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James O’Keefe’s Gay Marriage Stunt Proves Why We Shouldn’t Legislate Love


Conservative stunt journalist James O'Keefe—of alleged Mary Landrieu wiretapping "misunderstanding" and ACORN pimp fame—joined forces with another straight guy in 2008 in an attempt to enter into a Massachusetts same-sex marriage. The secretly-videotaped shotgun wedding was cooked up in order to score one of O'Keefe's more bizarre wingnut points: To prove that government bureaucrats in charge of administering marriage licenses don't care about love.

"What if two straight men wanted a same-sex marriage?" the video asks to a stock investigative soundtrack, before running the tape of O'Keefe and friend informing Massachusetts government officials that they are 100 percent hetero, dating women, and interested in getting hitched. For the insurance benefits. Here's the "Gotcha!" moment: The officials don't appear to give a shit. Probably because no American couple, gay or straight, has ever had to prove to their state government that they really, truly want to fuck each other in order to secure their official paperwork.

O'Keefe and his stunt fiancee take this to mean that same-sex marriage is bad because . . . maybe gay guys who don't really love each other can get married, now? Or something? Meanwhile, gay men and women have been cornered into opposite-marriages far before the institution of marriage edged away from the strictly heterosexual.

When asked why, exactly, the totally straight O'Keefe and his totally straight friend tried to get gay married, O'Keefe told the Washington Examiner that he was "investigating the way soulless government bureaucrats treat the institution of marriage in Massachusetts."

Exactly! This is why the government should concern itself solely with administering legal benefits of its citizens' partnerships, and not at all with the moral business of determining what sorts of people should be allowed to couple up. Thanks for reminding us, O'Keefe.

  • Chanda


  • Mrs. D

    Video response: two straight people of the opposite sex who don't love each other go to a courthouse in a conservative area, proclaim their non-love to the paperwork-filers, and get a marriage license? Would work...just sayin'.

  • Kurt

    If administrators are not allowed to be involved in determining what right a straight couple has to marry then why should they be involved in judging a same sex couple for whatever reason they decide to marry. How different is this from sham straight marriages where people marry for other reasons besides love? How do state governments deal with or have any right to intervene into those marriages?

  • DCBob

    O'Keefe has a history of anti-gay and racist actions, stunts, and speech.

  • Bill

    So, are we NOW to believe that we should deny same-sex couples their fundamental right to marry because HETEROSEXUALS will abuse the system? That seems to me like more of a reason to deny heteros THEIR fundamental rights.

    The problem with so many heterosexuals these days is that they are just fucking retarded.

  • 3ringquercus

    Well, duh. Marriage is about legally incorporating as family. Historically it has never been about love, merely about legal alliances (often consent was not even required from the couple, just the parents.) What did O'Keefe think the clerks were going to do? As long as you are of legal age, have an ID, and aren't currently married, you can marry anyone no matter how you feel about them (or whether you intend to breed with them.) Proof of love and sexuality aren't part of the qualifications; straight couples frequently marry for insurance benefits or tax breaks. No biggie.

  • ben w.

    wow, the vitriol here drips off the screen.

    okeefe = not journalism
    but this garbage dished up as a blog post is assuredly journalism, right?

  • Banyan

    Well if you want to be a journalist it helps to not commit crimes in the process.
    As for vitriol.
    O'Keefe has some interesting friends and activities.

  • K

    Am I being dense, or did he just perjure himself at least three times? There would be a legal impediment to filing for a new marriage license if one were already legally married, wouldn't there? Or does it not matter if you marry the same person each time? I guess he just wanted to make super-extra-sure that he was married.

    Also, what's with the "Price is Right" music over paying the marriage license fee? Is he implying that marriage is now "for sale" or something? I'm pretty sure marriage license fees are not some new-fangled thing invented especially for teh gayz.

  • Josh

    So what if my friend Rachel and I wanted to get married only for the benefits? It doesn't matter.

  • Broggly

    I remember an Australian comedy a few years ago called Strange Bedfellows where Paul Hogan and his best mate decide to get married for tax reasons, but since it's Movie-Land a government inspector has to come around and decide if they're really gay, while they want to keep the arrangement secret from their small town.

    K, I'm not American but one of the women said "You have 60 days to use this license" so I think they aren't actually married, but could have used any of the licenses to get married within the set time.

    Wow, 5 minutes of black. Hasn't Mr O'Keefe heard of editing?

  • Cmoney

    You morons do realize that ANYONE can commit fraud..... its illegal either way.

    This video proves people can commit fraud..... wow.... how groudbreaking.

    What idiots.

  • HannahGilesEatsHomelessPeople

    I would even give any sound track from James O'Queefe the benefit of assuming it hadnt been doctored.

    For all you know, he probably told them that Basel was his very ugly (for either woman or man) girl-friend.