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Dr. Laura Solves the Working Mom Problem


Listen to the extremely defensive wind-up to this Dr. Laura question, from a mom preparing to enter the workforce: "With so many layoffs happening, what do you do if there is barely any income being brought in by your husband and you are forced to work?" Dr. Laura Schlessinger, staunch defender of women making careers out of making babies, finally figures out how stay-at-home moms can pursue their careers (if sheer poverty absolutely forces them to do so): Just bring your baby to work! Meanwhile, your unemployed husband . . . does what exactly?

  • mindy

    Watch her one about "test driving intimacy" before marriage.

    She implies that a victim of childhood abuse's sexual dysfunction in marriage is to punish their husband.

  • Marcy

    *blink blink*

    Right. So in this tough economy when hubby can't even find a job, mom will magically find one that is forgiving enough to accomodate her bringing her toddler to work. And find a place for him/her to nap. And somehow mom will be able to get work done in spite of spending all her time praising her child.

    What fantasy world does Dr Laura live in???

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    MILF. Dr Laura has a lot of good ideas, but "modern" women are too ignorant to listen.

    So go ahead, "girls", go out & fuck any man who gives you some attention & expect nothing from him. Well, you'll expect him to call & all that bs, but in your heart you know he just enjoyed fucking you & probably won't call again.

    At least Dr Laura is smart & trying to improve society. Most of the CP idiots are just sponging off society & offer no intelligence. Plus they're not half as good looking as Dr Laura.

  • dr laura schlessinger

    I am soooo appreciative of your attention to my youtube channel ( It is wonderful to bring my ideas and perspectives to a new audience. Happy New Year! Warmly, dr laura schlessinger

  • bellacoker

    Is it important that the baby not "know" that Mommy is working? So, the lady in question should pretend that watching the baby isn't work AND pretend that her job isn't really work at the same time?

    I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly.

  • DoctorJay

    I want to know how many people on Dr. Laura's staff can just bring their kids into work and have them hang out all day.