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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other


The health center at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada is currently outfitted with this anti-drinking PSA that warns that excessive drinking can get you raped. Funny how that just happens. Can't we get a "You can also rape someone"? Thanks to Waterloo student BuChanda for the tip.

  • Alex

    There's also ablism... Ending up in a wheelchair is obviously punishment for irresponsible behaviour. God, wouldn't you hate to be in a wheelchair? How awful would *that* be? =P

  • Alex

    (Also, logicfail... "You could die, or drown!" Uhhh... pretty sure "dying" includes "death by being under water")

  • b-bop

    um...i have no problem with the paralysis warning because i have seen enough after school specials about drunk people diving into the shallow end of the pool. i am hard of hearing, i wouldn't scoff at a warning that you could lose your hearing by doing something, i would say, yes it sucks obviously.

    i think the message is that bad things can happen to you, when you're not in your right mind.

    in large crowds i hear drunk people say stuff like "let's go right now man" or "i'm going to jump off this balcony"...i haven't heard "i'm going to have sex with you against your will in front of all these people"...if they have enough sense to not say something like that i think it's a little more deliberate than the usual crap that drunk people pull.

  • Alex

    There's a difference between warning against something situationally preventable (breaking your leg, breaking your spine by doing stupid drunk shit), and metaphorically warning against it by demonising wheelchair use.

  • Melanie

    I don't see it as demonizing wheelchair use. My husband was in a motorcycle accident (not his fault) and was in a wheelchair for a year afterward, walking with a cane for two years afterward. Thankfully with alot of therapy he is mostly recovered. He agrees there are worse things, but being in a wheelchair SUCKS. For a long time he couldn't get in the floor and play with our daughter, drive a car, work, or even do alot of his own daily care. He would however be happy to talk at schools about motorcycle safty and watching out for people on two wheels (his experience). So I don't see it as "demonizing" to warn people of the problems that can come with drinking two much.

  • KDC

    Missing the point....rape is something that happens to a person because of the actions of another. Winding up in a wheelchair can result from your own actions. Rape is a crime perpetrated by primarily men against primarily women. It's not sex, people, it's violence and power and male entitlement.

    Honestly, a woman is raped every two minutes in this country. That's right since you started reading this, at least 2 women have been raped.

    For contrast, there is a new spinal cord injury every 2628 minutes in the US. Yep, that's right, maybe in another 43 hours there will be another one. In the meantime, there will be over 1300 rapes. Both are devastating to be sure, but let's focus here, people.

    Which should we be more concerned about while drinking?

  • Melanie

    When a man rapes a woman it is not her fault. If a person drinks and is raped: it's not their fault they were raped. If a person can't say yes: it means no.

    I will still teach my daughter self defense, not to drink in excess, not to walk the streets alone (especially afterdark), and to tell someone if she feels threatened.

  • tousleout

    The posters are going to be removed and replaced with something that doesn't involve victim blaming. I had a conversation with the University of Waterloo's health services supervisor earlier today... she was really responsive, and just emailed me back letting me know they would be taken down. I don't know if she really "got it" or she's just trying to be sensitive to student opinion... but in any case they'll be going.

    (Although scrawling "Or you might rape someone" with black sharpie would have been hella satisfying, too.)

  • Chanda

    Tousleout, whoever you are, thanks for taking my tip and doing something awesome with it. And of course, thanks Amanda for taking an interest :-)

    I'm awed by the power of the smartphone, since the picture and twittering never would have happened without it.

  • Chanda

    Haha, UW Health Services probably hates me now.

  • Anon

    Sure,drunk guys do some stupid stuff...but I sure haven't heard anything like "Oh, I was drunk and accidentally raped someone...opps.."
    Get real. No one rapes just because they were 'just drunk'. You can fall off a balcony when you drink, get burned, break your legs, yes yes...but can you accidentally rape someone when drunk?
    I think not. Rape isn't just something you do when you're wasted. It takes real thought and will on the rapist's part.
    So the inclusion of "Or you could rape someone" would really be a stupid thing to add, in my opinion.