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Tragic Craigslist Yearning of the Day

Apologies for the scant posting lately, Sexist readers. I'm deep in a forthcoming cover story at the moment, but I've still found the time to become depressed by this tragic Craigslist Missed Connection, from a high school grad to her former English teacher. I don't know what's sadder: The electronic heart that ends the anonymous missive, or the fact that this girl is still hot for teacher "a few years" out of school. You're 21! Live in the now!:

You were my High School English Teacher... – w4m – 21 (Manassas)

You were my english teacher at SJHS in Manassas. I was the class of 07'. You're class was ridiculously hard, but I think its because I spent more time imagining all the amazing things I wanted to do to you when class was over than actually listening to the lesson.

You are extremely intelligent and I found it soooo sexy. Well I'm of age now, and I've been done with high school for a few years now so we should catch up a little :)

Your name was.. Mr. Pharr

  • Kim Chi Ha

    She should just google him. or Facebook him. or email him through the High school's email address.

  • Kim Chi Ha

    the magic of google–from me & Will. a one Devin Pharr.

    girl should've just sent him a message.

  • Engrish

    Guess he didn't teach her the difference between "your" and "you're"

  • Claire

    I think "You were my english teacher...You’re class was ridiculously hard" is hilarious.

  • tigerflight

    Can we be more depressed by the fact that, while his classes may have been hard, they apparently never broached the "your"/"you're" difference?

    NOT a good way to impress your former english teacher!

  • Gradually Greener

    No, the saddest thing is the you're/your error. I guess teacher really was distractingly sexy.

  • chris

    Haha, I had a friend like this that always talked about her crushes on teachers. I think she was too scared to go after attainable guys. Which I could understand in high school, but jeez, after three years?

  • Steve Kolowich

    You never know, Mr. Pharr could be into women who are grammatically "naughty"...

  • Ami

    Like others, I find it just too perfect that someone writing grammatical errors is yearning for her English teacher. I hope he sees it and meets up with her only to correct her post.

  • Lizrd

    Lol Steve. I can picture it now: "Dr. Pharr, you're the only man I've been dreaming about" "Oo, baby.... your hanging prepositions really turn me on"

  • Queen_George

    I'd also add that, as a former teacher, I'd never go for someone who told me anything along the lines of "I basically didn't pay attention in your class."

  • pipi long stockings

    Now the name Devin Pharr shows up on google and the first article that comes up is this one. Maybe they will find each other!

    The amount of information you can find out about people on the internet is kind of scary : O

  • John

    Leave the girl her dreams.