The Sexist

The Male Studies Department, Video Edition


In this Mystery Science Theater 3000 clip, a series of very Male Studies scholar names are invoked to describe the extremely masculine-ly hero of the 1988 science fiction film, Space Mutiny. Among them: Flint Ironstag, Punch Rockgroin, Thick McRunfast, Slub Squatthrust, and Smoke Manmuscle. More inspiration for #malestudiesprofessors.

  • Jezebel

    PERFECT. We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese.

  • Rick Mangus

    The guy in the film looks like alot of the Gym Queens at my gym!

    What ever happen to 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'?, it was funny!

  • Keith B

    Rick--it was canceled around '99 =( but there's sort of a sequel called "Cinematic Titanic".

  • kza

    This is my favorite blog post ever. Male Studies have been pwnt.

  • Amanda Hess

    Fridge LargeMeats.

  • Felidaeus

    This is brilliant stuff!

    Thanks for proving the point that nobody takes men seriously!

    Hopefully some of your readers will be turned off by your obvious sexism.

    I have an idea! I'll make a movie for women's studies!

    Starring Ms. Chestise Larch, Ms. Iwanna Scrou and Winny Bitsch!

  • Coleman

    This was my favorite MST3K

  • kza

    Put on your seatbelts, we'll be reaching speeds of 3!

  • Andrew

    "Bob Johnson. Oh, wait."

  • Jeannette

    haaaaahahaha! oh male studies, try not to take it too personally, but you were really just setting yourself up for this.

  • mnash

    "Wall mounted keyboards. It must be...THE FUTURE!!

    (Also check out Rifftrax. It's made by the guys riffing in the above video.)

  • Garland Grey

    @Jay Hammers: On what intellectual level would that be? Are you expecting a humorless, feminist critic of the "He-Man Woman Hater's Club"? Or maybe feminists should engage seriously with the claim that feminism is what is wrong with society, and that feminists are waging a "war on masculinity" when they point out male privilege?

    Because the idea of men getting outraged that women won't take them seriously tickles me to no end. It is almost too much. When you say "unable" instead of "unwilling," you are implying that women are just too stupid to understand the complexities of pissing contests and manly, macho braggadocio.

    And that makes you an idiot.

  • Clarence

    Garland Grey:

    I've seen idiots.

    And you, Sir, are an idiot.