The Sexist

Proof I’m Obsessed With Erections


I just Googled "The Sexist." (Don't ask me why I thought it would be easiest to access my own blog through Googling it, but it made sense at the time). Anyway, I was greeted by my blog's associated keywords for the first time. Seven out of the eight I get: rape, Lil' Wayne, marriage, drinking, dating, domestic abuse, and feminism are all firmly within my wheelhouse. But "erections"?

Come on, Google! I've only written like four posts on erections!

One of them, "Male Rape Victims & the Penetration Problem," will probably not satisfy Googlers trolling the Internet searching for erections—this one practically qualifies as a public service announcement.

"The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: Sexy 'Limp Brethalizer' Edition," perhaps would have made a greater impact had I not misspelled "breathalyzer" in the headline.

"Take a Trip Down Boner Lane," however, must have been good—I'm taking another trip down boner lane right now!

And who could forget the inevitable follow-up, "Boner Lane: The Boners We Missed Along the Way," accompanied by the most popular song ever written on erections, Next's "Too Close"?


Conclusion: My erection-related writing is pretty good, actually! Thanks for the boner support, Google!

  • Richard

    Is this blog post just a scam to up the power of the erection search term?

  • Dave

    Happy New Year Amanda! We're glad you're back.

  • Emmy

    The most wrong thing is that the Next song was like THE BIGGEST HIT EVER when I was in middle school. Now I know why that Jimmy kid wouldn't look me in the eye at eighth grade dinner-dance.

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