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Rock The Vote Says Teen Abstinence, Transphobia Will Win Health Care Reform


A new initiative from youth voting campaign Rock the Vote is encouraging young people to "hold out for health care" by refusing to have sex with people who don't support health care reform. In a strange turn of events, I'm with FOX News on this one: This sucks.

Rock the Vote, an organization which works to "engage and build the political power of young people," is currently collecting signatures for the celebrity-endorsed petition to "hold out for health care."

"We pledge ourselves to the health and liberty of young Americans and to government for the people ... and to never fucking you if you are against us," the video announces. "We will vote against you, work against you, and once again, just in case you forgot, never ever, never ever, never ever, never ever fuck you."

The strategy strikes me as counter-intuitive. After all, what do Republicans hate even more than public health care? Young people having premarital sex! If I were a Republican, I would love this Rock the Vote campaign. It reads like a conservative porn script: No health care, plus a bunch of young hot chicks sexily announcing that they're not going to give it up!

But I'm not a Republican, so I find a few aspects of this Rock the Vote campaign unsettling that have nothing to do with the young people admitting to F-wording each other. First, Rock the Vote President Heather Smith told FOX News that the fucking-withholding petition aims to remind the youth of America that "they have a stake and a say" in the debate over health care. Huh. I thought young people had a stake in the health care debate because they're human beings with a civil right to engage in our country's political process. But I guess it's actually because they're hot and like to fuck. Second, the unsettling sexual stereotypes: According to Rock the Vote, women are sexy teases; men are insatiable buffoons. Finally, this line, meant to to ward off a skeezy Tea Party guy who wants to fuck our hot liberal heroine: "I'm on my period. I don't have a vagina." Would you like some transphobia with your abstinence?

  • mdesus

    double helping of transphobia please!!!

  • Rebekah

    I'm still incredibly confused.

    How is this supposed to convince anyone of anything?

  • lilith

    "If I were a Republican, I would love this"

    I think you're failing to take into account the general tendency towards hypocrisy in republicans. In fact, in college culture at least, there is a certain redneck tendency in young republicans wanting to enjoy 'debasing' 'liberal' girls by screwing them (in the most disrespectful fashion they can), while expecting abstinence from those they'd marry - a dichotomy which isn't exactly new.

  • Ron

    This is great!! I support your initiative fully.

    I figure, less sex results in less unwanted pregnancies, less disease, less welfare and social programs needed and, since I’m sure you’ll be democrats…..LESS DEMOCRATS.

    Talk about a Win-Win!!!


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  • CC

    I'd settle for fewer people who don't understand the distinction between "less" and "fewer"


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  • Anne

    Oh noes, Zach Gilford! Why are you doing this to me! He's such a delight on Friday Night Lights. I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend this never happened. Bleurgh.

  • DoctorJay

    I'm w/ Rebekah: this campaign makes no sense.

  • Brad V

    I'm so confused. How is this an actual ad? It reads like such a pathetic attempt at parody.

  • tgifreytag

    Wow, I'm shocked that more people and organizations are not calling Rock the Vote out on the transphobia front. I am outraged. Thank you for covering this.

  • James

    I realize I moan about my country on a daily basis but man, I am so lucky I live in the UK.

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  • finn43

    Is the vagina quote necessarily transphobic? I understood it as pointing out how much of a lie it was, since it is extremely unusual, if not impossible, to have a period without a vagina.