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The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Short Skirts Edition

Last week on the Sexist:

1. On Short Skirts, in which the hemline does not indicate consent.

2. University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Valentine's Blow Job Edition, in which ORAL SEX.

3. Nicki Minaj and Hip-Hop's Lesbian Quarantine: The Threesome, in which mackin' on Usher becomes an entree into openly discussing your interest in women.

4. Adopted Children Left Behind, in which an adopted child battles D.C. government's health insurance bureaucracy.

5. Why Romantic Movies Suck Now, in which rom-coms need to get a new plotline.

Photo by South Library of New South Wales

  • snobographer

    I love the shoes on the woman in the pic that accompanies this post. I wish women's dress shoes hadn't turned into the pointy, spiky, metatarsal-deforming torture devices they are today.

  • reeves

    As an aside, I wish people in general dressed as nice as they did in the old days. Its as if no one has respect for society anymore, not to mention themself. The dressing down culture that has permeated society is not a good thing.


    That picture is pretty darn cute though. But she's not even wearing a short skirt!