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D.C. Area Pro-Life Pharmacy Closes Its Doors

Divine Mercy Care, a pro-life pharmacy that opened in Chantilly in 2008, has shut its doors. Divine Mercy Care claimed to treat "every person who comes in as if they are Christ sitting across from you,” only employed pro-life employees, and refused to sell birth control pills (also: candy). I can't exactly say the DMC had a good run; when I visited the pharmacy shortly after its grand opening in October of 2008, nobody was buyin' then, either. I guess refusing to sell stuff isn't a very effective business strategy after all. [Via NBC]

  • Keith B

    Good! I hope these people got the message.

  • Rayne

    While a business has a right to refuse to sell certain things, they also accept the consequences should they choose to refuse to sell those items.

  • Jezebel

    I went into CVS today to look for the new Cosmo, so that we could blog about it on our blog called Evil Slutopia. I'm guessing that wouldn't have worked out at the DMC either.

  • Pagan

    Good. Let this be a lesson to future pharmacies with the same misogynistic views - if you chose to discriminate against half the population, this is what happens.

  • …done

    Since Christ could supposedly work miracles and heal the sick with his touch, he wouldn't have needed any help at all. No Advil, no Ricola, no band-aids, no Claritin, no Betadine.