The Sexist

Impromptu Meeting of the Male Studies Department

Important Announcement: I have ceased all productive output this afternoon because I'm too busy making up fake names of Male Studies scholars on Twitter. For the uninitiated, "Male Studies" is the answer to "Men's Studies" dedicated to studying the male . . . "as male." Revolutionary.

None of our imaginary professors' names will ever beat the inherent manliness of real Male Studies scholar Lionel Tiger, but we can dream. Oh, can we dream. A selection of uber-masculine names submitted via Twitter hashtag #malestudiesprofessors so far:

Prof. Mann S. Plainer, Linguistics

Prof. Guy Chauvin, Bromance Languages

Dr. Big McLargeHuge, author of the bestselling " The Overcompensation Myth"

Uhgard De Rectum, Self-Defense

Tallywacker P. Smegmadorian, Asst. Professor of Hygiene

Dr. X. Boddyspray, Chemistry

Professor Slapass B. Tweenguyz, Dept. of Homosocial Bonding

Lapdance Feelcopper, Head of Security

Prof. Haught Bol O'Dicks, Culinary Arts

John Q. Buttslap, Athletic Director

Professor Ev Syke, Chair of Naturally Endowe

Beefwhiskey Quarterback, Ph.D.

Professor Grilling Q. Fetchmebeer

Join us.

  • Keith B

    Hehe, Dr. McLargeHuge was in a comic book.

    Where's Chest Rockwell?

  • kza

    Rock Strongo

  • Paul Elam

    My my. It appears Amanda is really on the defense. Thanks!

  • fools2234

    wow this is pathetic, of course feminists are pathetic in general so no real suprise lol.

  • Keith B.

    Paul Elam, "an observer and activist in the strange realm of socio-sexual politics". Rally da troops!

  • Paul Elam

    @ Keith B.

    LOL! Amanda is definitely helping the cause. First, this drivel is already making the rounds at the major sites. Second, by putting her lack of writing and presentation skills on display this way, she shows all comers exactly the type of intellect drives the feminist brain.

    I mean, check it. Both of her pieces are so poorly presented. I know with the resources she has at a site like this she could do better, but apparently in her zeal (or drunkenness), she is just slapping pages together like a kid making a mud pie. And like a kid making a mud pie, most of it is ending up on her face.

  • Paul Elam

    Thanks for the assist Amanda! YOU GO GRRRL!!!

  • EAMD

    Dick Maximus?

  • Richard

    Wow. It is amazing that this trash even makes it to something like the "WashingtonCityPaper".

    Feminists are pathetic and lunatics - It is amazing that their usual bouts of B.S. are still printed anywhere.

    When will it end?

  • bette

    jeez, usual feminist evasionary tactics & name-calling aside, this really IS scraping the barrel.. is the washington city paper even real? this reads like a 14 year olds facebook page...

  • Mrs. L

    It is embarrassing to be a woman in the 21st century. The men's blogs are so well written compared to the feminist drivel I've tried to read. Are there any good feminist blogs out there at all? Can feminists write with logic, wit and sarcasm that is clever and funny? This is junior high level writing. Desperate and pathetic. Seriously, I want to check back. Send me a link to the very best of feminist writing, preferable without cuss words in it. (I'm old. I'm tired and bored of f-bombs already.) Just one link of the very best in feminist apologetics. That's all I ask.

  • Amanda

    The Male Studies set have very fragile egos it seems!

    Their time might be better spent reading any number of brilliant works by leading Male-ologists, such as Dr. Flexander Biceps or Dr. Manhair McSteroid. I highly recommend "The Scrotum Dialogues".

  • Voice

    Well, after reading Amanda's posts on this topic I can see why this section is called "The Sexist".

  • Felidaeus

    I tried making a post with similar "witty" names for women.

    Looks like it didn't make it past the censors, even though this junk did.

    Irony much?

  • Mikey M

    This conference was initiated by a group of people with the best of intentions and as a man who is concerned about the future of the young men of tomorrow I am grateful for you all. We can't blame the feminist writers too harshly, they do not respect men in general and the deep rooted misandry that has been cultivated for so long is causing them unrest to the point of being shameless in their way to handle assertiveness from the men's groups. In the efforts to bring men's issues being ignored for decades, I hope this movement from the men's side will correct the inequalities suffered by men in family courts, education and health care.

    It is unfortunate men have to start building its own collective unity, why where they left on the side of the road, did they not invent and build what constitute the foundation of civilization, did they not discover cures and treatments for diseases, did they not fight so all can live in a free world, they did not leave women and children to fetch for themselves. Why did men accept to be withdraw and denied credit from the same people who they have created a better world? A great majority of men have to come to the conclusion, if conditions are to be improved they only have themselves to rely on. Nor the feminist or government will help, quite the contrary, they will do all that is in their power to discredit and ridicule but they will eventually find it impossible to prevent, the time as come for the men's movement

  • Mikey M

    "The Male Studies set have very fragile egos it seems!"
    You must be kidding Amanda, you have already display a poor presentation of your writing skills and wits now you are showing us how boring and unoriginal you can be. I know, I know, I probably have "Mommy issues".

  • illness

    @Mrs. L, sadly women are not capable of using logical arguments, because it's a tool of oppression (Andrea Nye - Words of Power).

    Disregarding the grown up's way of discussion, they have to use the bully's way, that is namecalling.

  • codebuster

    Amanda highly recommends “The Scrotum Dialogues”.

    I’m trying to empathize with Amanda’s adolescent sense of humor here, but I’m definitely missing the punch-line with “The Scrotum Dialogues”. On whom is this joke supposed to be? I seem to recall that a woman created a play called the “The Vagina Monologues” that took the world by feverish storm and had women everywhere worshipping (or should that be lampooning?) their vaginas and using the word “cunt” and, in general, taking fully seriously the silliest concept every devised by (wo)man.

    Is there a “Scrotum Dialogues” somewhere that has escaped my attention that just as bizarrely as its sister counterpart worships the male appendage, and which has similarly taken the world by storm that has men everywhere worshipping their dicks and shouting the word “prick” to declare their ownership of their masculinity?

  • Toysoldier

    Oh, the list is funny because it is clever, just like "Barack the Magic Negro."

    It is quite amazing when bigotry passes for commentary.

  • Ken

    What I dont seem to get is any time men seem to gather together, feminists seem to feel threatened enough to break it up or cry soicial injustice or misogyny, yet women-only spaces (female gyms, music festivals etc) seem to be embraced, i.e. safe spaces/empowering . A bit of a double standard no ?

  • Rae

    Amanda, you are awesome. This comments section, however, needs less whining from the male studies crowd and more suggestions.

    Arendt U. Butthurt, Rhetoric

    Butch Manley, Literature (specialist in the works of Mormon Nailer)

    Arnott I. Logical, Whiteman Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

    Dr. Roughhouse Armstrong

    And what about Mel Brooks' "Biggus Dickus"? Surely he deserves credit for being one of the early forerunners of male studies!

    (Sorry, I am nervous about getting twitter because I fear it will eat up too much of my time, but if you like any of those enough to retweet I will be honoured.)

  • DirkJohanson


    I highly recommend "The Balls Monologues" (, which you can access by clicking on my name since its my blog. It hasn't exactly taken the word by storm - yet, though I got about 400,000 hits last month - but you'll find it considerably more dignified than "The Vagina Monologues."

    Well, at least a little more dignified.

  • Ken

    I think this article is an example of why men cant take feminists seriously. Are you kidding me ? Is the author in junior high ?

  • XY

    "Important Announcement: I have ceased all productive output this afternoon because I’m too busy making up fake names of Male Studies scholars on Twitter."

    And you still wonder why you're earning less than a man in a similar position?

  • Nate

    I see you didn't pay any attention to their female equivalents:

    Cunty McBloodcrotch
    Shrieky McLoudmouth
    Faketits McDaddydidn'tloveme

    Oh, wait.

    That's most of American womankind, isn't it.

  • Garland Grey

    MikeyM's and Paul Elam's posts are attempts to label women's minds as deficient because they disagree with them, Codebreaker speaks as if vagina is the most worshiped sex organ on the planet (it is not), and the rest of the posters are your garden variety mixed bag of idiots and apologists.

    This is academic warfare, pure and simple. It is a group of men declaring feminism dead and evil and bad, and masculinity the source of all greatness and joy in the universe. I am, of course, not worried about any of this because I've seen the people this movement uses as heralds and you are all, as I said before, idiots.

  • Me

    It is good to see that you are as sexist as ever. Enjoy!

  • fools2234

    This is truly pathetic even coming from a feminist.

  • Maggie

    And, as usual, the men have come already.

    (Oh I know, but they make it SO EASY)

  • gita

    although i realize i have just broken my rule of never reading the comments, i must say, the comments on this are almost as funny as the post itself.

  • Pierce Harlan

    Here is something that the the menz at males studies should study:

  • gwallan

    If ever anybody needed evidence that feminists have grown fat with complacency then this is it.

    Amanda I would suggest you need to be a little bit better prepared for what is coming. If you believe a little bit of undergraduate ridicule will carry the day then you are sadly mistaken.

    You will need to do much better than this.

  • Pierce Harlan

    Gwallan, don't blame Amanda. It's tough to write satire when you belong to a group that has no sense of humor.

  • Garland Grey

    I say old chums, turns out a woman has had an opinion somewhere! Haha! Let us tell the wench off then! Haha!

    @Pierce: Really? You went with a fake news article. Really?

    @Gwallan: ...

    Tru Confession: I've been to the He-Man Woman Hater's Club's web site, and I've seen you lying around in your little festive daisy chains and making jokes about women and then congratulating each other. And that is just awesome that you have a little club like that.

    But once you step into the real world, you are idiots. And you will be treated as such.


  • gwallan

    Garland I think you caught the wrong bus. The reality you've arrived in is the one in which feminists build little festive daisy chains, make jokes about men and then congratulate each other. This isn't the "real world" either.

    Didn't you read the blog piece?

  • Garland Grey

    @gwallan This is the place where the feminists allow the members of the He-Man Woman Hater's Club to call them whores, challenge their intelligence, and insult their writing, without censorship. This is also the place where I read your little website, choke back the vomit and the bile of so much unchecked vitriol against women, and call you all idiots.

  • Dave

    For someone who's "egalitarian", you sure seem to be attempting to slander straight males by insinuating that they're gay a lot.

    If I weren't on a feminist site, I'd be tempted to believe that you're a homophobic bigot. Do you consider male homosexuality to be something dirty or insulting,Amanda? If not, why are you imagining that your enemies are homosexuals or attempting to slander them by painting them as homosexuals?

  • gwallan


    So this blog constitutes feminist "intelligence" and "writing"? Do tell.

    I'm not choking back vomit, Garland, but the tears of laughter are proving somewhat troublesome.

    I'd encourage you to continue with your extraordinary wit but I don't believe my sides could take any more of it.

  • y

    lol good comments. suck it up you damn whingers, rock on amanda

  • Adrienne

    I'm just jealous I didn't think of "Cunty McBloodcrotch" as a pseudonym. I know it's meant as an insult somehow, but it just has a nice ring to it. Arnott I. Logical is my favorite so far.

    How about Chad B. Dudebro, Director of Undergraduate Social Programs.

  • Steven

    I don't understand why she doesn't see what is going on. I'm 22 years old and took a Women's Studies course and it's full of ideological politics and has a surprisingly large amount of focus on defining masculinity.

    What gives Women and women scholars the right to define masculinity? What gives them the right to define the male condition and experience?

    All they talked about was how harmful and toxic men and masculinity is and if only men were to "stop being male" the world would live at peace and females would be free from male tyranny and oppression...

    Last time I checked women are the only gender who has control over their own bodies.. Men's bodies and the fruits of our labor are the property of the state by force of the draft and the property of women by the forced transference of the fruits of labor produced by the male body. Most importantly women own the male body and the fruits of its labor outside of marriage after divorce..

    What gives women the right to not only control their own bodies, establish ownership of the bodies of children and the ownership over the bodies of men?

    Who is oppressing who here?

  • RachelA

    I am incredibly annoyed by all you people who taking this too seriously. It's a joke. It's not INTENDED to be a 'serious' intellectual critique. (Which Amanda does do of male studies in other posts) This is just meant as a humorous aside and some of you are reacting to it as if it is an elaborate 20 point philosophical treatise to be published in the next issue of Signs. It is a bit of harmless frivolity and humor (mixed amongst many serious, thoughtful posts) and it should be read, and judged as such.

  • RachelA

    Oh, and by the way, many of you seemed to have missed the point that she isn't criticizing or making fun of MEN as a unified, essentialized group. She is making fun of men who think of THEMSELVES as being part of a unified, essentialized group defined by arbitrary standards of masculinity such as hyperbolic physical prowess and panicked heterosexuality.

    So :P to all you deliberately misinterpreting haters who want to say she is ragging on men just because its more fun for you to interpret it that way.