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The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Groping Edition

This week on the Sexist, one Real World housemate likes to draw sexual assault scenarios, we talked about groping, and we fact-checked the claims of "Booty Pop."

1. Rape Cartoons By the Real World D.C.'s Andrew Woods, or as I like to call it, "Tucker Max: Illustrated."

2. Touch and Go: How Groping Happens, in which dozens of D.C. women share their experiences being groped in public.

3. Why do Gropers Grope?, in which the gropers respond.

4. Having a Butt Won't Change Your Life, in which joining the butt club ain't all it's cracked up to be.

5. Sexist Comments of the Week: Real World Rape Cartoons Edition, in which opinions are aired.

Photo via the George Eastman House

  • Blooming Psycho

    The older I get, the more likely I am to take scathing exception to someone trying to do something crass to me. I have no qualms about elbowing, stepping on feet, or breaking wind should someone try to grope me. Stupid losers, the lot of 'em.
    Lest you think that pervs only target pretty young women, check this out:

  • Sarah

    I agree with Blooming Psycho - with age come the ability to stop caring what people think of you, particularly groping people. One of my greatest shames is that I used to find it somewhat flattering when I got catcalled -- and now I won't put up with so much as a glance askance.