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Your Decrepit Ovaries May Be Sabotaging Your Career

As a 24-year-old woman who hasn't yet hit the dreaded Fertility Death Zone of life after 30, perhaps I'm not in the position to be amused by this Washington Post headline:

. . . But allow me to ignore the cries of my soon-to-be decrepit ladyparts for a moment in order to re-write this headline [...]

How Stay-at-Home Dads Can Keep Women In Their Place

In this week's YouTube video chat, Dr. Laura Schlessinger addresses an unnatural new development of modern life: stay-at-home dads. What are the possible psychological effects of this strange permutation of the traditional child-rearing arrangement? A listener writes in Thinking of the Children:

Rape Analogy: The “Walking in a Bad Neighborhood” Theory

Last week, several commenters on this blog suggested that wearing a short skirt is like walking alone in a bad neighborhood—it's an unsafe behavior that makes women more vulnerable to sexual assault. I live in a neighborhood that has been dismissed by some as a "bad neighborhood." So when I see comparisons to sexual assault [...]

Roman Polanski Still Victimized By People Who Would Deny Him Fancy Awards

Roman Polanski picked up the Best Director award at the Berlin Film Festival yesterday evening. Well, he didn't literally pick it up—his written acceptance statement is quick to remind the world of that recent unpleasantness that has inhibited Polanski from the very important business of fancy prize collection. From the Guardian:

Sexist Comments of the Week: Sexist Oscars Edition

Last week, Sexist readers discussed Bob Mondello's suggestion that the Academy "unsex the Oscars" by combining the Best Actor and Best Actress categories for one big co-ed competition. Counter-point: The sex-segregated acting awards have rewarded filmmakers who write strong female characters, and it's no coincidence that categories that haven't made an effort to award women [...]

Rap Sex Euphemism: Banana Split

The cataloging of sexual euphemisms in rap songs continues. This time:

The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Short Skirts Edition

Last week on the Sexist:
1. On Short Skirts, in which the hemline does not indicate consent.
2. University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Valentine's Blow Job Edition, in which ORAL SEX.
3. Nicki Minaj and Hip-Hop's Lesbian Quarantine: The Threesome, in which mackin' on Usher becomes an entree into openly discussing your interest in women.
4. Adopted Children Left Behind, [...]

Sexist Beatdown: The LOST Women of LOST Edition


In this edition of Sexist Beatdown, Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I reconvene to solve the enduring mystery of ABC's LOST: Why have all the compelling female characters been systematically eliminated from the plot, while Jack is allowed to live on as Dr. McFixALot, a character who exists only to fail unspectacularly at everything [...]

How The Sex-Segregated Oscars Were Good For Film

Yesterday, City Paper colleague and NPR commentator Bob Mondello floated a solution that would trim the bloated Academy Awards telecast "and strike a blow against sexism"—unsex the Oscars. Mondello:
Nobody separates Best Director from Best Directress (directrix?), or Best Editor from Best Editress, so why Best Actor and Best Actress? Combine them, and let the best [...]

Nicki Minaj and Hip-Hop’s Lesbian Quarantine: The Threesome

Usher's latest single, "Lil' Freak," is an ode to arranging a ménage à trois. Helping to schedule the girl-on-boy-on-girl arrangement is hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj. In the song, Usher informs Minaj of a prerequisite to sleeping with him: "You go get some girls, bring them to me." She does.
This is not the first track [...]