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Parent Files Complaint Against Gay Teacher Over “Child’s Sense of Innocence”

Innocence: Once a gay guinea pig takes it away, only complaining to the D.C. government will get it back.

Margaret C. Hemenway, identifying herself as a D.C. Public Schools parent, claims to have filed a complaint with Chancellor Michelle Rhee over her seven-year-old child's "sense of innocence." At what exact moment was the first-grader's innocence whisked away from her, never to be returned? The moment little Hemenway's teacher at Tenleytown's Horace Mann Elementary allegedly announced to her first-grade class that she was planning to marry a woman. Think. Of. The. Children.

Hemenway recounts the horror for Parents and Friends Of Ex-gays (PFOX):

Our first-grader astonished her father at the end of the past school year as he dropped her off at our local Washington DC public school, Horace Mann Elementary, where he had attended school in the early 60s. She relayed to him that her teacher announced her impending marriage—to another woman—to the class. Following her revelation, this teacher encouraged questions from the children.

Our daughter also mentioned a book the teacher read aloud, "Uncle Bobby's Wedding,” about two male “gay” guinea pigs, promoted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Lobby for children. Since homosexual activists cannot reproduce their own children, recruitment to their cause (especially at a young age, before parents have raised such sensitive and controversial topics with their children) is essential to the political agenda of promoting homosexuality and “gay” marriage.

Nowadays, most parents are resigned to the fact that a gay guinea pig will inevitably steal their daughter's sense of innocence, and there's nothing they can do about it. Not Hemenway. Hemenway began the slow bureaucratic process of getting innocence restored:

Most parents would not consider a Q&A session with first-graders about homosexual marriage as an "age-appropriate" discussion.  After our daughter’s revelation, we lodged a complaint with Chancellor Rhee's office, requesting an investigation, and asking what department in the DC Government we can appeal to for restoration of our child's sense of innocence?   We are still awaiting feedback from the school on whether there is a Teacher’s “Code of Conduct” and what D.C. policy is on “age appropriate” sexuality education.

By the way, when does "sexuality education" finally become "age appropriate" for D.C. schoolkids? According to Hemenway, "There are sound reasons that sexuality topics are not generally introduced in school until fifth grade, at an age when some children begin to ask how babies are made."

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  • Faggor

    Fuck you FRANK ;)

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  • Jeff Chang

    I agree this was total inappropriate. Teacher's should leave their lifestyle out of the classroom. Just merely acknowledging, talking, and answering question about any lifestyle is wrong!
    Therefore I propose,
    -That Jews have to take their yamakas off. (We can't have question about Judism, corrupting young Christians minds.)(furthermore question about Judism is not in the lesson plan)
    -That teachers in inter-racial relationships have to hide their relationships, no ring, no photo, nothing at all. (their inter-racial marriage might offend some kids whose parents are part of the KLAN.)

  • JeremiahA

    ACG -

    Here are the citations you requested concerning my comment, "...and how children do best when raised by their two opposite-sex biological parents."

    I very, very rarely cite studies because anyone can find a biased study supporting their view, and most studies usually state something we already knew. (As you can see, I do not have a hight opinion of studies.) But you did ask me to cite some sources so here we go...

    In my opinion, the first two sources I cite have the most value and seem to be ignored the most often. (And I am not implying that you, ACG, do not use these sources. I only wish to express their importance.)

    Citation #1: Everyday Common Sense
    Citation #2: Recorded Human History

    And now for the others:

    Mary Parke, "Are married Parents Really Better for Childre?" Center for Law and Social Policy, Policy Brief (2003)

    Ronald Rohner and Robert Veneziano, "The Importance of Father Love: History and Contemporary Evidence," Review of General Psychology (2001)

    David Popenoe, "Life Without Father: Compelling Evidence that Fatherhood and Marriage Are Indispensable or the Good of Children," (1996)

    Paul Amato and Fernando Rivera, "Paternal Inovlvement and Children's Behavior Problems," Journal of Marriage and the Family (1999)

    Bronislaw Malinowsk, "Sex, Culture, and Myth," (1962)

    Judith Stacey and Timothy Biblarz, "(How) Does the Sexual Orientation of Parents Matter?" American Sociological Review (2001)

    Kristin Moore, "Marriage From a Child's Perspective: How Does Family Structure Affect Children, What Can We Do About It?" Child Trends Resarch Brief (2002)

    Kyle Preuett, "Fatherneed: Why Father Care is as Essential as Mother Care for Your Child," (2000)


    ACG- Your wrote, "I don’t know a single gay parent – or, for that matter, a single gay person – who doesn’t “support” heterosexuality."

    I would have to disagree with you here in only one sense. And I want to stress "in only one sense." Many homosexual activist and advocate websites and organizations seem to offer much support to heterosexuals who feel that they are homosexual. However, these websites and organizations do not support homosexuals who want counseling or assistance to change to a heterosexual lifestyle. Some claim that Sexual Orientation Change Efforts are ineffective, though the American Psychological Association did not support that conclusion in their "Appropriate Therapeutic Responsese to Sexual Orientation" report (2009).

    Anyway, I prefer compelling arguments to citations because then I do not have to go back and look through the piles of paper on my desk. I hope some of these citations may be of some help to you or someone else.

  • snobographer

    To be honest, I'm mildly disappointed that this story didn't turn out to be about a pair of same-sex guinea pigs in a kindergarten class. Gettin freaky on the exercise wheel. Bow chica bow wow.

    @Jeff Chang #97 - also, hetero married teachers should leave their wedding bands at home and never mention their spouses or children while on the job. Because it would be wrong to indoctrinate children on their personal sexual lifestyle choices.

  • caffeineadddict

    "Jeez, straight folks.
    Retarded much?"

    Bill, I'm not sure if you're aware that some folks who don't identify as able-bodied find the term "retarded" quite offensive. Try to bear in mind that feminism blogs should be safe spaces for all people, not places that make some people feel excluded/insulted/unsafe and/or alienated.

    Apart from that, some of the comments in this thread, particularly with regards to the way the writers seem to be oblivious of the normative status of heterosexuality, and the politicised characterisation of being gay, are quite disturbing.

  • Bill

    thanks, caffeineadddict.

    call me when the shuttle lands.

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  • Seriously

    Homophobes are gay.

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  • spike

    So what? We must turn elementary children into a homosexual farm team,to increase the pickins.In a reality ,you are teaching homosexuality along with math,science,history and lit.So whats your award,forty kinds of V.D.?

  • Emily

    LOL, I also thought this article would be about a pair of male guinea pigs in the classroom who decided to 'get it on'... although I don't doubt that those particular parents would have been just as upset.

    In this case, people can debate all they want about whether or not it's an 'appropriate' topic for first-graders, but it's inevitable. What happens if the children draw pictures of (or talk about) their families and one student has two daddies? What happens if some child says "I went to my aunt's wedding and she got married to a girl!" during some sort of show-and-tell/sharing time? During those situations, kids are going to start asking questions to the teacher, and are going to get very curious if the teacher suddenly tries to change topics or distract them.

    Also, I think that however such a discussion comes up, reading a children's book is not an inappropriate response. Sometimes it's easier to deal with awkward questions by reading a book that's been pre-screened and deemed appropriate rather than by trying to answer them yourself and worrying if you're giving out too much information or saying something that is age-inappropriate. IMO, all teachers for young children should have a supply of age-appropriate books like that for awkward questions like "Where do babies come from?" or "My aunt and uncle are getting something called a divorce, what is that?" or "Why is our goldfish swimming upside-down?"

  • Dennis

    are the people answering gay or single? or just perverts toward children?

  • sus

    Margaret Hemenway complained about this months ago. I mean many months ago. Why is she bringing it up again?

    She's also a birther. Her father-in-law, John Hemenway, was the lawyer who worked with Phil Berg to file a suit about the whole birth certificate thing. Recently, however, as birthers do, Phil Berg is involved in a birther war with Mr. Hemenway. Berg and another attorney named Joyce contend that Mr. Hemenway is not all there anymore. Margaret defends her father-in-law.

    Margaret also writes about the evil of Islam.

    Everything is evil to Margaret. She should just stay home with the curtains drawn.

  • DennyD

    So gay people have to 'recruit' children to join their club because they cannot procreate?? Where do people get these ideas????.. and you cannot TEACH someone to be gay either.. did someone teach you how to be straight?

  • Anita

    Is it appropriate for a teacher to continue teaching when she is obviously pregnant and obviously not married (gay or straight)? Yes, it sure is; if you don't let her teach, she will have grounds to sue for sexual discrimination based on her maternity status. Plus, it's a reality that children can see if you take your children to a public playground, restaurant, or museum.

    Let's worry about real, inappropriate behavior, people. Let's worry about DCPS and PCS employees with a series of inappropriate contact allegations with minors still working among DCPS and PCS children. Let's worry about teachers and administrators who ignore complaints about bullying behavior in elementary, middle, and high schools...until a student attacks other students or harms her- or himself.

    Gay marriage is marriage between two people who happen to be of the same sex. Let's stop calling it "gay marriage" and just call it "marriage." Then, people can stop getting up in arms about explaining to their children why Susan and Jill are spouses.

    It would go like this, "Susan and Jill love each other just as much as Mommy and Daddy loved each other when we got married. So, they made a promise to stay together forever like we did." Yes, you will run into problems with this simple statement if you are a divorcee, a former domestic partner in a hetero relationship, or simply a single parent who opted for in-vitro fertilization or surrogacy (to avoid the whole relationship trap). I can't solve all of the world's problems.