant take feminists seriously. Are you kidding me?


Do you wear a drool-cup?

No, I wear a CockBib.

  • LeftSidePositive

    I've seen "death jobs" come up repeatedly in these comment sections as a way to try to shut women up. Really, instead of resenting women, why not put forth some effort to make these jobs safer? Elect representatives who take workplace safety seriously, who don't value deregulation so much that the 57 violations that mine had could go unnoticed? Wouldn't that be better for *people* rather than cynically exploiting these men's plight as an excuse to dislike women?

  • Zammo

    "Why not put forth some effort to make these jobs safer?"

    If women were equal, such measures would not be necessary.

    Women are equal, right?

  • rebekah manning

    EO, I don't know where you get your stats from but the ones from the department of justice say that 1 out of 6 women will be the victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. And 1 out of 33 men will be the victim of same. As far as I'm concerned both of those numbers are too high and rather than fighting against each other, I think we should fight with each other. Fight against rape culture (which silences men by saying that only women are raped, and only because they are sluts who actually were asking for it because of [insert ridiculous reason here]) which will ultimately help men as much as it will help women. When we can move beyond rape culture, women will not fear that every man who comes up to us is wanting to assault us (which is a very real fear of women in our society.) Can we please stop trying to fight this as a men against women or vice versa thing and instead fight together for what we know is right?

  • LeftSidePositive

    Zammo, that makes no fucking sense. Gravity acts on a mass (accelerating it 9.8 m/s/s in case you're wondering) regardless of whether that mass is male or female. Doesn't the fact that said mass is human make you care more about a railing or a safety harness a hell of a lot more than scoring cheap points and fantasizing about more women falling to their deaths?

  • bellacoker

    Also if we were to regulate that corporations pay individuals a living wage and put into place a robust social safety net, then men and women could choose jobs based on what is most appealing to them personally, instead of what pays the most money - dangerous jobs pay more because they are dangerous. That would be equally good for men and women and puts the blame where it belongs, on the people who refuse to cut into profits to make jobs safer.

    But that would mean that the problem and solution are systemic, and MRAs just haven't gotten there yet.

  • David


    "If only the 84% of Congress that is male and our male President could have the power to redistribute some of the federal funding back to their fellow men, and give them the power to pursue their dreams! Imagine if men had the power to occupy not just 84.3% of all corporate officer positions in Fortune 500 companies and 97.5% of the CEO titles in those companies!"

    This is precisely the kind of statement that feminist ideology has you believe, and that I am also sure Male Studies will challenge. You see Amanda, honey-poo, the top 1% of males do not represent the bottom 99%. If society were given a shape, it would show very few men at the top and the bulk of men at the bottom. The middle would be filled by mostly women and the rest of men. But you don't factor this into the equation, do you? Oh right, you're a feminist, that's why. Geez, I wonder if they ever talked about this in Women's and Gender Studies? Or for that matter, Men's Studies?

    You love to throw those blanket statements out there, don't you, in the hopes you'll score some points. But sugar dumpling, it isn't working anymore. You've been exposed. We men have spotted your tactics and we know your playbook. See -the Congress is male! The CEO is male! See! See! Oppression! Oppression!

    What you do not understand is that Congress goes wherever the money and the lobbyists go. Right now, feminist organizations have significant power and it has lead to a society which favors the female gender over the other. Misandry is institutionalized. Mocking males is the last acceptable bigotry. And it will addressed, and it is my hope that it will end.

    "I’m mocking Male Studies. Because frankly, the kind of men who are aligning themselves with the field as of yet (in these comment boards and others) are the type of men who have rather typical misogynist drivel to contribute to gender-based conversations."

    I'm not going to sugar coat it, cupcake. This is a gender war. You see, feminism was never about equality. It is about power, the getting of it, the wielding of it, and the keeping of it. This won't be pretty. It's going to be downright ugly. Male Studies will be drawing from federal funds where it previously went to feminists funds. Sorry about that.

    Whenever a woman makes a claim of misogyny I will be right there making a counter claim of misandry. Women rely on government assistance, and we men will be cutting your supply line off. Make no mistake, this is a gender war. We will taking our 50% of the cut. We gave you 100% of the cut out of kindness. In fact, women live as comfortably as they do because of the kindness of men. But darling, you blew it, and the game is over.

    So keep on talking about equality, and watch as we laugh at you. The populace has woken up and we all know you never really wanted equality. You just wanted power. Well, sucks to be you, because your supply line is about to be cut off.

  • David

    @rebekah manning,

    Some writers, such as Christina Hoff Sommers, have disputed the existence of rape culture, arguing that the common "one in six women will be raped in her lifetime" is based on a flawed study, but frequently cited because it leads to campus anti-rape groups receiving public funding. Others, such as bell hooks and Sommers have criticized the rape culture paradigm on the grounds that it ignores rape's place in an overarching "culture of violence".


    "Also if we were to regulate that corporations pay individuals a living wage and put into place a robust social safety net, then men and women could choose jobs based on what is most appealing to them personally, instead of what pays the most money – dangerous jobs pay more because they are dangerous. That would be equally good for men and women and puts the blame where it belongs, on the people who refuse to cut into profits to make jobs safer. But that would mean that the problem and solution are systemic, and MRAs just haven’t gotten there yet."

    I'm sorry but the world doesn't work that way. We live with uncertainty, and we cannot always appeal to the government for safety. What you are envisioning is a utopia, which translated means, 'no place'.


    Deregulation has nothing to do with the fact that men bear the burden of protecting and providing for women. What is amazing is that you are not grateful. That is truly spectacular, and demonstrates just how screwed up our culture has become.

  • Eo

    @ rebecca manning "EO, I don’t know where you get your stats from but the ones from the department of justice say that 1 out of 6 women will be the victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime".

    We dont count prison rape, men outside of prison grossly undereport, women outside of prison over report and many count sex that they regret as rape. There are better sources for understandiong rape than the department of jestice. Newer independent research is showing that men make up at least 30% or rape/sexual assault victims outside of prison, and they make up almost the total of rapes inside (these are the real violent rapes. The feminist depiction of rape is exagerated and hyperbolic and keeps the focus and funding on privilaged, mainly white women on campus, for political reasons.

  • Eo

    @ rebecca manning - ive posted links to resources and studies, if you go back through the thread you will find them.

  • illness

    Practically all wars, ever, have been *started by men*. You know, not by women.

    That statement is false.

    Katharina II. started two wars (1768, 1787).

    Isabeau de Bavière started a civil war in france (1407).

    Maria Theresia (1740, 1756, 1778)

    Elisabeth I. war against spain, fights against Maria Stuart.

    Jelisaweta Petrowna Romanowa lead Russia in the Seven Year's War.

    1900: The chinese empress Tzu Hsi supports the boxer rebels.

    1982: Margaret Thatcher starts the falkland war.

    So about 1 % of all wars from 1901 till 2009 were started by women. On the other hand, in the same period women got 5 % of the noble prize awards. Women discovered about 1% of all new technological inventions.

    70 % of gossip blog readers are women, while 60 % of them have a college degree. Probably most women enjoy talking bullshit more than work ?

    80 % Of Women Don’t Wear The Right Size Bra! See women cannot even dress right how can they start a war or make an invention ?

    The average women spends about 15000 $ on make up and uses about 20 minutes every day to paint herself. No wonder they don't start wars or invent something, they need the money and time for make up.

    90 % of married women identified themselves as the principal shopper in their household. Oh, so you see, they don't have to work or fight, they get 90 % of the money without even doing so.

    40 % of women still admit to lying to our partners about what something costs. So even though women spend most of the money, they evade any conflict with a lie.

    Women make 62 percent of all car purchases, take 50 percent of all business trips and control more than 50 percent of all personal wealth in the usa. Uh the evil patriachy is giving everything to women.

    Women routinely don't save enough to survive on when they become widows. See even though they are the ones spending, they are to stupid to save.

  • Eo

    Anyone notice that Amanda6 is saying above that she was mischaracterising male studies because of a comment that was left about "pansies" by some "bright spark" in responce to her inital mischaracterising of male studies and so trying to justify her derogatory commentary with his?


  • Eo

    @yazoo.. you said
    "Eo, it’s not that feminists present the problem of ‘rape’ itself as being gendered, it’s that feminists, because they are FEMINISTS, are concerned, foremost, with the problem of WOMEN getting raped. It’s like asking why a civil rights worker in Alabama isn’t spending all his or her time raising money to dig wells in Africa. But just because feminists’ main concern is women’s issues doesn’t mean they don’t support other worthy causes. It doesn’t make them somehow okay with the fact that men are raped in prison.

    Try to understand: if someone is an anti-poverty activist, it doesn’t mean they hate people who are well-to-do. If someone is a child welfare advocate, it doesn’t mean they despise grown-ups and want to strip them of all their power. It just means they’ve decided to make child welfare their priority as opposed to engaging in some other means of social activism. So it is with feminism. Why is this so hard to grasp?

    ****Thats not hard to grasp at all, but feminism doesnt just advocate for women, it produces biased information, hyperbole and hysteria that makes it appear as if certain things mainly happen to heterosexual women, it exagerates the frequency of these happenings and blurs the definition so society is working off misinformation and that inturn leads to problems for others that need advocating for too, like men, prisoners and the LGBT community who dont feature as victims in patriarchal dominance conspiracy theory. Feminism is free to advocate for heterosexual women alone, but it is running into problems because of its misrepresentation of the facts and the blog here is being challanged because it is publishing a strawman representation of male studies and and proceeding to attack is, cheered on by a gallery of the misinformed... I think ive a fairly good "grasp" on whats going on here.

  • rebekah manning

    fuck you david. Yesterday was the anniversary of my own rape. You want to believe we don't live in a rape culture? Go volunteer at a rape crisis center, or better yet go jump off a cliff and die, because you don't deserve to be alive.

  • rebekah manning

    Eo, please please please spell my name right, if you look at it I use the traditional spelling not the Americanized version of it. I did read your articles. But for me, I'm going to go with the study from the department of justice, just like I do for every single crime that I ever talk about. I can't pick and choose the statistics that I want to use because that wouldn't be fair. Getting all of them from the same place (and a place that happens to have a reputation for putting out extremely accurate studies because it is based on the actual level of crime in a community, instead of volunteer studies (have you ever read a book called "How to Lie with Statistics?", you really should. A few of the studies that you use appear to have used a few of these methods in gathering data.) which tend to be less accurate because it requires people to come forward and give information, instead of getting to everyone. Now, I'm not leading this as an attack against you. Frankly I don't care about the semantics. The numbers are too high no matter who you believe, and that is something we need to fix. Rape is a terrible heinous crime no matter who committed it, or who it was committed against. It's time to stop arguing and work together to fix it. Most feminists include men in their plight, we all know that it happens. As with every group of people the ones who you tend to hear from tend to be the radicals. That doesn't make the movement and to judge an entire movement by a minority of it's followers is wrong.

  • rebekah manning

    80% of women don't wear the right size bra.
    First what does this have to do with women starting war? Second my bra size in none of your damn business asshole. Third, the reason that most women do not wear the right size bra is because they are all made by MEN who don't understand that we don't all fit into their stupid size system, and therefore we have the option of wearing a bra that doesn't fit or paying out of our ass to go get it tailored so that it does fit.
    women spend $15,000 on makeup every year.
    Yeah because our society aka the patriarchy tells us that if we do not wear it there is something wrong with us. That not wearing makeup makes us gross and ugly. Don't you dare try and put that one back on women
    90% of women do the shopping for a household
    that is because their lazy ass husbands won't because it is "womens' work". We have to do the shopping or it wouldn't get done
    Women save less money than men do
    yeah because unlike men we have children to think about. Our money doesn't go into savings because we are too busy making sure that our children have clothes. Oh what horrible stupid people we are. (rolls eyes)

  • Eo

    Hi rebekah.

    Couple of points there, the idea of "rape culture" is a political construct, designed to politicise women through fear and hysteria, generate funding and empower the left. We dont live in a "rape culture", sometimes people get raped. More often people are the victims of random violence, but its not accurate to say that we live in a "random violence culture". "Rape culture" is a hyperbolic political catch phrase.

    You mention "the patriarchy" controlling what women wear. Talented gay men dominate the fashion industry. Recently it was decided by these men that the ideal would be the waif and women starved themselves to conform to a boyish frame. That was nothing to do with "the patriarchy". That was gay men setting a trend and women following it.

    Somewhere along the way personal responsibility and not blaming the nearest man, a secret cabal or ze patriarchy for every little thing needs to be embraced by the feminist community, IMO.

  • Eo

    In relation to Davids point about the spending gap

    (American) Women are the dominant spending force in almost every retail/business category and are the most affluent and influential consumers of today.

    * Of all consumer purchases, women are responsible for 83%
    * Homes: Directly purchase or influence the purchase of 91% of all new homes
    * Home fix-up purchases: More than 55%
    * Retail: Account for 88% of customers in the US & Canada
    * Auto: Make more than 50% of all auto purchases and influence 85%.
    * Home furnishings: 94%
    * Vacation choices: 92%
    * House purchases: 91%
    * Consumer electronics purchases: 51% (women are involved in 89% of all consumer electronic purchase decisions)
    * Home Computers: Account for 66% of all purchases
    * Bank Accounts: Hold 89% of all accounts
    * Credit Cards: Women carry 76 million credit cards, 8 million more then men—(Fast Company, 2004)
    * Healthcare: Make 80% of Healthcare decisions and account for 67% of spending
    * Health: Purchase 65% of herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals and purchase 80% of all healthcare
    * Beauty and hygiene: Purchase more than 90%
    * Clothes, accessories: Wear more than 90% of items such as jewelry and perfume
    * Meetings: Plan the meetings and comprise the majority of certified meeting planners
    * Office Supplies: Purchase $44.5 billion
    * Lawn movers: Purchase approximately 81% of riding lawn mowers

    All facts noted above are from the 2005 Wow! Quick Facts book and the U.S. Census Bureau, 2004 - from

  • jfpbookworm

    Eo: You sound as though the problem is not the rapes themselves (which are a serious problem), but that rape of women gets attention while rape of men doesn't--which comes across as "it's just as good if we sweep it all under the rug, so long as it's equal."

    Rape is just as much of a problem when men are the victims (not getting into a statistic war about who are victims more often here; I'm just saying that any individual situation doesn't count less because of the gender of the victim). Personally, I think the best approach is to acknowledge all forms of victimization while still acknowledging that there is a gender component in it. For example, there's pressure for men to never say no to heterosexual sex, even if they don't want it, because men as men aren't supposed to ever not want sex. There's pressure not to acknowledge victimization, because of that aforementioned gender expectation as well as the expectation to be "strong." These are not dynamics women in our culture face, at least not to the same degree.

    And you know who I see talking about this (as in seriously talking about it and how to get it to stop, not just throwing it out there to make some point about how women don't have it so bad) most often? Sex-positive feminists.

    The point isn't to bicker about who's got it worse; the point is to make it better for everyone. And "male studies" as I've seen so far is stuck on defining itself by opposition (to feminism, to women) and can't seem to get past Oppression Olympics--it sounds as if they're less concerned about the rights and privileges they have, just so long as they have at least as much as women.

  • Eo


    Rape as a political tool is not a bar set by me or male studies. If the blog here and its contributers want to misrepresent rape and claim that heterosexual women are the primary and most important victims I will disagree with that, chivalry should be a thing of the past and victims should be equal. I agree with you that the victims are what should matter, I object to them and the crime of rape being used as political currency in a "gender war"... but as I said, thats not a bar set by me.

  • jfpbookworm

    Meh. Oppression Olympics, with a side of "but she started it!"

    Feminists, in my experience (at least the sex-positive feminists I tend to associate with; I'm sure you can find some radfem who thinks differently), are less concerned with bickering over who's the "primary and most important victims" and more concerned with stopping this shit.

  • Eo

    I take your point about sex positive feminists... I'd add ifeminists, ... but many people have a problem with gender, victim and lifeboat feminists because they basically brain wash young westren women into believing that they live in horrific conditions... when they are arguably the most privilaged and protected public group in history.

  • Amanda6


    It was wrong of me to critique Male Studies via the crowd it seems to attract, but unless the field proves itself to make some actually important contributions to gender studies in the next few years, I'm frankly going to remain skeptical about its mission statement. As of right now, it just seems like it aims to reinforce the gender binary. That concerns me.

    However, I'm curious as to why you never responded to my very first comment (#33), which critiqued the papers you posted about sexual violence.


    You're talking.. but all I'm hearing is mansplaining, mansplaining, mansplaining...

  • Toysoldier

    Feminists, in my experience [...] are less concerned with bickering over who’s the “primary and most important victims” and more concerned with stopping this shit.

    In my experience they are much more concerned with who are the "primary and most important victims" than they are concerned with stopping sexual violence. That is demonstrated in the comments on this thread in which feminists were quick to toss out statistics that showed a low rate of sexual violence against boys and men. It is also demonstrated by Hess in her post when she quickly shifts from acknowledging male victimization to talking about female victimization to talking about how female victims have it worse. Couple that with the virtual absence of any feminist support for organizations seeking to address sexual violence against males, the hostile feminist response to any mention of sexual violence against males, and the mockery of those advocating for male victims, and it paints a very disturbing paint.

    That said, I do agree that feminists are not concerned with bickering as most feminists do not believe boys and men can be raped, especially not by women.

  • jfpbookworm

    TS, just because they don't make it all about you doesn't mean that they're condoning it. I don't remember anyone saying "oh, it's all right that men are rape victims" so much as "yes, men are rape victims too, start a discussion about that and stop derailing any and all discussions of women rape victims."

  • Em

    I love how the male studies apologists insist they're not sexist, but address female commentators sarcastically as "sugarpie" and "cupcake". Yup, just us little females here, we don't have valid, intelligent thoughts or anything. Guess we should get back in the kitchen?

    The ridiculosity of male studies lies in that NO DISCIPLINE EXISTS IN A VACUUM. That's what they're proposing--study maleness (which is something varied from person to person and difficult to define, anyway) and study it as of female and other gender identifications don't exist. It's like studying literature while ignoring the history that acted as an impetus to that literature, or studying science and not knowing the philosophical evolution of thought that impacted scientists throughout the centuries. There is a SECTION of literature study that studies literature as literature, but it's not separate from contextual and historical lit study because, well, that would lead to woefully innacurate and incomplete research.

    That's the thing. Men have been affected by women, and women have been affected by men. You can't isolate one and have any credibility.

    And yes, I know about this as someone who's done research and study in a univsersity setting. Today, women have opinions. We don't just get a slap on the ass, a "nice try, cupcake" and sent back to the kitchen. You have to deal with it. You're reactionary vitriol when a woman dares challenge your thoughts, that we can't have real opinions or thoughts or experiences and rather, must be brainwashed by some evil feminist lobby vying for world domination (about as factual as the supposed "gay agenda", BTW) is really telling. You're threatened.

  • rebekah manning

    EO, first I don't see why you are defending the people on here who are hurting your cause by being asshole trolls.
    Second, the wearing I was referring to was makeup. Not clothing (that is a whole other thing you do not want to get my started on, as I am convinced that the men who go into the fashion industry are all sadists who get off on women being tortured by the clothing that we are told to wear) Makeup is something that we are told we are to wear because otherwise we look "dowdy" and "frumpy". These are things that we are told by heterosexual men that we are to wear. Not gay men, gay men don't care about our makeup, hetero men however do. This is ingrained into them by a system which gives them power over women to tell us what we should and should not do with our own bodies. That is called the patriarchy.
    Rape culture exists and really the fact that you have admitted that the rates against men are wrong prove it. When we talk about rape culture we ALWAYS mention the fact that it claims that men cannot be the victim of rape. As I have been trying to say the entire time LISTEN and stop fighting against us when we all want the same goal. Fight with us and we will get results, fight against us and rapists win, whether they are attacking men or women.

  • LeftSidePositive

    Toysoldier, shut the fuck up, already! I mean're not fooling anyone. Your "victimization" by feminists is purely in your own head, and you come in here with a chip on your shoulder LOOKING to be dismissed. The reason you think feminists are against you is because you detest them from the beginning and will take literally anything we say as evidence that we don't care about you. This is just pathological.

    The first time you shared your story to me & other posters, we stated very clearly that this was NOT okay and that we were very concerned about what happened, and what happened? You accused us of showing "disingenuous feminist pity." (All the while having no idea how consent works, and repeatedly defending the practices & attitudes that lead people to make assumptions of entitlement to others' bodies. In other words, you, a rape victim, spent much of that thread defending rape culture and claiming (female) victims need to resist more to be valid, and that men are entitled to sex if they "misinterpret" cues. For instance: "It is possible that a person only wants to kiss, but that person rubbing the other person’s body could be interpreted as an indication to go further. What you and others seem to imply is that with women this never occurs, i.e. women never give non-verbal cues that men could misinterpret" (post #228 of the above-linked thread). And then you have the nerve to say feminists don't care enough about your victimization!)

    You come here and tell us over and over again what we have to do to be "good enough" at fighting for men's causes as well, and when someone points to feminists advocating for that cause, you invariably say that we're not going far enough FOR MEN. Then, when we make a fairly reasonable request, like, 'Maybe men should get vaccinated against HPV so they don't spread the cause of a deadly cancer to their sex partners,' you say, "It just seems more prudent and important to focus on diseases that impact men more.

    You are a hypocrite, pure and simple, and I call bullshit.

  • Em

    LSP, that's how it works with folks like toysoldier and eo...they're going to see what they're own prejudices show them, not the truth, and nothing's going to convince them otherwise. They don't see respect as a two-way street--if you want us to respectfully discuss issues with you, don't take a hostile or patronizing tone and be nice. Hell, anyone who does come here disagreeing with what is posted and communicates they're questions in a respectful way (instead of towing the "feminists are why everything sucks for ME), is in for a really good discussion.

    And no one here is saying the rape of a woman is somehow more important than a rape of a man. No one here will ever say that. It's stupid, we're all saying that rape is a problem that needs to be addressed and eradicated. Stop arguing when no one's disagreeing with you, dudes. Selective hearing.

  • bellacoker


    The world doesn't work that way? So in your world women did not band together and agitate for the right to vote, people did not band together and agitate for the end of slavery and expanded civil rights for the disenfranchised, women did not campaign for control of their paychecks and reproductive choices, and people now are not fighting for the right to marry whomever they love? Those things just don't exist because believing that people can change their world is nothing but a Utopian fantasy?

    It doesn't matter what I believe, but if YOU believe what you said is true, perhaps your time would be better spent reading a book or recaulking your bathtub or whatever than agitating for Men's rights on the Interweb.

  • scary joann

    Wow, a lot of the insults and such from the last discussion people keep referencing were the ones aimed at me. Like the one suggesting that we should all shoot ourselves and all the other nuggets of wisdom from Biff Longcock.
    It's good to know I wasn't the only one bothered by that discussion.

  • Wax On

    Holy shit, Wendy got her ass handed to her:

    Talk about brutal! LOL

  • Harry Finkbein

    Male Studies will drawing from federal funds which are normally allocated to women's groups. So haha on you, bitches. You will fail, Bellacoker, that is why there is a need for Male Studies. Feminist ideology has bequeathed a morass upon society: 40% out of wedlock bastard children. Women continue to downplay it, but to their detriment. Show me a single mother and I will show you one fucked up kid.

    Women need to be held down and forced to submit to their husbands. There is no other way for civilization to continue.

  • AJ

    Wait, is the David commenting here David The Rapist from the other entry?

  • Harry Finkbein

    No, David the Rapist is busy planning on how to rape your mother.

  • scary joann

    wow, what educated banter I'm seeing from you Harry. So clever, so very edgy in it's blatant attempts to offend. And my, the creativity must have been a stretch for you.

    Yes, of course, civilization is DOOOMED because I am not submitting. I guess you proved my brother right, I do help cause the downfall of mankind. Hehehehehehe. I feel so much more awesome now.
    Fear my might! Rarrrr!

  • Orville

    Why is a woman writing an article about male studies? Does this make sense? The Washington City Paper is so lame. I would prefer a male writer discussing this important issue and NOT a woman.

  • Amanda

    I made the original "Scrotum Dialogues" comment, where I recommended it as an obviously fake work of literature by one of my suggestions for an obviously fake male studies professor. I never really went back and read the other comments after that, but I'm extremely honored that someone would take that thought and run with it for more than 2 seconds. I mean, its completely ridiculous that they did, but I'm honored all the same.

  • scary joann

    Men write about feminists all the time Orville. Listen to Rush Limbaugh. Look at all the men who talk about women who experience rape.
    Oh, and there's that first amendment thing.
    And that it obvious effects both sexes, given that women are the ones willing to start discussions about it to begin with.

  • makomk

    rebekah manning: "the ones from the department of justice say that 1 out of 6 women will be the victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. And 1 out of 33 men will be the victim of same"

    The ones from the Department of Justice don't count men forced into penis-in-vagina intercourse as having been raped. By Eo's statistics, that erases about 2/3rds of male rape victims from the statistics you're quoting. They also don't count forced oral sex when a man's the victim and a women's the perpetrator. The same isn't true when it comes to counting the number of women raped by men.

    Oh, and those statistics and related ones with the same issue? Are the ones that feminists almost always quite to prove that men aren't raped as often as women. Which is why I have some doubts that feminism actually takes the rape of men seriously.

  • justin

    this is one of the scariest things i've read in awhile... amanda, em and rebekah, thanks for making some sense-- some of us heard you.

  • AubreyC

    People, can we stop pretending Eo, David or Toysoldier have anything of relevance to say?

    Eo cannot find any actual, non-made up facts to support anything he says,

    Toysoldier places blame on rape victims and does not understand the basics of consent (perhaps due to the fact that his aunt abused him, and he is in denial about it, which interestingly enough, we have ALL been very sympathetic about)

    And David is your typical soap-boz misogynist, "feminists make it SO HARD to be a white male in our society, boo hoo, let me go do more pills with Glenn Beck".

    Seriously-ignore them. They are posting inflammatory and illogical comments that reek of sexism on a feminist blog, constantly spamming everywhere here. Don't worry about them.
    It's like how I once saw a comment cheering for Anakin Skywalker to abuse Padme on the video's of SW posted on youtube.
    I was about to comment angrily then I realized this man-boy was posting ON A STAR WARS VIDEO.

    I mean, do any of you honestly think David, toysoldier, or Eo get laid by women ever? (Other than that one time toysoldier was abused, which, no matter how much a prick he is now, he didn't deserve then or ever.)

    People-don't feed the trolls.

  • Charlotte

    Wow, I have to stop reading comments on this blog, right now, but I just had to respond to this one:

    Eo said:
    "Feminists are not concerned about male rape victims – In America more rapes happen in male prisons than happen outside and 30% of all rapes outside are of men. Men are disproportionately affected by rape yet feminists prsent the problem as being gendered and so monopolise the resources and awarness. This is going to stop."

    Except, 1. That she totally just said she was concerned about male rape victims,

    and 2. ARE YOU REALLY saying citizen women in their day-to-day lives should be treated the same way we treat incarcerated criminals? Are you additionally suggesting that women prisoners are not raped (by either other inmates or guards)? How is comparing the two groups at all logical?

    In day-to-day life, women are indeed targeted. According to your own numbers, 70% of all rapes outside are of women.

  • Charlotte

    Hah, I hadn't read the last comment. Okay. I stop feeding trolls now. :)