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Rape Cartoons by the Real World D.C.‘s Andrew Woods

Last night on the premiere of MTV's The Real World D.C., eccentric housemate Andrew Woods admitted that he had been fired from his college newspaper for drawing cartoons that were "purposely trying to offend women and lesbians." Lying is kind of Andrew's "thing," so it's unclear whether Woods' editors actually gave him the boot. But Woods' cartoons about alcohol-assisted sexual assault, pedophilia, and nonconsenual anal sex? Those are real real.

Woods was plucked for reality television stardom as an undergraduate at Colorado State University-Denver. There, he served as cartoonist for student newspaper The Rocky Mountain Collegian from as early as December of 2008 to at least March of 2009 (according to the paper's online archives).  Over the course of his career there, Woods drew a comic strip called "Repeat/Delete," which often featured a cartoon version of himself getting involved in various sexual misadventures—like, you know, sexually assaulting women. Let's take a look at Woods' oeuvre:


Hmm. Yes. In this strip, we see Woods' cartoon persona admitting to sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman. It's funny, because Woods is implicating himself as a lecherous buffoon, but it's not funny, because this actually happens to women.


Ah. I see. In this work, Woods' persona takes the form of a pedophile. It's funny because it's . . . hopefully untrue.

His masterpiece. Who could forget the edgy brilliance of "wrong hole"?


Here, Woods assumes his Christopher Walkenesque "skeezy dude" accessories in order to advise students how to seduce women. In this edition of "Andrew's Can Do's," Woods suggest that students "funnel some cheap vodka into half a bottle of sparkling cider . . . as long as it looks like Champagne, she'll drink it!" Woods assumed this character's signature robe and wineglass in his Real World audition tape (hoto above).


In this strip, Andrew thinks that a girl with a pudgy tummy is hot, prompting his friend to declare him "sick." It's funny because girls with fat tummies are gross. This, coming from someone who was instantly declared a virgin when he entered the Real World house last summer.

But what did his contemporaries think?

In his time at the paper, Woods was criticized for his sophomoric humor, grammatical errors, and depictions of sexual assault. One female student wrote that Woods' column "has depicted women as helpless, stupid and incapable of successful relationships"; another student responded that the women criticizing Woods should stop talking.

Thanks to his stint on the Real World, Woods is prepared to silence all the haters. In the premier episode, Woods tells new housemate (and insta-crush) Emily that he's a cartoonist, and that he's intent on getting some of his work published in the District—"maybe in the Washington Post."  Close. Woods ended up interning for the Washington Times, where Woods' signature illustrated rape jokes apparently didn't make the cut. For Woods' work with the paper, he stuck to less controversial territory: an editorial cartoon [PDF] featuring Americans being boiled alive in a bubbling cauldron of national debt.

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  • chillin dude

    Christine, I completely agree with everything you said, because I have a female family member who was sexual harrassed by her step father. I personally don't know "Andrew Woods" at all, but base on his published cartoons, it seems like this creep doesn't care on how other people might react. Or maybe he's just a complete immature sexist idiot that doesn't think before he talks. Christine, it seems like you really dislike him, and I'm sure you have you're reasons, but just don't worry about because sooner or later some female is going to sue him for sexual harrasment. Just look at how he interacts with the women on The Real World, the guy is a goofy creep. And for the record, I'm a guy.

  • Amanda

    It really doesn't seem like a big deal to me. He's depicting the thoughts of the average college male. Pretending things don't exist, doesn't make them go away. He's just poking a little fun at the way guys think, and girls act.

  • chillin dude

    The only reason why some females are taking his defense is because he has become extremely popular these past 2 weeks. That's it. I bet that if he was never on The Real World those who are taking his side would have bashed him. So please don't have shallow bias views on a person controversial actions just because he's a good looking reality star. It's ridiculous and we all know it.

  • Jen

    I attended CSU and saw Andrew's comics every someone said earlier, yes, this kid is a tool. While I realize he purposefully tried to push the envelope as much as he could to appeal to the male student population, there were many offensive themes in his "comics". What's depicted above are excellent examples, but there are many more out there that literally made me think, "What the hell? This seriously was allowed to run?"

    And I agree with chillin dude - those who knew him from CSU have attested to this guy's lack of likability, even outside of his unoriginal comics.

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  • jf1

    "****TRIGGER WARNINGG******"

    Hey look, I'm sorry about what happened to you. I'm not one of those guys who thinks that a woman deserves to be assaulted, and I know damm well that some people hide very well behind a pleasant facade to take advantage of the weak, then play for sympathy (or some other bullshit) when they're exposed. Fucking a' I know that very well. I'm just saying that especially as a man, I'm sick and tired of people associating x with y and then wanting to railroad people who enjoy x in any way, based on the association that they have created between it and y.

    It's the same damm thing as saying that women who wear short skirts/get drunk in bars/go to frat parties/meet strange men from the Internet deserve to be raped, just turned the other way around. And I'm flat out sick and tired of stupid people and their stupid bullshit "morals".

    That's all I'm saying.

    But the fact is that they outnumber the smart people, the non-hypocritical people, and certainly the people who are standing in front of their firing-squads, and we have to deal with this. And it's made even worse when they pass laws and prejudge people based on their stupid bullshit, which fails, being stupid bullshit, and then they rationalize even more draconian laws and prejudice as a result of that. It's never enough because what they want to do isn't the solution in the first place and in spite of each escalation it fails until they have made just about everything illegal and given themselves the power to persecute anyone for anything, and actually begin to do that using the logic that convicting the wrong people for the wrong reasons will actually save at least one victim, and that's worth the price as long as they can use some sort of PC justification for their approach. It becomes a value game, where labeling men as criminals because of what they do that isn't valued by the PC group becomes socially acceptable by that same PC group.

    It all sounds great as long as you're part of the PC group.

    Someone here said earlier that society forces its morals on the group. Well, no shit, Sherlock. Maybe we should all move back to Kansas wear overalls and long skirts and work the fields and get married off by our parents at 15?

  • jf1

    Some kid is bound to be abducted and killed as a result of some information posted on the Internet. But since they use the Iternet for "socially-acceptable" uses, the concept of shutting down the entire Internet would never fly with them. Were that not the case they would happily push to have the whole damm thing shut down, on the grounds that if just one child were saved it would be a good idea. That's sheer idiocy and that is our problem as a society.

  • jf1

    " Xenu01 January 5th, 2010
    12:49 pm

    You know, I was all ready to defend myself to jf1, but it looks like you are a troll in any case."

    LOL subhumanization is the sincerest form of flattery. It means that you take me seriously enough but can't form a rebuttal on an intellectual level.

    "I'm not trying to troll". It may seem that way, but hey. Again, these are just my opinions. Attempt to minimize, trivialize and persecute them if you wish, but in the end, they will still be there and so will you. Until you succeed in making that illegal as well, I guess.

  • jf1's funny how the hypocrisy always comes out...insults are bad, but name-calling is ok?

    And what does it mean to label someone other than to call them a name...what is the significance of labeling other than to pass judgment by association? Labeling serves no other purpose, otherwise it is an empty act.

    You could have said, "you seem to be trolling". But no...had to come right out and say, "you look to be trolling".

    Isn't possible that it looks like anything else, is it? Like...a man stating his opinions, and explaining them? Naw it couldn't be *that*...he *has* to be trolling!

    Yep. And you wonder why so many women get into trouble while wearing short skirts and low-cut dresses.

  • jf1

    So here we have it. Women are so quick to leap to judgment about guys based on so little information, and they rationalize this based on either fear or "social norms" or both.

    Yet they want to be free to do and say what they please without social interference. And punish men who interfere with this, in any way, even with indirect "threats".

    Yet when women violate the social mores of the men and men "punish" them for it, that's a huge problem.

    When you stop being hypocrites you will have fewer problems with men, with women, with everything. Trust me.

  • jf1

    Now read again what I just wrote and see if this makes sense to you now.

  • jf1

    ...having said a lot here so far let me be clear about two other things. I think that everyone has a sense of right and wrong, we all have some overlap and we all have our own individual opinions, we don't agree on everything but we all think that some acts should be punished and some shouldn't, some tolerated and some not. The thing is, it's all about who decides these things, and when. Put 3 different people in the mix and you could easily get a different result, and the fact is that what a judge says may rule in court but the only thing that matters on the street is the opinion of those present. You can argue about right and wrong until you're blue in the face, you can't control who passes judgment on you. Only the environment in which you put yourself. and I think that women compensate for their relative weakness by being extremely careful about where they go and what they do, and being extra-quick to "sound the alarm", as it were. And a lot of guys are caught in that who were literally doing nothing wrong and meaning no harm, but who raised the ire of one woman too many, once too often. And by the same token a lot of guys get away with a lot of shit simply because they were forgiven by a woman.

    Guys remember these things, and trust me given the opportunity for some good ol'fashioned "payback"? A lot of them can't help themselves. But for me personally, the idea of fondling a woman, especially a strange woman, simply makes me ill. I have no tolerance for sexual assault or abuse, or even intimidation. And I damm sure have no tolerance for rape.

    I just want to make that clear.

    I also want to make it clear that in my experience some women do actually enjoy being dominated by men, and enjoy dating men who aren't necessarily "well-restrained". Just like men enjoy dating women who don't have such high "morals" that they are totally predictable and boring. And the fact is that sometimes this gets sloppy.

  • jf1

    doesn't mean that they should be grabbing ass and rubbing up against strange women on the Metro though.

  • jf1

    And the irony is that the guys who do that shit are not going to get suspected of it, accused of it, prosecuted, caught and sent to jail where they can get their ass grabbed and rubbed up on by a bunch of dudes who would have no problem kicking their ass. And that's mainly why they do it.

  • The Guyver

    jf1 are you writing a college thesis for Andrew Woods? Why are you so eager to defend him? Do you know him personally? Or are you just a fanboy who is clouded with profound ignorance? You're a tool just like him. Get a life!

  • jf1

    And last but not least. I promise "last".

    That's how we end up with cases like that young girl in Md just before Christmas, who was snatched from her bedroom at night by some asshole who had two prior rape convictions (one for child-rape), served a grand total of 6 years in jail for them, and was dating her mother just the month before. Then had the balls to plead not guilty for her murder. They would never have found her, frozen and lying in the snow out in some field in Wicomico couny, if her 6 year old sister hadn't woken up and seen him take the 11 year old out in the middle of the night, and described him by name and the clothes that he was wearing, the same clothes that he was wearing when he was arrested the next day.

    Someone please tell me how thisfuckhead was still walking the streets and dating single mothers with two convictions for rape, one in Delaware and one in Maryland, within the past 10 years. You answer that, you go a long way towards solving this issue.

  • The Guyver

    I wish there was an ignore button on this site, so I can put this troll on ignore. He's flooding this forum with his stupidity.

  • belledame222

    Wow, someone who multiple posts even more than I do. And, he's a total douchebag! Yay!

    Hey, jf1, can you play "Melancholy Baby?" I'm only asking because I wish to encourage you in your manliness.

  • Jasmine G

    I love Andrew I love Andrew I love Andrew!

  • Sebastian G

    I am currently attending CSU, and let me just say that Andrew Woods is not the nice goofy person you might think he is. I took two art classes with him, and he was extremely disrespectful to both the males and females students. There was this very short guy in our class, about 5,1, and Andrew had the audacity to call him a midget on several occasions. This guy is a freaking scumbag. I can't believe MTV made him into a reality star. He doesn't deserve it...

  • Calvin

    The Pickup Artist is not sexist in any way... get real Anna....

  • Courtney J

    Has anyone ever thought Andrew's cartoons are meant to be satirical?

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