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How Ted Bundy’s VW Beetle Will Help You Not Get Raped and Murdered

As this is not Ted Bundy's actual VW Beetle, it will be of no help to potential rape victims.

It's officially Ludicrous Sexual Assault Prevention Tips day on the Sexist! Next up: How to avoid being raped and murdered by a notorious serial killer—by shelling out $19.95 to glean some valuable safety lessons from Ted Bundy's meticulously preserved 1968 VW Beetle.

Today, I received my media invitation to the "First-Ever Public Unveiling of Ted Bundy's Deadly VW Beetle." The gruesome car show will occur at D.C.'s National Museum of Crime and Punishment next Wednesday. Special extra for the ladies: Bundy's car is being converted into an invaluable "teaching tool" that can help you not get raped and/or murdered. From the NMCP's press release:

With last week’s move of the John Dillinger 1933 Essex Teraplane getaway car to the Southwest terminal at BWI Airport, the National Museum of Crime and Punishment (NMCP) is welcoming a new vehicle to its main lobby floor.  The media is invited to the first public opportunity to view the car of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy’s 1968 VW Beetle, the automobile used in a slurry of women’s murders from 1974-1977.  The car, purchased by a collector and stored in a private collection until its arrival at NMCP, will serve not only as a unique artifact but also as a teaching tool for museum visitors to learn how to avoid becoming victims of vicious criminals such as Bundy.

Come to satisfy your macabre fascination with a notorious rapist; stay for the public safety tips.

Photo via Ivan Cabrera, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

  • Melissa

    But none of this explains how you can logically divorce rape from its "lesser cousins," if you will.

    Do you not think that if our culture did not send messages like "women's bodies are always available," rape would decrease?
    Do you not think that if our society didn't reinforce views like the idea that a woman who dresses a certain way or flirts is "asking for it" that people might be less likely to blame rape victims and more likely to condemn rapists?

  • Banyan


    Rape, Yelling, Murder...etc. all exist on the same spectrum of abuse so I'm not logically divorcing them.

    My view is that the rapist has distorted views of women driven by society and his own personal experience with women, but he also is a greedy unkind person.

    So yes we could reduce rapes by changing society.

  • Melissa

    So you concede that culture and distorted views of women play a real role in the prevalence of rape, but you take issue with the concept of "rape culture"?

  • Banyan


    Yes. A culture that portrays women as objects contributes to many abuses to women, rape being one of the more severe ones. Feminists choose "rape culture," as opposed to "groping culture" or in Ted Bundy's case "rape and murder culture" because they like to catastrophize. In addition, it "evokes," the notion that rape is chiefly caused by culture, when it is my (flexible) belief that rape is chiefly caused by bad genes and bad personal experiences with others.

  • Banyan


    To me you will always be jfc.

  • Melissa
  • Banyan


    I read that article. The problem of rape in our culture is much larger than I thought.

  • Froth

    Oh look, it's jf1 being completely illogical again!

    In this case, I think he's arguing that 'rape is bad' leads to girls being buried alive.

    Um. Not sure how that's supposed to work.

  • K

    jfc1, no matter how many "witty" new names you post under, it's obvious that it is you. As regards your completely uninformed statements on "maybe she really wanted it" incest, I recommend you do some reading on this topic. A great introductory text is "The Tale of One Bad Rat" by Bryan Talbot. It is a comic, so you may find it easier to understand than academic studies on the same subject.

    Victims of incest, like victims of any kind of rape, come from all ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds. But they all display depressingly similar symptoms: depression, suicidal feelings, substance abuse as adults, and above all a conviction that the abuse is because they are "bad children" and is somehow their fault.

    This is because children cannot process being betrayed by someone they love & trust in the same way adults can. Since they cannot see the abusive parent as bad, they assume they themselves are bad. This self-loathing is present in *all* cases of child-parent incest, and is a major reason why it can go unreported for years.

    Before you fly off on another straw-man flight of fancy, note that I am talking about non-consensual child-parent incest, not supposedly consensual incest between adults.

    ...And what the fuck, may I ask, does any of this have to do with Ted Bundy's VW Bug?