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Think of the Children: When Explaining Gay Marriage to Kids Results In Cute


I'm home sick today, so excuse me if I have chosen to displace my blogging duties on to adorable little boy Calen (above), who has just learned that his two uncles are "husband and husband" who are married—not to wives!—but to each other. Watch the video to remind yourself that explaining same-sex marriage to the youth doesn't have to be a process marked by legal complaints filed over the child's loss of innocence. A lot of times it just involves some really cute mental gymnastics, followed by a blanket invitation to ping-pong. [via Broadsheet].


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    I could and will watch this all day.

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    I came upon this yesterday and it is the cutest thing. A child can comprehend it yet so many others can't.

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    That is so awesome that there is not a word for how awesome that is.

    I nominate "awesometasticnessity."

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    I also love this video, of Grover from Sesame Street explaining what marriage is:

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    The video appears as "private" to me. Is there a way to view it?

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    Me too...I'd love to see it, though.

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    I got the same message, so I went to youtube and typed in husband and husband. It's one of the top responses.

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