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“The Most Pro-Abortion President in American History”


Did ya'll watch C-SPAN last night? The Republican strategy of frantically burying their racist and classist rhetoric under a protective shield of faux concern for unborn babies was in full, glorious display. Between the white dudes arguing that socialist health care reform will "enslave" the American people (inside) and the white dudes chanting racial epithets at black representatives (outside), I managed to catch this gem from Republican Indiana Rep. Mike Pence (above), who argued that supporting health care amounts to signing a devil's deal with Barack Obama, "the most pro-abortion president in American history."

Because even when the U.S. government explicitly states that it will continue to not fund abortions, Republicans just can't seem to let go of their major justification for denying health care to poor, uninsured Americans: their irrational hatred of women.

"Only in Washington, D.C. could you exchange the pro-life protections enshrined in the law for thirty years for a piece of paper signed by the most pro-abortion president in American history," Pence announced. Well, certainly Obama deserves some sort of award for this distinction! After two centuries of only mildly pro-abortion presidents, and wishy-washy presidents with no discernible views on abortion (I'm looking at you, Millard Fillmore), it's refreshing to finally find a president whose love for abortion can be definitively measured as more intense than the love for abortion held by the 43 men who came before him. I can just imagine Pence furiously calculating Obama's love for abortion, checking and re-checking the mathematics deep into the night in preparation for the health care debate: "multiply by amount of sorrow expressed at George Tiller's murder . . . divided by the cosine of Clinton's love for abortion . . . carry the two . . . my God! It is true!"

All of which is by way of saying, a friend made this commemorative online thingy, and I thought it was funny.

Signed, the most pro-abortion blogger to work in the 2300 block of Champlain St. NW in American history.

  • Em

    Try to tell a conservative this bill doesn't allow federal funding of abortions. Try it! The eyes go blank, you can hear their brains going: "Does not compute." Then they say something like, "That's bullshit and you know it!"

    Facts? Pah! Actual laws prohibiting federal funding of abortions? Pah! Apparently, all bullshit because Fox says so. Willful ignorance has no MATCH for this kind of stubborness.

  • Lois

    Ugh I couldn't even watch the whole thing. It's frustrating when an argument is sensibly concluded in your head, such as on the issue of abortion and then for all eternity there are idiotic psychopaths rabbiting on about their nonsense, unhelpful, unrealistic ideas. Maybe he should try ramming a knitting needle inside his penis without anaesthetic and then comment. I would finish this with every swearword I know but if I've not already ruined the chances of this being published then that definitely would.

  • Former Staffer

    Oh god the socialist police forces just arrested the socialist fire department who were trying to put out a fire at our socialist public schools. The fire department was accused of driving over socialist roads to get to the socialist electrical fire. Fortunately our socialist building codes prevented many children from coming to harm. Those that were harmed were airlifted on our socialist airlines (funded by our socialist banks) to a (now) socialist childrens hospital with a burn unit as the socialist Metro system couldn't be trusted to get the children there on time. Mussolini would be pissed.

  • Reid

    Whenever I hear somebody say President so-and-so is the most (fill in the blank) president, I always want to ask that person just to name ten other presidents. Just name them, you don't have to say where they rank, just name them.

    It was the same with Dubya. How many people who said he was the worst president ever can't even name more than two or three presidents from the 19th century? Learn your history before you go invoking it.

  • EAMD

    Come on, everyone's hating on Obama for this executive order thing, but it's not like the guy had a choice...he was forced to do something he really didn't want to do by a bunch of angry old white dudes who knew what was best, frustrating and terrifying and unjust it must be to have to sacrifice your hopes and dreams for someone else's ideology...

    Sorry, I lost my train of thought. What?

  • Alex

    Did anyone else catch how he said "soldiers, heroes, heroines" right after a list of people, not one of which was a woman?

  • EAMD

    In all seriousness, though, I am going to lose it all over the next person who tries to reassure me by saying, "He didn't have a choice."

  • Former Staffer

    He had a choice. He dashed our Hopes for Change. Now we see that it's just more of the same. This time corporate welfare for insurance companies on the backs of the working poor while AT THE SAME TIME throwing women under the bus.

    I wonder how women and the working poor are going to vote in November?

  • TT

    Reid - I'm pretty sure I can name all of the presidents, and I would still say Bush Jr. is the worst.

  • Rick Mangus

    If the President like this 'Executive Order' thing so much, why doesn't he sign an 'Executive Order' dismantling, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'!

    For Christ sake he the commander in cheif of the arm forces of this country!

    Lying Phony!

  • je di

    I don't like the hyde amendment, I think all legal medical procedures should be covered. Abortions are never "elective." There are many things that are tax-payer subsidized that many people are "fundamentally"against; eg., war & the death penalty. Personally, I dislike mega-churches being tax exempt. The irony of people invoking choice when at the same time limiting women's choices would be comical if it weren't sad. But after reading the executive order I don't see how it makes the current language any stricter. I'm honestly asking someone to explain to me if the executive order is stricter than the status quo. I don't like the status quo and I don't like an executive order reaffirming it. A symbolic slap in the face, yes; but other than that does the executive order hurt women's rights? (not a rhetorical question) -j

  • Rick Mangus

    By the way, the best President this country ever had was , William Henry Harrison, he was in office for only a month!

  • Rick Mangus

    Correction: Line one, likes, not like

  • Amanda Hess

    je di,

    All the executive order does is reiterate what's already in the language of the health care bill and what's already prohibited by the Hyde Amendment; it doesn't further infringe upon women's rights. In the health care bill, women can elect to buy a separate health care provision that covers abortions with money that is totally separate from the federal funds. All the executive order does is attempt to reassure people who believe the bill includes some sort of fine-print that will, like, shower women with money in an attempt to force them to abort all their fetuses. It's for the conspiracy theorists, basically, which is ridiculous but not any worse for women than where we already stand.

  • je di

    Thanks, Amanda, that's as I suspected. Also, "looking at you Millard Fillmore" cracked me up! I think lucky #13 would love a little controversy since he's considered the unremarkable President. -j

  • anonymous

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