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Real World D.C. Hook-Up Round-Up, Episode 2: Ashley Has The Hots For A Gay Guy

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This week on the Real World D.C., Mike got a little bit too gay for Ashley's taste, a housemate is intrigued by Andrew's rape cartoons, and Andrew lures an apparently drunk woman into the hot tub. (Refresh yourself with the first episode's sex recap here). The top 10 sex-ish moments of the second episode—including cast member Ashley's slow descent into crippling homophobia—after the jump.


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"He's ... bisexual," Ashley tells a friend over the phone about her house crush, Mike. "But then he's got like these green eyes and tan skin and athletic build and stuff." Later, she feigns interest in meeting Mike's long-distance boyfriend. "So when's the BF coming? . . . I'm excited to meet him. . . . Is he a nerdy guy or like a jocky guy?"


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"We, like, full-on tongue-kissed," Ashley reports. The other housemates go wild.


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After Ty sees crush Emily dancing with another man in a club, he resolves to "find a hotter girl to talk to." (By "talk," he means "allow her to place her ass near my hands"). He succeeds instantly.


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"Okay, I'm going to go find a girl," Andrew says. "I'm just gonna, like, tackle her. Gazelle: lion."


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Emily can't believe she kissed Ty, random lady at the bar! He's so gross! Right?

  • Sarah

    I'm trying to think if there has been a rapey-er Real World cast member than Andrew. I don't even think the guy who dragged Tami around with the blanket half naked qualifies, as I always chalked that incident up to miscommunication more than predatory actions.

    This guy's sense of entitlement and anger towards women about sex really rings alarm bells for me. The only reason I'm watching this season is because they are in DC and it's fun to say "hey I've been to that restaurant!" But he makes me want to tune out.

  • Jasmine G

    If that happened with ANY OTHER guy in the house they would have freaked out a lot more than Andrew did. That's why none of them tried it when the other two members of the household brought back people from the club.

  • Ken

    May I ask why there is even commentary on this jibberish in this blog? Anything "Reality" is off limits in this household. I could care less about these people.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    This chick is hideously ugly. & Ken, you're right. "Reality TV" is so 2000. Only high school kids watch it now.

    Man, is this chick u-g-l-y!

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  • Blooming Psycho

    Andrew is super duper uber creepy. He seems the kind of fellow that would place a hidden camera in a toilet in the women's bathroom.
    I don't watch this show but I saw your other post about his stupid cartoons. Yuck!
    I hate shows like this one. I think I'd have a better time hanging out in a monastery. Self centered twits like these make me think that an asteroid hitting the planet could only be a good thing.

  • MM23

    Krystal Cunningham is a joke. Please go back to whatever trailer you crawled out of.

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  • Eagles216

    Krystal is my friend and is a really caring girl and is usually very picky about guys she brings home.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Please tell your friend Krystal she is hideously ugly. Also, she needs an STD test.

  • Andrew’s Hot tub Hook-Up…Knew Her!

    "Krystal Leigh Cunningham," is the 27/28 year old woman that hooked up with DC's Real World cast member Andrew in the hot tub on the 2nd episode. Little history on Krystal; she is the girl that needed attention growing up. After her mother paraded her around in pageants before she could walk who wouldn't? Her childhood bedroom was plastered with ribbons and awards from her forced 80's brush with "Toddlers in Tiaras," that she would brag about to "friends" growing up which consequently made her a laugh! She was the girl throughout elementary, middle and high school that tried oh so desperately to make friends, but NO amount of money or make-up allowed her to do so. She was a very prude sheltered girl that unfortunately turned her into a "freak of a socialite." Once she graduated from high school her history was unknown so she was able to start over, found herself some fake friends that accepted her...FINALLY! Krystal bought her fake boobies after spending many years working for Abercrombie & Fitch. Now she is a event promo girl in the DC area flaunting her body and being molested by men while offering free shots. No matter how much you; "fake and bake," spray, purchase knock off designer studs, plaster your face with make-up and grind your flat ass with men on grungy DC dance floors you will never find true love...So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Krystal Leigh Cunningham put out the fire following your 15 minutes of fame from your hot tub cameo on DC's Real World and get with the real world and stop dressing up in nasty outfits. Save your skin from cancer and get a REAL LIFE and a REAL job! Oh, but don't worry your appearance will be syndicated forever...which includes your "granny panties," that really, really need to be explained!

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  • Krystal’s Granny Panties

    Those are the same nasty underwear that the pimpin panda was wearing the night before. I bet Krystal"forgot" to wear panties, so the kind panda let her borrow his crusty ones from the floor, so she could get into the hot tub. ewwwwww. grosssss.

  • Andrew’s Hot tub Hook-Up…Knew Her!

    She is desperately gross! Now she is doing interviews about how innocent her experience on the Real World was. Proclaiming that since she was a "theater major," in turn the cameras didn't make her uncomfortable. So, I guess with her "dramatic" history she is going to milk those 15 minutes for all they are worth! Give me a break Krystal you are pushing 30, stop acting like a kid. Grow up, get a real job and become a real person. Your 10 year high school reunion is this year so read a couple books, learn a few things about society beyond pop culture in hopes of saving your high school class mates the bore reliving your night and "tramps," I mean tromps around town. But, I'm sure you won't, besides "leathering" your skin that tanning bed and being a "shooter girl" has obviously killed too many brain cells to do so.

  • Come Correct

    If you're going to make fun of Krystal at least you can use her proper full name. She is now self promoting herself around DC as Krystal "Hot Tub" Cunningham. Maybe Krystal "Peanut Butter Legs" Cunningham was too long to write on promo flyers?

  • CapHil04

    Looks like many people are jealous of this girl, some people have way too much time on their hands.....this girl is just living her life and having fun! I say more power to this chick- Andrew looks like a really fun and nice guy - Go girl


    I work with Krystal now, she does have a "real" job working for a very great company, obviously if she has a Mercedes. I just know she enjoys being social and meeting people. I hang go out with her on weekends and she also does Charity events and things for the community. These people writing must be mad they hang with the ugly not as popular crowd. Just a thought.

  • WP c/o 2000

    hi hater! damnnnnnnnnn....theres a hater from west potomac like shit!!!! don't talk shit bout krystal....looks like you need to get a life of ur own....and stop obsessing over someone else's. krystal doesn't have a mean bone in her body...and would never talk that much shit about fuck tub HATER.

  • hot tob = hot

    maybe i just have a thing for blondes, but crystal is %$$#q HOT....not only does she look good but she actually has spunk and personality which is key in my book - i'd date her if she'll have me

  • Krystal’s HS Friend

    No competent adult woman goes chasing 21 year olds at Rhinos in a desperate attempt to spread her legs on camera. She must have a good job because she drives a Mercedes? HA- that is the funniest thing I have ever read! Her family must be so proud. p.s. the camera doesn't add 10lbs, she REALLY is that chunky in real life.

  • A.G.

    Krystal is my friend and a sweet sweet girl. Just because she drinks a lot and goes home with guys sometimes the same night she meets them, doesn't make her a bad person. Everyone here is jealous because she dates a hot model in DC and she wears the best outfits. Get a life!

  • haha

    oh, Krystal Leigh Cunninglinguist (she IS good with her tongue, I hear)...I mean CunningHAMhocks...
    I'm not technically a hater--the girl is actually cute in real life.

    However, she definitely puts the HO in hospitality. Clearly she wanted to be on tv, can't blame her there. But maybe she should go for a show better fit for her own Murder, She Wrote.

    Also, this "hot" model you speak of...the one she's "dating"...he's a ho too. And, yes, gorgeous six-pack he sports...but they're both as shallow as a puddle of hamster piss in the Grand Canyon.

    Let's actually CONTRIBUTE something to the world, shall we, philanthropists?! Strutting your stuff "for a good cause" is self-promotion. Self-promotion is not a charity. Charity is the stripper her "hot model boyfriend" bangs when she's not around.

  • lily

    Andrew seems like he would be the type to rape a girl. He's creepy.