The Sexist

Stripping Through the Snow


The federal government may still be reeling from Saturday's 16-inch snowfall, but the dancers at Virginia strip club Crystal City Restaurant have been stripping all the way through the snowstorm.

A tipster sent in this photo of the CCR on Saturday, which was very much open-for-business despite the weekend weather, which left most other local businesses in shut-down mode. (You can't make it out, but the pink sign on the door reads "yes, we're open").

Personally, I'm hoping the restaurant's famed "CCR girls"—on, Elvira, Kiki, Sheena, and Sparkles!received some sort of special commendation (and some hefty tips) for stripping down to their G-strings on a day when the remainder of the D.C. metro area refused to leave their homes in full-on snow gear.

  • J

    thats awesome- girls got to make a living, right?

  • Nikki

    Camelot Showbar was also open yesterday. Hot girls on cold nights!

  • The Betty

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  • roger

    i hope that car didn't belong to someone who lied to their wife about going to see the strippers!